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Agenda and minutes from Board of Directors meeting held on September 30, 1982

Item consists of an agenda and minutes from a Board of Directors meeting that occurred on September 30, 1982. This meeting discussed a variety of topics such as financials, the fiscal year end, a report of programming and a discussion on fundraising and management strategies for the future of Eye Level Gallery.

Agenda and minutes from a Board of Directors meeting held on September 6, 1983

Item consists of an agenda and minutes from a Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery meeting. Members present included David Craig, John Murchie, John Greer, Gary Conway, Michael Fernandes, Brian Paul, Stephen Horne and Marina Stewart. Topics discussed at the meeting consisted of exhibiting student artwork, financial reports, gallery methods and procedures, and programming. Item also includes a handwritten copy of the meeting minutes.

Agenda for Board of Directors meeting, September 9, 1982

Item consists of an agenda for a Board of Directors meeting for the Eye Level Gallery. Topics on the agenda included: Marina Stewart's letter regarding finances, the new director, 1983 programming, financial reports, and review of proposals.

Agenda for a members meeting

Item consists of an agenda for a general members meeting. Topics listed for discussion are: the gallery's progress, grant applications, Parallel Gallery meeting in Ottawa, summer closure of the gallery, event proposals and volunteers.

Agreement concerning land grants in New Plymouth, signed by Hamilton, Arundell and Surrey, F. Carlile, Sterline H. Matrauers, and Ferde Gorges

The document, although undated, and in spite of an earlier note on the back giving its data as November 1st, 1638, was evidently one of several drawn up as a result of the meeting of the Council for New England held on February 3rd, 1634/5. The original division of the territory was cancelled and a new partition made, dividing it apparently into seven parts. Lord Gorges is the one whose grant is here described.


These lecture notes written by James Dinwiddie ca. 1793 discuss agriculture. He mentions the benefits of lime and manure in the soil as well as a recipe for cheese.


In this scientific journal, James Dinwiddie discusses agriculture with a focus on machinery and tools. This file consists of one journal.

Algiers recommendation : [background paper for discussion]

File contains a cover letter advertising a conference addressing the Algiers Recommendation (at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions), and a background paper entitled "The Law of the Sea" (CID. 1/ALG/C.B.1/Rev/1). File contains a duplicate copy of the paper which was not digitized.


File contains set and light designs for Neptune Theatre's production of "Alice" (i.e., "Alice in Wonderland," by Lewis Carroll), directed by P. Dankert and designed by B. Lumsden.

Lumsden, Brock

Alice in Wonderland

File contains set designs and one colour costume design for Neptune Theatre's production of "Alice in Wonderland, with designs by David B. Ingraham and Andrew Murray. The file includes original drawings and annotated copies.

Ingraham, David

All fall down

File contains set designs for Neptune Theatre's production of "All Fall Down," directed by S. Osler and designed by D. Dolliyer.

Dolliyer, D.


File contains set designs for Neptune Theatre's production of "Amadeus," directed by Tom Kerr and designed by Stephen Osler.

Osler, Stephen

An autograph letter of Saccardy, describing in detail his voyage round Acadie, and including in the document a coloured map of the Basin of Annapolis.

For meagre details concerning this engineer, as also concerning Gargas, compare the records found in the Introduction. The date of this record differs slightly from that of the official copy of his report in Paris. A later comparison may prove of interest to the reader.


These notes written by James Dinwiddie between October 8 and November 24, 1807 are from a series of anatomy lectures given by W. Taunton. The lectures cover the skeletal system and various organs as well as military medicine in the field.


These notes written by James Dinwiddie on November 10, 1807 are from an anatomy lecture discussing respiration.

And when I wake

File contains set designs for Neptune Theatre's production of "And when I wake," directed by David S. and designed by Andrew Murray. File includes one original drawing (of doors); other set designs are annotated copies.

Murray, Andrew

Andrew's tree and Two weeks, twice a year

File contains set designs for Neptune Theatre's lunchtime productions of "Andrew's Tree" and "Two Weeks, Twice a Year," designed by J. Cooke. The file includes some original drawings and copies of the set designs for "Andrew's Tree."

Cooke, Jennifer

Angels in America

File contains the original set designs for Neptune Theatre's production of "Angels in America," directed by Linda Moore and designed by Brian Perchaluk. The play was presented in the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium.

Perchaluk, Brian

Anger in Ernest and Ernestine

File contains original and annotated copies of set and light plot designs for Neptune Theatre's studio production of "Anger in Ernest and Ernestine," directed by Leah Cherniak and designed by Nigel Scott.

Scott, Nigel

Anil elephant drops dead : [newspaper article]

Item is a clipping of a newspaper article by an unidentified author titled "Anil Elephant Drops Dead." The article is about the death of Balakrishnan, an elephant brought to East River, Nova Scotia by the Anil Canada Ltd. hardboard plant.

Annex to the proposal for project implementation

File contains a proposal (including budgetary information) for the “Workshop on the Third World and the New Law of the Sea Within the Framework of the New International Economic Order,” that was held jointly by International Ocean Institute ( as part of Pacem in Maribus (PIM) VIII) and the Centre of Economic and Social Studies.

Annotated partial transcript from a session on the U.N. Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS)

File contains a portion of a transcript of am afternoon session of the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS). Attended by Elisabeth Mann Borgese, [NSG], Arvid Pardo, Sidney Holt, [La Que], [Arrhenius], [Haber], [Sahovic], [Sohn], [Palma], [Emich], [Hoftsee], [Harvey], [Skoglund], [Hoveyda], [Busha], and others. Discussion of a piece of legislation or an agreement.

Annual report 1992-1993

Item is the 1992-1993 annual report from Halifax harbour Cleanup Inc. The report is an overview the company's activities related to a proposed sewage treatment plant near McNab's Island, including financial statements. The report is in the form of a large booklet and contains several illustrations.
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