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1981 Learned Societies Conference fonds

  • MS-2-447
  • Fonds
  • 1979-1981
Fonds consists of reports, press clippings, information about individual and society delegates, and administration and planning records for the 1981 Learned Societies Conference held at Dalhousie University.

Learned Societies Conference

Atlantic Publishers Association fonds

  • MS-2-682
  • Fonds
  • 1978-1995
The fonds includes reports (1978-1995), events and conferences (1979-1991), membership (1978-1995), financial records (1978-1991), minutes (1978-1993), correspondence (1978-1985), administrative records (1978-1995), programs (1979-1992), catalogues (1978-1992), newsletters (978-1990) and photographs (1982, n.d.) related to the APA.

Atlantic Publishers Association

Census of Marine Life (CoML)

Series contains research files, correspondence, conference meeting minutes and notes compiled by Ron O'Dor and other members of the Census of Marine Life steering committee and subcommittees.

Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC)

Series consists of material regarding the Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC). The CIAC was founded in 1983 and consists of nine executive members and nine alternate members. The advisory council was designed to ensure a progressive evolution of membership to reflect trends in living cephalopod research. Record types include meeting minutes, symposium materials and manuscripts.

Churchmembers Assembled to React to AIDS [CARAS]

Series contains materials from the organization Churchmembers Assembled to React to AIDS (CARA or CARAS) and includes meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, and educational materials. Fonds also contains records from two projects run by CARA: Morton House, a hospice for people living with AIDS, and AIDS-LINK, a project aimed at connecting people with AIDS to resources and support.

Churchmembers Assembled to Respond to Aids

Communication techniques in higher education

Item is a videocassette of part of the 1985 Appacue Spring Forum. Dr. Jocelyn Picco leads a computer demonstration. While Picco speaks, the demonstration occurs, which includes databases, images, videos, and text. Database video protocol is discussed. The Association of Atlantic Universities was involved with this forum. The video was requested by Picco.

NaGISA: Natural Geography in Shore Areas

Subseries contains correspondence, research data, and conference minutes and notes related to the Census of Marine Life subcommittee Natural Geography in Shore Areas (NaGISA). The Natural Geography in Shore Areas project sought to produce a worldwide near-shore biodiversity inventory, examining marine life in seagrass beds and along rock shores. The project, led by an international contingent of scientists from Japan (Yoshihisa Shirayama), United States (Brenda Konar and Katrin Iken), Venezuela (Patricia Miloslavich and Juan José Cruz Motta), Italy (Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi), Kenya (Edward Kimani) and Canada (Gerhard Pohle), sampled data from 200 short-term sites and 40 long-terms sites, discovering new species and recording the habits and habitats of other species in new areas.

Now we can talk about AIDS : a first national conference for Gaylines in Canada

File contains materials relating to Now We Can Talk About AIDS : A First national Conference for Gaylines in Canada hosted by Pink Triangle Services, held in Ottawa from February 25-27, 1994. Materials in file include one copy of the conference agenda, one copy of official conference proceedings, associated correspondence for the aforementioned documents, two copies of a list of gaylines in Canada, two copies of a list of conference attendees, and reference materials for helpline workers.

OBIS: Ocean Biogeographic Information System

Subseries contains correspondence, research data, and conference minutes and notes related to the Census of Marine Life affiliate program, the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS). The Ocean Biogeographic Information System project, compiled alongside the Census of Marine Life, serves as the world's largest online repository of spatially referenced marine life data, containing millions of records created from hundreds of CoML datasets. The project, led by American scientists Edward Vanden Berghe and J. Frederick Grassle (previously by New Zealander Mark J. Costello), locates all oceanic species in a permanent, evolving repository, identifying oceanic points of high diversity, tracking species dispersion, and integrating species locales with variables such as temperature, salinity, and depth.

Plant diversity meeting summary

File contains a meeting summary between staff of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Nova Scotia Museum, and Ross Farm Museum held at the Nova Scotia Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 17 June 1987. The meeting was about how to identify and understand historical crop varieties and educate the public about changes in plant material and the important of genetic diversity.

POST: Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project

Subseries contains correspondence, research data, and conference minutes and notes related to the Census of Marine Life subcommittee Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project (POST). The Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking project provided the first continent-wide research to acoustically track the migratory patterns of 18 species of marine life familiar to the Pacific coast. The project, led by American-Canadian scientist James Bolger, examined the migratory patterns of salmon, jumbo squid, sturgeon, and other coastal marine life, gathering data on roughly 16,000 individuals. The project served as a smaller-scale precursor of the Ocean Tracking Network.

Reports, educational materials, correspondence, and notes

File contains one web print-out from 2004 entitled Same-Sex Marriage for Transsexuals?; one sheet of information regarding Ontario's 2005 tribunal on sexual reassignment surgery; correspondence from 2005; one copy of the essay An Introduction to Transgender Women by participants of the 1999 Women's Legal Education and Action Fund forum; and one package of slides from the presentation Transsexual Health Care in Nova Scotia.

