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A journal of the proceedings on board the sloop 'Dart,' privateer of St. John, New Brunswick

Item is a journal kept by Captain John Harris (c. 1775-1825) during a voyage on the sloop 'Dart,' commencing May 22, 1813. Harris also used the journal during two 1815 voyages on other vessels. He recorded occurrences on board the boat 'Prince Regent' during a trip from Annapolis towards Halifax in August 1815. He also recorded occurrences on board the schooner 'Laurence' during a trip from Annapolis towards Barbados in 1815.

Harris, John

Amos P. Ward fonds

  • MS-2-200
  • Fonds
  • 1903-1924
Fonds comprises personal and professional correspondence and papers relating to the schooners Rowena (1903-1907); Lizzie Rich (1905), Stella Maud (1907-1910) and the Carrie C. Ward, including registers, bills, and ship inventories.

Ward, Amos P.

Arggt. "B" : [drawing of main cabin layout]

File contains two copies of a drawing of arrangement "B" of the main cabin of an unidentified ship, probably the Bluenose II. The drawing shows the placement of berths, tables, a fireplace, and other furniture.

Arggt. "C" : [drawing of main cabin layout]

File contains two copies of a drawing of arrangement "C" of the main cabin of an unidentified ship, probably the Bluenose II. The drawing shows the arrangement of furniture in the cabin.

Armand Therrien Photograph Collection

  • MS-2-304, Box 8-10
  • Collection
  • 1804-1945
Collection consists of over 500 photographs of ships. Collection also contains French-language clippings: Liste des newspages dans le Monde d'Apres Le Journal Courrier De Londres et Gazette de la Grand Bretagne 1804-1807; Registre des Navires Canadienne et Etrangers Coules Derrand La Guerre 1939-1945; Registre notes des Croisieres des U Boot Allemandes Guerre 1939-1945.

Therrien, Armand

Articles and research material about the San Rafael

File contains correspondence with Bill from Shipowners Assurance Management Ltd, A & C Black Ltd, ; a photocopy of "Big battles with the Sea: Twenty-Seven Days in Open Boats" by H. J. Shepstone; pages from "Our Sure Shield! About the Day's Work in the Navy" by J. S. Margerison; typed drafts of "The other boat" and "San Rafael's last trip round Cape Horn"; photocopies of drafts of "Ol'd Grandpa" and "The other boat"; a bibliography and research material for a talk given to the Antiquarian Society called "Aids to Navigation"; a typed draft of a talk for the Antiquarians called "Survival in the Roaring Forties" which is about the San Rafael; and a photocopy of "Saga of the 'San Rafael.'"

Augustus Lantz fonds

  • MS-4-238
  • Fonds
  • 1881-1885
Cargo book of the schooner Beth, March 22, 1881 - September 4, 1885

Lantz, Augustus

Bigelow family fonds

  • MS-4-92
  • Fonds
  • 1865-1976
Fonds contains the personal and professional records of four generations of the Bigelow family of Nova Scotia. It includes correspondence, legal and financial documents, diaries and memoirs, and photographs that document primarily the family's shipbuilding activities as well as the genealogical interests of John Robert Bigelow.

Bigelow Family

Bluenose II proposed modification to propulsion shafting

Item consists of two copies of a drawing of the propulsion shafting of the Bluenose II. The drawing includes a plan view of the existing shafting and a detail of the proposed modification, showing the installation of a twin disc coupling. The drawing was completed by G. T. Nelson from the Halifax Shipyards Drawing Office on September 23rd, 1965. The drawing is labelled "DRG. No. MX-625." Both copies of the drawing are stamped and dated by Halifax Shipyards. One copy has a stamp of approval from the Canada Department of Transport, which is dated October 4th, 1965.

Charter agreement between Charles T. White and T.S. Drisko

  • MS-4-248, SF Box 49, Folder 7
  • Item
  • 1887
Item is a charter party between T. S. Drisko and Charles T. White. The charter details the terms of a shipment of cargo from Apple River, Nova Scotia to New York, New York. The charter was brokered by James L. Sullivan.

White, Charles T.

Copies of historic documents regarding the Mary Celeste

File contains copies of the Amazon bill of lading (1862); Windsor Insurance Company policy for Albert Dewis (1865); Attorney General's Office petition regarding Amazon (1867); the Amazon account of crew changes (1866); the Amazon shipping certificate (1868); information from Lloyd's List (1872); Gibraltar letter from Solly Flood (1873); a Gibraltar report from Dr. J. Patron (1873); shipping records for Amazon (1874; 1887; 1889) and Mary Celeste (1873-1877) with abbreviations; and a charted course for Mary Celeste (undated).
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