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Genre term Scope note Archival Description count Authority Record count
Academic documents 251 0
Account books 117 0
  • An item printed solely as a means of advertising a product or service, but not an event (i.e., not to be used for performance-related flyers or posters such as theatre bills).
62 0

Use for: Photograph albums, Scrapbooks, Autograph albums

  • Bound or loose-leaf sets of pages. Includes handmade albums and published volumes of blank pages designed for the addition of images or keepsakes.
138 0
Architectural drawings 259 0
Bibliographies 7 0
Blank forms

Use for: Templates

  • Forms that have been printed blank, which may or may not have been filled in; the document was typically meant to be returned to the publisher (e.g., subscription lists, petitions).
4 0
  • Published non-periodical volumes in bound codex form, usually with 49 or more pages.
960 0
  • Single-sheet notices or announcements printed on one or both sides, intended to be read unfolded.
1 0
Business correspondence 159 0
  • Enumerations of items arranged systematically with descriptive details. May have prices.
188 0

Use for: Diplomas, charters

126 0

Use for: Newspaper clippings; Cuttings

  • Objects with physical evidence suggesting extraction from a larger entity (e.g., books, newspapers).
1359 0
Conference materials
  • Ephemeral materials such as flyers, program books, daily newsletters, or newspapers that are distributed at conferences. For published records of conferences, including abstracts, reports, and the papers presented, see [Conference papers and proceedings.]
162 0
Conference papers and proceedings 61 0
Constitutions 10 0

Use for: Agreements; Covenants, Collective agreements; Deeds

253 0
Cookbooks 10 0
Copybooks 2 0
  • Communication by the exchange of letters.
6171 0
Course materials
  • Handouts and other ephemeral materials used in coursework.
212 0
Court decisions and opinions

Use for: Court rulings; Legal opinions; Judgments

8 0
Datasets 40 0

Use for: Daybooks; Journals; Logbooks

  • A daily record, especially a personal record of events, experiences, and observations; a journal.
302 0

Use for: Telephone books; City directories; Telephone directories

96 0

Use for: Playscripts

140 0
  • Narrower terms include both physical media and genre categories but are limited to those which use drawing in the sense of a specific medium rather than in the everyday sense of graphic representation.
391 0
  • Transient everyday items, usually printed and on paper, that are manufactured for a specific limited use, then often discarded. Includes everyday items that are meant to be saved, at least for a while, such as KEEPSAKES and STOCK CERTIFICATES.
218 0
  • A short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author.
77 0
Examinations 44 0
Field recordings
  • Recordings of sounds or images made outside a controlled studio environment or professional performance venue that are generally unedited and typically made with portable equipment.
2 0
  • Notes, often in books, kept by researchers or surveying parties while on site.
1 0
Financial documents 53 0
Forms 18 0
Grant applications 82 0
Handbooks and manuals 60 0
Indices 0 0
Interviews 78 0
  • Unbound volumes with fewer than five pages.
10 0
Lists 151 0
Logbooks (1) 34 0
Manuals 17 0
Manuscripts 47 0
Manuscripts 589 0
  • Graphic delineations at a set scale, of all or part of the earth or another celestial sphere indicating the relative position of selected artificial and natural features.
93 0
Medical documents 0 0
Memoranda 52 0
Minutes 635 0
Minutes 150 0
Motion Pictures

Use for: Cinema, Films, Movies, Moving pictures.

17 0
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