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30 letter to James Dinwiddie from Joseph Hume

INDICES:::George ; nephew ; decimals ; Phosphoric Tinder ; Proudfoot ; Howard ; Singer's ; Jardine ; Heales ; Scotland ; Bill ; Bailey ; Sanders ; lawsuit ; Grenada ; Fay ; William ; Royal Institution ; arithmatic ; Penny ; lottery ; pistols ; oxygenated ; arsenic ; silver ; muriatic acid ; sulpheric acid ; medical ; practitioners ; formula ; experiment ; Brown ; marriage ; Dumphries ; Barclay ; Navy Pay office ; Reid ; Europe ; Corsica ; soldier ; laboratory ; cylinders ; spatulas ; hermetically ; tubes ; Galvanism ; Cruikshanks ; nitrous ; acid ; copper ; Glasgow ; Wilson ; oil of viterol ; architecture ; vegitable ; animal ; mineral ; gravity ; hydrometer ; Encyclopedia Britanica ; metals ; Chapman ; Spanish ; Hawkesbury ; Manganese ; gold ; silver ; diamonds ; Cardiff ; Dudly Adams ; Price ; Portsmouth ; Wilson ; steam engine ; charcoal ; clay ; alkali ; Zinc ; Colbalt ; Sulpher ; Nitrate ; Tartar ; Borax ; Litmas ; Vitriol ; wedgewood ; Phials ; Leigh ; Sotheby ; Fleet Street ; Joseph Hume ; 1796 ; 1815

Arnold J. Tingley fonds

  • MS-2-649
  • Fonds
  • 1990 - [199-]
Fonds consists of two books and a manuscript written by Arnold J. Tingley during his tenure as a professor in the Department of Mathematics and as Dalhousie University Registrar.

Tingley, Arnold J.

Arthur Stanley Mackenzie fonds

  • MS-2-43
  • Fonds
  • 1881-1949, 1971
Fonds consists of correspondence (1885-1936), publications (1894-1927), addresses (1889-1921), unpublished documents (1881-1923), including unpublished articles, a large number of lecture notes (1881-1923), research notes (1887-n.d.) and lab books (1887-1909). Other course materials include course examination papers written and collected by Dr. MacKenzie. Other materials in this fonds pertaining to Dr. MacKenzie’s personal life include his diaries (1883-1909), honours, pictures and memorabilia (1938-1949).

MacKenzie, Arthur Stanley


This series of notes written by James Dinwiddie focuses on astronomy. Dinwiddie discusses the properties of the moon and outlines the lunar cycle as well as the phenomenon of comets. He provides a list of well known astronomers and their publications including Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Johannes Kepler, Socrates, Nicolas Copernicus, Otto Guernicke, Galileo, Ptolemy, and Edmond Halley.


This scientific journal by James Dinwiddie focuses on navigation by stars which is demonstrated through a series of calculations. This file consists of one journal.

Charles Walmsley fonds

  • MS-2-521
  • Fonds
  • 1910 - 1955
Fonds consists of materials regarding the Charles Walmsley's academic life and his activities as a faculty member of Dalhousie University, including notebooks, lectures notes and a manual of the first year of the Dalhousie course of mathematics. The fonds also contains correspondence sent to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walmsley and others textual records.

Walmsley, Charles

Glenn Stephen Ells exams

  • MS-14-47, MS-14, Box 134, Folder 5
  • File
  • December 1913 - March 1915
File contains 25 exam papers likely taken by Glen Stephen Ells between the junior and senior year (1913-1915) for subjects associated with agriculture at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. The exam papers are mostly typed and cover a range of topics from entomology, dairy, animal husbandry, commercial law, mathematics, and English literature. The exams are annotated and scribbled over and appear to mainly belong to one student Glen Stephen Ells. One exam paper in particular shows strategy planning for a hockey game on the reverse of which Ells was a team-member.

Ells, Glenn Stephens

John Geoffrey Adshead fonds

  • MS-2-647
  • Fonds
  • [19--]
Fonds consists of John Geoffrey Adshead's recipe notebooks, handwritten recipes, and newspaper clippings of recipes.

Adshead, John Geoffrey

Lecture Notes

These notes written by James Dinwiddie contain sections of notes on various topics including the history of medicine, chemistry, electricity, proof of repulsions, and mathematics.

Lecture Notes

This series of lecture notes by James Dinwiddie in 1792 (?) references several subjects including mathematics, natural philosophy, Plato, Epicurius, the motion of the Earth, David Hume, and "W. Harrington". The file consists of 29 pages of lecture notes.


This notebook kept by James Dinwiddie examines arithmetic involving logarithms. Dinwiddie includes sections on addition and subtraction as well as example calculations. This file consists of one notebook.

Mathematics, No. 1-3

These lecture notes written by James Dinwiddie ca. 1793 focus on various mathematical topics including geometry, trigonometry, and logarithmic scales.


These lecture notes written by James Dinwiddie ca. 1793 focus on trigonometry. The notes begin with a series of definitions of angles, circles, and trigonometric measurements. They go on to mention various corollaries and theorems related to trigonometry.