Guide to Browsing the Archives Catalogue and Online Collections

This guide contains information on how to search and browse the Archives Catalogue and Online Collections by title, names, subjects, geographical locations, and, digital objects.

  1. Browse by subject
  2. Search subject headings
  3. Browse by name
  4. Search name headings

Browse by subject

To browse the catalogue by subject, select “Subjects" in the "Browse by" list on the catalogue homepage:

browse by subject

The "Browse Subjects" column on the left allows you to browse the catalogue by subject heading:

The grey button at the bottom of the "Browse Subjects" column allows you to expand the list. The button will disappear when you have reached the end of the subject list:

Click on a subject heading to see a list of results:

When you select a subject heading from the menu you can further filter your search by choosing a place name, located on the lower left of the screen. This filter is applied to the primary search, leading to fewer results:

Click on the place name to find filtered results:

Search subject headings

The subject browse pages also allows you to search for subject headings. The search will return a list of matching subject headings:

Browse by name

Name records include brief histories of the persons, families, or corporate bodies that have created archival materials. The name records are linked to finding aids. To browse the catalogue by name, select “Names" in the "Browse by" list on the catalogue homepage:

This will bring you to the "Browse Names" page:

To browse through the list you need to click on the "next" button located at the bottom of the page:

You can restrict your search to persons, corporate bodies or families. This filter is located on the left side of the screen. For example, if you know that you are looking for individual people only, you can restrict the browse results to show "Persons":

Click on a name record to see the historical sketch associated with the name and links to any associated finding aids:

Search name headings

You can also search the list of names and the accompanying historical sketches.The name search box is located at the top of the Browse Names page. This search will return a list of all names that match your search term. For example, searching for "Oland" brings up name headings that match the search term as well as name headings with historical sketches that match the search term: