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World War, 1914-1918
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Scrapbook page with photographs of T.H. Raddall, Sr. in military uniform and standing with other officers in his rifle division

Item may have been a page in one of Thomas Head Raddall's photograph albums. The photographs are an assortment from T.H. Raddall, Sr.'s military career. The top photograph appears to be related to MS-2-202, Box 51, Folder 16, Item 2 in subseries Thomas Head Raddall's loose photographs, and was likely taken at the Reach Field shooting range in Hythe, Kent, England. The photograph on the bottom left is a duplicate of MS-2-202, Box 51, Folder 20, Item 2 in subseries Thomas Head Raddall's loose photographs, and was taken at Valcartier Camp, Quebec.

Business correspondence to William McMillan, Lockeport, regarding confirmation to ship goods, and receipt of shipments

File contains business correspondence addressed to (and a few written by) William McMillan, Lockeport, between June 1914 and October 1914, regarding receipt of shipment of goods to be sold in his general store, or confirmation of goods to be sent overseas. File contains both typed and handwritten correspondence. File also contains the beginnings of some merchants' concerns regarding shortages stemming from the outbreak of the Great War.

File contains correspondence regarding wartime concerns from the following receivers and brokers: W.R. Brock Company (Montreal; regarding French-made #80 DMC in cordenette white), Boston Varnish Company (regarding war-time price uncertainty), Brandram-Henderson (Halifax, regarding "import[ing certain goods] from countries where it is now impossible to obtain further supplies"), Chronicle Publishing Co. (Halifax, regarding the sale of "a history of the great conflict now raging in Europe" for two months at this stage), Greenshields Limited (Montreal, regarding a "good season for dress goods" despite the "war-time dullness of many lines" and the fact that "French goods are cut off entirely [and that some] raw materials such as dyestuffs come from Germany and Austria exclusively"), Holzapfels Limited (Newcastle-on-Tyne, reassuring clients that their company is "absolutely and entirely British"), J.L. Lovitt (Yarmouth, regarding the "feverish state of the wheat market" and reduced supplies), J.E. Morse & Co. (Halifax, about wartime demands having "completely exhausted [the supplies of] the popular selling teas"), Nova Scotia Belgian Relief Fund (Halifax; from Arthur Barnstead), Patterson Candy Company (Toronto, reassuring that they "have been strongly opposed to making any advance in price unless positively forced to it", and slamming those "who would delight in getting more for his product on account of the abnormal condition"), Oxford Manufacturing Company (Oxford, NS, "we are facing a famine in dyestuffs"), Quaker Oats Company (Peterborough, re: "extreme scarcity of cash oats [...compelling] us to put further advances into effect), W.H. Schwartz & Sons (Halifax, about the withdrawal of a printed list of supplies based on "the very uncertain conditions surrounding the spice business brought about by the war"), R.B. Seeton (Halifax, "we do not know from one day to another what the price will be"), E.K. Spinney (Yarmouth, regarding "the [appalling] effect of this horrible war on commercial conditions throughout the world"), Wm. Stairs, Son & Morrow (Halifax, assuring customers that "all prices will be based on ruling market price ONLY"), W.H. Thorne (Saint John, regarding the purchase of "patriotic selections" of records), Willett Martin (New York, anticipating that "stove coal will be very scarce during the Fall and Winter months"), Warwick Bros & Rutter (Toronto, about installing "patriotic windows").

