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Series consists of records created and collected by Richard Apostle in the course of his aquaculture research conducted under the auspices of AquaNet: Network of Centres of Excellence in Aquaculture, which was an NSERC-funded grant of 10.9 million dollars for which Richard Apostle was a co-investigator through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The two projects on which he worked were “The Institutional and Social Structure of Aquaculture: A Comparative Study,” with Gene Barrett and John Phyne, and “The Social Construction of Environmental Risk and Benefits: Risk to Whom? Benefits to Whom?”, with Ralph Matthews, Susan Elliot, Brian Elliot and John Phyne.

Record types in this series include grant-related correspondence, applications, budgets and reports; research correspondence; presentations and papers in manuscript and published form; and secondary research materials.

AquaNet network proposal

Item is a bound NCE funding proposal dated October 4, 1999 with Pamela White's name and telephone numbers written on the inside cover.

AquaNet research projects progress reports

File contains a report for the project "Institutional and Social Structure of Aquaculture: A Comparative Study of Norway, Chile, the Faroes and Japan," by Richard Apostle, Gene Barrett and John Phyne.

Prince Edward Island Ark

File contains manuscripts, reports, and clippings collected by the Ecology Action Centre, related to the Solsearch Architects the New Alchemy Institute Ark project, constructed and operated in the late 1970s in Spry Point, Prince Edward Island, testing organic agricultural and environmental monitoring techniques.

Solar greenhouse aquaculture : [manuscript]

Item consists of an offprint of the paper "Solar greenhouse aquaculture", written by W. van Toever of the Ark Project, originally published in "Solar Energy: Bringing it down to Earth: The Proceedings of the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc., 1979 National Conference".

Abstract: "Rainbow and Speckled Trout have been successfully hatched and reared in a recirculating aquaculture system. The system is integrated into the Ark greenhouse providing thermal mass for temperature regulation and supplying nutrient-rich water for plants. The system incorporates bacterial, algal and hydroponic water filtration. Various vegetable crops have been raised in the hydroponic troughs. A scaled-down system suitable for domestic solar greenhouse application is also under development."

Synthetic fuels from ocean farms / Howard Wilcox : [draft manuscript]

Item consists of a draft manuscript copy of Howard Wilcox's 1977 paper "Synthetic Fuels from Ocean Farms", collected by Elisabeth Mann Borgese, which 'aims to explore and develop the ability to raise giant California kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) and/or other seaweeds, plants, and marine animals throughout the tropical and temperate oceans'.