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A case study of Ecology Action Centre

File consists of a photocopy of a case study written and researched by Lesley Choyce with comments by Brian Gifford from 1981. The case study includes an overview of the history of the Ecology Action Centre, its organizational structure, financial operations, the future plans.

Choyce, Lesley

A Protestant in their midst

File contains a copy of "Communion Community," a newsletter from C.S.J. Communications in Peterborough (Vol. 4, no. 1), which includes an article by Budge Wilson.

Administrative, reference, and promotional materials for Affirm United and St John's United Church

Series contains materials collected as part of Stewart's LGBT advocacy at St John's United Church in Halifax, and his subsequent involvement with Affirm United, an advocacy organization founded in 1982 that supports LGBTQ members of the United Church of Canada. Stewart was involved in the process of achieving Affirmed status for St John's United Church through the Affirming Ministries Program. Series contains articles, essays, and pamphlets regarding homosexuality and religion; informational documents associated with Affirm United and the Affirmation Congregation Program; manuals and other reference materials relating to the operation of Affirmed congregations; correspondence; issues of Consensus, the Affirm United newsletter; and issues of Open Hands, a journal published by Affirmations: United Methodists for Lesbian/Gay Concerns.

Affirm United flyers and reference materials

File contains flyers for Affirm United; one poster for Jesus for the Non-Religious, a lecture with the Right Reverend Bishop John Shelby Spong; pamphlets on homosexuality and the churchs; one cartoon about gay bashing; one pamphlet for St John;'s United Church; and one copy of the essay Supporting Our Gay Loved Ones : A Parents FLAG Perspective.

Affirm United reference materials

File contains reference materials relating to the operations of Affirm United. Materials include informational documents relating to Affirm mission and how churches can become a part of the organization, as well as articles, essays, and pamphlets regarding LGBT issues and Christianity.

Anthony Pugh fonds

  • MS-2-26
  • Fonds
  • 1934 - 2004
Fonds consists of Anthony Pugh's research notes, program notes, annotated sheet music, and performance programs used in his work as a program note writer.

Pugh, Anthony

Articles by Budge Wilson

File contains clippings of various newspaper articles written by Budge Wilson, mostly concerning early childhood education.

Articles by Budge Wilson

Series consists of non-fiction articles, chapters, and book reviews written by Budge Wilson, sometimes publishing under "Marjorie Wilson." The series includes articles about Wilson's writing process, book reviews of other authors' books, and articles written during her time at the Institute of Child Study in Toronto, Ontario.

Articles, essays, pamphlets, newsletters, and clippings regarding homosexuality and religion

File contains articles, essays, pamphlets, newsletters, and clippings discussing issues related to homosexuality and its relationship to Christianity. Materials primarily relate to liturgical debates surrounding the sinfulness of homosexuality and pastoral care for congregants with HIV/AIDS. Materials include the complete September, 1990 issue of The United Church Observer; one complete copy of the second printing of Homosexual catholics : a new primer for discussion, published by Dignity, Inc; and excerpts from the newsletters Youth Update, The Self-Help Newsletter, and Resources for Liturgy, among other publications.

Compulsion to write : draft

File contains a draft of Budge Wilson's article, which was published in "Atlantic Books Today" (no. 55).

Democracy as a self-correcting process / L. B. Selllick

Item is an essay written by a Dalhousie MA student with an attached letter of explanation and samples of the formats used in survey groups on topics such as human rights in Canada, the educational system, democracy, and basic adult education needs in Halifax.

Donna Smyth's and Janice Kulyk-Keefer's assessment regarding Budge Wilson and maritime women's voices

File contains copies of two articles published in the journal Atlantis (Vol. 20, no. 1) that reference Budge Wilson: "Maritime Women: A Place of Their Own: Cultural and Literary Traditions and Change" by Donna E. Smyth and "'Brightly, aggressively golden': Verbal Agency in Budge Wilson's The Leaving," by Janice Kulyk-Keefer.

Educational resources and conference materials

File contains one copy of the essay Cisgender Privilege: On the privileges of performing normative gender by Evin Taylor, dated 2010, and the report Eligibility and readiness criteria for Sex Reassignment Surgery: Recommendations for Revision of the WPATH Standards of Care; file also contains conference program and notes for the 1st Annual Health Equity Forum, held on March 18, 2011.

