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Across Canada

File contains an account of the Killam family's cross-Canada trip of 1934, written by Kathleen "Kay" Cogswell (nee Killam).

Alexander Kerr's print and publication records

Series contains published works by Alexander E. Kerr, primarily on religious subjects. There is also a large volume of Christian literature as well as pamphlets from his travels in Canada. Other records include Dalhousie University pamphlets and programmes.

Arthur H. Whitman's diary of a trip to England

  • MS-2-487, SF Box 11, Folder 28
  • Item
  • 1888-1889
Item is a diary kept by Arthur H. Whitman that describes a trip to England between November, 30 1888 and January 17, 1889. The diary contains daily entries that describe Whitman's activities, church attendance, meals, business and social visits, and letters sent and received. Many entries describe his meetings about apples. The diary also records money received and paid.

Whitman, Arthur Hanfield

Bermuda tourism pamphlets and other documents

File contains a folder of pamphlets from the Bermuda Department of Tourism, a bulletin of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities, a sabbatical leave and research grants information brochure, a folder of information about a course in writing for children and teenagers from the Institute of Children's Literature, and photocopies of information about historical hats.

Diary, June 29, 1972-July 4, 1972 : Fishing Trip

Item is one volume of a diary of Thomas H. Raddall, dating from June 29, 1972 - July 4, 1972 with accounts of a fishing trip to Moncton with a group of others. Entries include a bear sighting, salmon size, and the camp.

Edith Archibald (MacMechan) Dobson fonds

  • MS-2-707
  • Fonds
  • 1920 - 1989
Fonds contains 23 volumes of Edith Dobson's personal diaries, written between 1948-1989, as well as two volumes of her travel diaries and a photograph of her at the time of her engagement in 1920.

Dobson, Edith Archibald

Educational tour information and other documents

File contains a program and other promotional material from Andre's Dreamworld and Ploom's Adventures, performed at Lunenburg Theatre; a supervisor's bulletin for line & staff; a brochure for a series of books called "History of Costume"; a brochure for a series of books called "Architecture, Interiors & Furniture"; promotional material and an application for EF Educational Tours; and a world map.

Henry Hicks' personal records

Series consists of records created and collected by Henry Hicks that document his interests and activities outside of his professional political and university careers, including committee work, social engagements, community involvement and travel. There are also financial records and correspondence relating to his father's business and estate and two notebooks belonging to his wife Gene. Record types include calendars, meeting minutes, invitations, programs, cassette tapes and newspaper clippings.

James Dinwiddie fonds

  • MS-2-726
  • Fonds
  • 1767-1815
Fonds comprises the personal papers of James Dinwiddie, which include lecture notes, scientific journals, notebooks, manuscript, early experiments for 1774, correspondence, personal journals and also some records from the Royal Institution for 1808-1814. His papers also include the journals of W.J. Proudfoot and a biography of his father (and Dinwiddie's son-in-law), James Proudfoot.

Dinwiddie, James

Maritime Rainbow Connection directory

File contains a list of gay and lesbian owned and operated bed and breakfasts, compiled by the owners of the Centre Town/Ville Bed and Breakfast and accompanying correspondence. This list features businesses that have chosen to take part in an informal business association called the Maritime Rainbow Connection.

Marq de Villiers fonds

  • MS-2-825
  • Fonds
  • 1943 - 2016
Fonds comprises records documenting Marq de Villiers' work as a journalist and writer of non-fiction. Record types include manuscripts and published work—including collaborations with his wife, Sheila Hirtle; correspondence; publicity and reviews; and a small series of personal photographs and photographs taken in the course of his research.

de Villiers, Marq

Paricutin Volcano : [manuscript]

Item is a handwritten manuscript written by Nora Leslie (then Nora Steenerson Totten) about an automobile trip taken with her husband, the Judge Totten and "Olga," from southern California to Paricutín volcano, Michoacán, Mexico.

Personal correspondence and other material

File contains correspondence with Alan; Pauline; Dominion Line; C. McRobert from EMI Installation & Maintenance Division; Craig J. M. Carter from the Journal of Commerce and Shipping and Telegraph Limited; J. Gumpert; B. G. Sivertz from the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources; Max; R. E. Bennett from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; and Alvin Hamilton from the House of Commons. The file also includes a way bill from Wheeler Airlines; an invoice from Dominion Line for a trip from Hantsport, Nova Scotia to the United Kingdom; invoices from EMI-Cossor Electronics Limited for a tape recorder; a statement of account for contributions and expenses from the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Ltd.; a newspaper clipping from the Mail-Star of "Joraens Canvas Displayed After Shock Test" by Barbara Hinds; a photocopy of a painting by Reubens; a photograph of a polar bear taken by Rosemary, with notes by Hinds; and a drawing by Martha Koneak.

Photograph of a touring group, including Edith and Thomas Head Raddall, at the Marienlyst Hotel Elsinore, near Copenhagen, Denmark

Item, a photograph, is related to material in MS-2-202, Box 54, Folder 43, Items 1-23, and to MS-2-202, Box 55, Folder 22, Item 12 in subseries Thomas Head Raddall's loose photographs. Raddall is on the far left, and Edith Raddall third from the left in the middle row of the group.

Photograph of Angelo the courier, Thomas Head and Edith Raddall, and Bleach at the Staat Keller restaurant in Lucerne, Switzerland printed on a postcard

Item, a photograph, is related to MS-2-202, Box 54, Folder 11, Item 5 and MS-2-202, Box 55, Folder 22, Item 12 in subseries Thomas Head Raddall's loose photographs. A note on the reverse side indicates that the restaurant featured a 'sing-song'. The gentleman on the right is identified as Bleach, from South Africa.

Photograph of Thomas Head and Edith Raddall riding a gondola in Venice, Italy printed on a postcard

Item, a photograph, is related to MS-2-202, Box 54, Folder 11, Item 5 and MS-2-202, Box 55, Folder 22, Item 12 in subseries Thomas Head Raddall's loose photographs. The photograph was taken at dusk when the Raddalls were on their way to their hotel. The Raddalls can be found on the left side of the boat.

Photographs with family and friends, including vacations

File contains various photographs belonging to Joyce Barkhouse depicting her family (including Margaret Atwood), friends, and travels. These include a trip to Oberammergau in 1980 with Mary Wade, Mildred Smith, and Frances Brown, as well as trips to London and Newfoundland. Some of the photographs are scanned onto black and white sheet of paper in batches, while others are originals.

Reference materials regarding homosexuality, sexual heath, substance abuse, relationships, parenting, discrimination, legal rights, and women's issues

Subseries contains materials collected for reference and educational use by GayLine volunteers. Subjects covered include homosexuality and coming out, sexual heath and AIDS prevention, alcoholism and substance abuse, abuse in LGBT relationships, parenting, discrimination, legal rights, and women's issues. Materials include pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, essays, and correspondence.

Soviet Union and travel

File contains translations of Russian-language articles, English-language newspaper clippings and published tourism pamphlets.
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