Ron O'Dor fonds

  • MS-2-778
  • Fonds
  • 1965-2019
Fonds contains records created and collected by Ronald O'Dor in the course of his work as a marine biologist based at Dalhousie University, predominantly materials generated by the two major research projects: Census of Marine Life (CoML) and Ocean Tracking Network (OTN). Record types include research data, teaching materials, publications, manuscripts, correspondence, and committee and meeting minutes.

O'Dor, Ronald

Ron O'Dor's career research records

Series contains correspondence, field notes, meeting minutes, presentation slides, and photographs related to Ron O'Dor's early-career research into cephalopoda behaviour, feeding practices of bivalve larvae in zero gravity environments, and other mollusca and marine biology projects.

O'Dor, Ronald

Ron O'Dor's manuscripts and conference materials

Series comprises records related to Ron O'Dor's published articles, papers and conference presentations, including manuscripts, correspondence, publishing agreements and conference materials. Other manuscripts and related correspondence and papers are found within the general and named research series.

Susan Kerslake fonds

  • MS-2-662
  • Fonds
  • [after 1943] - 1994
Fonds contains records relating to Susan Kerslake's writing and personal life, including manuscripts of published and unpublished work; correspondence, early writing and schoolwork, photographs, awards, articles and books reviews, and materials from events she attended.

Kerslake, Susan

Susan Kerslake's records regarding organizations, conferences, and awards

Series contains materials related to Kerslake’s involvement with organizations or events related to her writing. The organizations represented in the series are the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia, the Writer’s Council of Nova Scotia, and CBC. The events represented in this series are the Dalhousie Medical School’s Medicine and the Humanities event, the Maritime Writer’s Workshop, and an Arts Festival.

TOPP: Tagging of Pacific Predators

Subseries contains correspondence, research data, and conference minutes and notes related to the Census of Marine Life subcommittee Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP). The Tagging of Pacific Predators project electronically tagged and tracked 4300 different marine predators, including sharks, seals and seabirds, tracing routes taken by these species in their search for ocean prey. The project, headed by American scientists Barbara Black, Steven Bograd, Daniel Costa and Randy Kochevar, discovered that many animals travel entire oceans at a variety of depths, from the poles to the tropics, continent to continent, in the search for food. It was also discovered that many predatory marine creatures migrate along the same oceanic corridors, congregating along their feeding routes.

United Textile Workers of America Local 152 fonds

  • MS-9-2
  • Fonds
  • 1950-1952

Fonds includes correspondence, contract documents, district council documents, annual conference proceedings/documents, information about the conference on trade union rights in 1951-1952, press releases issued by the United Textile Workers of America, and miscellaneous reference material including, a sheet outlining the, "commonplace precaution against war" with a diagram about the potential damages of an atom bomb blast. The reference material contains blank due deduction slips for the United Textile Workers of America Local 152, newsletters issued by the Canadian Textile Council, a pamphlet issued by the Trade Union Research Bureau titled, "Wages and the Cost of Living", and amendments submitted by the "Local 100 United Textile Workers of America for negotiations with the Montreal Cottons Limited."

Files are listed alphabetically by title.

United Textile Workers of America. Local 152.

Video library

Series consists of records that document the administrative and operational activities of Dalhousie Univerity’s MedIT. These include videos of administrative meetings, conference lectures, curriculum lectures, extracurricular activities such as student and faculty concerts, interviews pertaining to Dalhousie Medical School’s history and alumni, medical employee professionalization, public lectures, and patient education.

Videos from conferences were sponsored, organized, and funded by the Dalhousie Medical School as part of the school's contribution to the larger medical community's commitment to public and student education, as well as an opportunity to showcase the quality of the School's facilities, faculty, and students. Some of the conferences included are "The First Gynaecological Grand Rounds," "Medicine in the Humanities," and "Women in Medicine." A sample of lectures and panel discussions are included from each conference.

The majority of tapes included in the series were used in the Dalhousie Medical School curriculum, including lectures, seminars, educational demonstrations of procedures and interactions with patients, and round-table discussions with students and faculty. Videos are included from various departments in the Dalhousie Medical School, including the departments of Anaesthesia, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Community Health and Epidemiology, Family Medicine, Medicine, Microbiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physical Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics, Radiology, Rheumatology, Urology, the Medical Education Unit, and the Division of Continuing Medical Education. The series also contains videos created at and for hospitals in Halifax, Nova Scotia and local medical associations. These videos were designed for the education of medical employees, patients, and the general public.

Several videos from a series "Dalhousie Medical School Remembered" are also included in this series, which consist of interviews with alumni of the School, reflecting on their experiences at Dalhousie and in the medical profession.

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