File contains other standard business correspondence from: Acadia Gas Engine Co. (Bridgewater), Edward M. Alden (Boston), Edward Allen (Yarmouth), G.E. Barbour (Saint John), Sidney R. Baxter (Boston), A.M. Bell & Co. (Halifax), Geo. C. Boudreau (Meteghan Station, NS), Brookfield Bros. (Halifax), Burrell-Johnson Iron Company (Yarmouth), Canadian Cereal and Flour Mills (Galt, ON), Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. (Halifax), Canadian Drug Co. (Saint John), Canadian Oil Companies (Toronto), Canadian Poster Company (Montreal, regarding a Stanfields promotion), Clayton & Sons (Halifax), Cochran, Burns & Farnsworth (Boston), McCormick & Stronach (Clementsport, NS), Davis & Fraser (Halifax), Davis & Lawrence (Montreal), Eagle Oil & Supply Co. (Boston), Eastern Shirts Limited (Truro), Emerson & Fisher (Saint John), Enterprise Foundry (Sackville, NB), Frank Fales (Saint John), Flintkote Manufacturing Company (Boston), Arthur Fordham (Halifax), John Forsyth Company (Berlin, ON), Gourock Ropework Export Co. (Montreal, via Glasgow), Gunns Limited (West Toronto), G.J. Hamilton & Sons (Halifax), Ida Harlow (Sable River West), Hawboldt & Evans (Chester), Hilford Fur Farm (Port Hilford, NS), N. Hingley & Sons (Dudley, UK), Ideal Bedding (Toronto), T. McAvity & Sons (Saint John), A. & W. MacKinlay (Halifax), Manchester Robertson Allison (Saint John), Maple Leaf Milling Co. (Saint John), Maritime Cap Limited (Moncton), Meeker & Company (New York), G.P. Mitchell & Sons (Halifax), J.L. Morton (Lower Argyle), J. & M. Murphy (Halifax), Neville Canneries (Port Mouton, NS), M.A. Nickerson (Clark's Harbour), Northern-Electric (Halifax), Parrish, Phillips & Co. (New York), Payzant & King (Halifax), Redmond Company Limited (Montreal), W.G. Robertson (Halifax), Salada Ceylon Tea (Montreal), W.E. Sanford (Hamilton, ON), Scovil Bros. (Saint John), I.B. Shaffner (Halifax), Shives Lumber Company (Campbellton, NB), Southern Salvage Company (Liverpool), H.D. Starratt (Paradise, NS), John Tobin & Co. (Halifax), Trojan Waist Co. (Philadelphia), Viscol Company (Boston), Waldron Drouin Co. (Montreal), Welsford L. Watt (Halifax), Wolverton Milling Co. (Saint John), Thomas Wood & Company (Boston), among others.

Britain calls : [lyrics]

File contains a newspaper clipping and letters to Edith J. Archibald concerning her song "Britain Calls," which was written for the Royal Canadian Regiment during World War One. The newspaper clipping includes the text, but not the music, of the song. The letters are from G.A. LeCain, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Commanding 25th Battalion; George Murray, Provincial Secretary; and Evelyn Starr, professional violinist of New York City. An inscription by Edith J. Archibald at the top of the letters reads, "This song, dedicated to the Royal Canadian Regt. has made their 'marchpost' and I am told by an officer of that Regt. that is was played and sung daily during the war. He himself said it had keeped [sic] the men when on the tramp, 'over many a weary mile.'"

Archibald, Edith Jessie

Robert A. Logan and George Abott, photograph taken at the house where they boarded while learning to fly at the Curtiss Aviation School

On photograph reverse: On left Robert A. Logan, later pilot in Royal Flying Corps of the British Army, ended as Captain; on right George Abbott, later pilot in the British Royal naval Air Service. Both learned to fly and flew an active service in the first World War.

Photograph of the 90th Rifles of Winnipeg, 8th Battalion on a parade at Stonehenge, Salisbury Plains, England printed on a postcard

Item, a photograph, is related to material in Thomas Head Raddall's photograph album, 1917-1927. There is a note to Ellen Raddall from her husband, T.H. Raddall, Sr., on the reverse side. Raddall, Sr. marked his position in the parade on the front with an x: he is the fifth from the left in the foremost line, wearing a long, dark overcoat that nearly reaches his ankles.

Photograph of Sgt. A. Fraser Tupper

Item is a photograph of Sgt. A. Fraser Tupper, who served with Dalhousie No. 7 Stationary Hospital during during World War One. The photograph shows Tupper standing in uniform by the front steps of a building. The envelope in which the photograph was stored is addressed to Master Ralph W. Kane, 91 Coburg Road, Halifax, and contains a censor's stamp.