Environmental articles and letters to the editor

File contains a letter to the Mayor and Council of the City of Halifax to protest the construction of the two proposed Brenhold buildings to the west of the Public Gardens and a short entry in "Clean Nova Scotia," as part of a section on the "Special Places of Nova Scotian Authors."

Essays and educational resources regarding homosexuality and religion

File contains essays on homosexuality and religion and related correspondence between Bob Fougere and Richard Beis. Essays include one copy of the essay God Dave Me a Gay Son by Thomas A. Nelson, one copy of Sex: Purpose and 'Natural Law' by Richard Beis, and one copy of Same Sex Marriage: What Exactly is the Problem? [unattributed].

Essays regarding bisexuality

File includes one scanned copy of the French-language article Pas facile d'etre bi, published in the October 2000 issue of Fuges; and one email featuring the full text of the essay My Bidentity by Michael Szymanski, sent to Bob Fougere on July 26th, 2001.

Essays, articles, glossaries, correspondence, and notes

File contains one copy of the essay The Intersexed? by Jennifer L. Paty, dated April 6, 2005; one copy of the essay Why Don't You Tell Them I'm a Boy? Raising a Gender-Nonconforming Child by Florence Dillon; one photocopy of the article A Boy's Life by Hanna Rosin, published in the November, 2008 issue of The Atlantic; one glossary of LGBT terminology; one transcript of the sermon Celebrating the T in LGBTQ: One Family's Sacred Journey, presented by Joan WIley to the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto on January 21, 2007; one copy of the essay Darn Those Names and Pronouns by Mary Boenke, dated July, 2003; one copy of the article Metro Transition by Brendan Dunbar, originally published in July 20, 2006 issue of The Coast; Bob Fougere's correspondence regarding transgender activism, dated 2009-2010; eight business cards for Safe Harbour Metropolitan Community Church; one business card for Staci Montgomery, Employment Counsellor with LakeCity Employment Services Association; and notes.

Fritz Brandtner February 1972 : [exhibition file]

File consists of records related to presenting the exhibition 'Fritz Brandtner 1896-1969: A Retrospective Exhibition', sponsored by Sir George Williams University, Montreal. The exhibition was presented at Dalhousie Art Gallery in February 1972, through circulation in the Atlantic Provinces Art Circuit (APAC).

Records consist of a condition report and handwritten condition notes, an essay on Brandtner's work, an itinerary, and correspondence between Dalhousie Art Gallery and other APAC member galleries.

GayLine reference materials

Series contains reference materials used by volunteers of the GayLine. Series is divided into two subseries.
The first sub-series contains reference and educational materials used by GayLine volunteers covering issues such as homosexuality and coming out, sexual heath and AIDS prevention, alcoholism and substance abuse, abuse in LGBT relationships, parenting, discrimination, legal rights, and women's issues. Materials include pamphlets, flyers, legal briefs and resources, newsletters, essays, and bibliographies.
The second subseries contains reference materials relating to the operations of other helplines, as well as information about LGBT businesses and services, community groups, and events in Halifax, across Canada, and in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Oceania. Materials include advertisements and press releases, pamphlets, newsletters, flyers, information sheets, and directories.


In praise of dirt

File contains a draft of an article by Marjorie (Budge) Wilson entitled "In Praise of Dirt."

Jerome H. Barkow fonds

  • MS-2-89
  • Fonds
  • 1969 - 2008
Fonds contains records created and collected by Jerome Barkow in the course of his research and teaching at Dalhousie University. Records types include course materials in anthropology, biology and sociology; university and departmental records, including meeting minutes, correspondence and reports; editorial correspondence and manuscript drafts of published papers; lecture and presentation manuscripts and slides.

Barkow, Jerome H.

L.D. Dexter's notebooks of essays and epigrams

File includes notebooks containing essays written by L.D. Dexter, including A Tragedy of the Sea, Digging the Gold, The Last Grave, Striving for Knowledge, Two Homes, The Good Old Times, and Musings, as well as some journal entries.

Lucius Dill Dexter fonds

  • MS-2-354
  • Fonds
  • 1814 - 1934
Fonds consists of correspondence, research material, manuscripts, and drafts by Lucius Dill Dexter.

Dexter, Lucius Dill

Not another new baby in the house

File contains a copy of "The Ontario Nursery School Digest," Vol. 2, no. 1, which includes an article by Budge Wilson entitled "Not Another New Baby in the House!"
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