Portrait of Captain T.H. Raddall, Sr. in uniform printed on a postcard

Item, a photograph, is a duplicate of MS-2-202, Box 55, Folder 21, Item 7 in subseries Thomas Head Raddall's loose photographs. Item is a portrait of T.H. Raddall, Sr. in his Winnipeg Rifles uniform as a captain after recovering from being wounded at Ypres in 1915. He was later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

William Stanley Croft fonds

  • MS-2-496, SF Box 27, Folder 22
  • Fonds
  • 1902, 1916
Fonds comprises two letters written to William Croft. The first refers to work in the gold mines, while the second is a request for Croft's permission to allow his sixteen-year-old son to go overseas with the Canadian Forces. There is also a note from James Heyson to John Croft containing a medicinal recipe.

Croft, William Stanley, 1867-1944

Christmas card from Lt. Col. John Stewart

Item is a Christmas and New Year greeting card from Lt. Col. John Stewart. The card was printed by the Dalhousie No. 7 Stationary Hospital while it was stationed in France. The card is printed in gold and black ink and features the Dalhousie crest.

Portrait of the battalion commanders and adjutants of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th battallions, including T.H. Raddall, Sr., all in uniform

Item is a photograph of the 2nd Brigade and Canadian 1st Division. Brigadier Lipsett can be seen in the centre, with Major Prower, the commander of the 8th battalion, to his right. Captain T.H. Raddall, Sr. is standing at the right of the photograph, and is the adjutant of the 8th battalion.

Photograph of the 185th Overseas Battalion, Nova Scotia Highland Brigade.

File contains 2 copies of the photograph of the 185 Overseas Battalion, Nova Scotia Highland Brigade. The photograph shows the battalion standing in a field with white tents in the background. The Officer in charge was Lieutenant Colonel Frank Parker Day. Photographed by H.O. Dodge in Sydney, Nova Scotia in 1916.

Dodge, H. O.

Insulters of death and other poems of the great departure : a book of solace

File contains a book of poems, published by John Daniel Logan of the 85th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F., Nova Scotia Highland Brigade. The book was published by L. Clyde Davidson & Co. of Halifax, Nova Scotia and contains the following poems: "Invocation," "Insulters of Death," "Timor Mortis," "Sursum Corda," "Renouncement," "A Requiem," "The Greater Love," "For an only Son," "Poe of Princeton," "Flame of God (Rupert Brooke)," "The Soul's Supreme Adventure," and "Gone on Ahead Awhile." The book also includes a prose preachment entitled "The Fatal Paradox and Sin of Sorrow for the Dead."

Five flying aces from the Richthofen fighter squadron [die funf erfolgreichsten flieger der jagdstaffel Richthofen]

Pilots identified as from left to right: Vizefeldwebal (Vice Sergeant) Festner; Leutnant Schafer; Leutnant Frhr. von Richthofen; Rittmeister Frhr. von Richthofen; Leutnant Walff. Leutnant Schafer is credited with shooting down the British plane piloted by Captain R. A. Logan on Easter Sunday, April 8, 1917 near Cambrai, France.

Lt. C. H. Iriobz (sp), AIF-RAF

The reverse of the photograph "C.H.F.N. Officer, "Moria" Norfolk Island via Sydney, North South West Australia - a descendant of the "mutineers of the Bounty".

Business correspondence to William McMillan, Lockeport, regarding confirmation to ship goods, and receipt of shipments

File contains business correspondence addressed to (and a couple written by) William McMillan, Lockeport, between January 1917 and April 1917, regarding receipt of shipment of goods to be sold in his general store, or confirmation of goods to be sent overseas.

File also contains a typed letter signed by R.B. Bennett, then Director General of National Service Canada, dated February 15th, 1917, proposing McMillan's participation in an "occupational survey [...] for National purposes only [...] to enable both after-the-war and present-day problems to be dealt with intelligently and efficiently".

File contains both typed and handwritten correspondence and balance orders from the following brokers:
Acadia Gas Engine Co. (Bridgewater), Edward Allen (Yarmouth), Ames Holden McCready (Saint John), Ben's Limited (Halifax), Bridgetown Hay and Feed Company, W.R. Brock Company (Montreal), Burrell-Johnson Iron Company (Yarmouth), Canada Cement Company (Montreal), Canadian Carbon Co. (Toronto), Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. (Saint John), Canadian Drug Co. (Saint John), Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Company (Saint John), Canadian Oil Companies Limited (Halifax), Canadian Underskirt Co. (Toronto), Canadian Wood-Working Co. (Yarmouth), Carritte-Paterson Man'f'g Co. (Halifax), Chronicle Publishing Co. (Halifax), Clare Bros. & Co (Preston, ON), Cochran, Burns & Farnsworth Co. (Boston), Consumers Cordage Company (Halifax), J.S. Creed (Halifax), H.C. Davis Jr. & Co. (Norfolk, VA), S. Davis & Sons (Montreal), Henry d'Entremont (Lower West Pubnico), Landrie d'Entremon (West Pubnico), Dickson & Eddy, coal (New York), Andrew Doane (Ingomar, Shelburne Co., NS), Dominion Molasses Company (Halifax), Eastern Hat & Cap Manufacturing Co. (Truro), Eastern Shirts (Truro), Thomas A. Edison, Inc. (Orange, NJ), Emerson & Fisher (Saint John), Empire Garage and Motor Co. (Yarmouth), Enterprise Foundry Co. (Sackville, NB), T.H. Estabrooks (Saint John), Frank Fales (Saint John), Fleischmann Co. (Halifax), Frasier, Thornton & Co. (Cookshire, QC), Gilmartin & Trundy (New York), Go. Goodfellow (Montreal), Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (Toronto), Gordon and Keith (Halifax), Grant Bros. Ltd. (Halifax), Gurney-Massey Company (Montreal), Chas. Hagar (Roseway), Trueman Hagar (Round Bay), G.J. Hamilton & Sons (Pictou), Ida Harlow (Sable River West), R.L. Hartman (North East Harbour), G. Hines (Pubnico), G.W. Hodge (Fredericton), Hutchings Company Ltd. (Saint John), Imperial Oil Company (Halifax), J.B. Jones (East Jordan), Knox Hat Company (New York), Thomas J. Lipton (Toronto), Lockett & Messenger (Bridgetown), London & Petrolia Barrel Co. (London, ON), J.L. Lovitt (Yarmouth), T. McAvity & Sons (Saint John), McClearn Company Limited (Liverpool), A. & W. MacKinlay Limited (Halifax), J.F. MacMullen & Son (Barrington), J.C. Mackintosh & Co. (Halifax), Manchester Robertson Allison Limited (Saint John), Martin-Senour Co. (Halifax), Meeker & Company (New York), John Millen & Son (Montreal), W. & C.H. Mitchell Limited (Halifax), Moirs Limited (Halifax), Charles Mueller Company (Waterloo, ON), Murray Shoe Company (London), Northern Electric Company (Montreal), Northrop & Lyman Co. (Toronto), Nova Scotia Steel & Coal Company (New Glasgow), Nova Scotia Underwear Co. (Windsor), A.D. Oakes & Son (Hebbs Cross, NS), Parrish, Phillips & Co. (New York), Payzant & King (Halifax), Wm. Presser (Yarmouth), Quaker Oats Company (Halifax), Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co. (Windsor, ON), Ritcey Bros. (Riverport), Wm. Robertson (Halifax), Robin Hood Mills Limited (Montreal), Robin, Jones & Whitman (Halifax), Rothon & Co. Limited (London), Saint John Milling Company (West Saint John), William Sawler (Birchtown), R.B. Seeton (Halifax), Shives Lumber Company (Campbellton, NB), Sylvanus Smith & Co. (Gloucester, MA), E.K. Spinney (Yarmouth), Wm. Stairs, Son & Morrow (Halifax), Stanfield's (Truro), John Starr, Son & Co. (Halifax), Swift Canadian Co. (Toronto), Wolverton Milling Co. (Saint John), Robert Taylor (Halifax), J.H. Thorburn (Sandy Point), W.H. Thorne & Company (Saint John), John Tobin & Co. (Halifax), Thomas Wood & Company (Boston), among others.

In Flanders Fields : [manuscript vocal score]

Item is a manuscript of "In Flanders Fields" by Edith J. Archibald, which sets the words of the poem of the same name by Colonel John McCrae. The piece is for solo voice and piano in F Major and was written at Archibald's home on Inglis Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The piece is 5 pages long with extra blank pages.

Archibald, Edith Jessie

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