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North America Shipbuilding
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Existing electrical arrangement of Bluenose IInd 32 volt D.C. & 115 volt A.C.

Item is a technical drawing of the existing electrical arrangement of the Bluenose II. The drawing was prepared on July 19th, 1965 for the Halifax Shipyards as is labelled "Sketch No H.S.L.-BL/EL-2." The sketch is overlaid with proposals for expansions or changes to the arrangement, which are printed in red.

Bluenose II proposed modification to propulsion shafting

Item consists of two copies of a drawing of the propulsion shafting of the Bluenose II. The drawing includes a plan view of the existing shafting and a detail of the proposed modification, showing the installation of a twin disc coupling. The drawing was completed by G. T. Nelson from the Halifax Shipyards Drawing Office on September 23rd, 1965. The drawing is labelled "DRG. No. MX-625." Both copies of the drawing are stamped and dated by Halifax Shipyards. One copy has a stamp of approval from the Canada Department of Transport, which is dated October 4th, 1965.

Drawing of the Bluenose II

Item is a drawing of the Bluenose II prepared by Smith & Rhuland Ltd. of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The drawing shows a view from above and a cross section of the ship.

Drawings of proposed electrical arrangements and modifications to propoulsion shafting for the Bluenose II

File contains three drawings of proposed modifications for the Bluenose II. The drawings include a diagram of the existing electrical arrangement with proposed modifications; two copies of a drawing of a proposed modification to the propulsion shafting; and two copies of a proposed schematic diagram of electrical distribution. All of the drawings were completed at the Halifax Shipyards in 1965. See MS-4-135, Box 128, Folder 16 and Box 153, Folder 3 for related documents.

Drawing of the Maritime Supplies and Exchange warehouse and the electrical supply for Bluenose II

Item is a drawing of the Maritime Supplies & Exchange warehouse and the electrical supply for the Bluenose II. The warehouse is shown from above and from the side. Part of the electrical diagram is crossed out. The drawing was completed by O. K. Gashus for Yeatman, Endal & Company of Halifax, Nova Scotia. See MS-4-135, Box 156, Folder 4 for related documents

Drawing of the Bluenose II in full sail

Item is a drawing of the Bluenose II in full sail, with measurements for all of the sails. The drawing also includes notes about the measurements for the masts, boom, and other components. The drawing was prepared by Smith & Rhuland Ltd. of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Proposed schematic diagram of electrical distribution 230 V.-115 V. A.C. & 115 V. D.C.

Item consists of two copies of proposed schematic diagram of the electrical distribution of the Bluenose II. The drawing is labelled "Sketch No H.S.L.-BL/EL-18." The drawing was completed on January 29th, 1965 for Halifax Shipyards. One copy of the drawing includes a table of estimated sea loads that is not present on the other copy

Maurice Evans fonds

  • MS-4-234, Boxes 1-4
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1989
Fonds contains correspondence, contract files, notes, plans, and photographs of various ships Maurice Evans' company worked on.

Evans, Maurice

Amos P. Ward fonds

  • MS-2-200
  • Fonds
  • 1903-1924
Fonds comprises personal and professional correspondence and papers relating to the schooners Rowena (1903-1907); Lizzie Rich (1905), Stella Maud (1907-1910) and the Carrie C. Ward, including registers, bills, and ship inventories.

Ward, Amos P.

Everett MacDougall's photographs

Series contains photographs, portraits, prints, and postcards of sea captains and ships. Most of the material has notes by Everett Macdougall on the verso. These notes contain information about the origins and builders of the ships as well as biographical information about the sea captains in the portraits.

Lockeport Historical Collection

  • MS-4-177
  • Collection
  • 1801-2005

Collection contains documents relating to the mercantile and shipping activities of William McMillan, McMillan was active in the business between 1893 and the early 1930's. Records include receipts, invoices and other material from other merchants he purchased or sold to, correspondence regarding the shipping of those goods, papers regarding the vessels he owned or contracted to sail the material to different parts of the world and correspondence from individuals who ran the ships. Also included are telegram notices, personal correspondence and other material. This collection also contains material from the Locke Family, the Harding Family, all in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. It also contains documents from different individuals in the town of Lockeport.

Part of the material included in this collection is the research of Trevor Bebb. He was working on the shipping history of Lockeport and the surrounding areas and as such has collected a great deal of material. Included in his papers are research notes, photocopies of shipping and customs records, diaries and logs, and printed material.

Bebb, James Trevor

Timber specifications for three vessels written by William Yeo

  • MS-4-142, SF Box 52, Folder 7
  • Item
  • 1864-1865
This item is the timber specifications for three vessels (c1864-1865). The timber specifications are listed for the following vessels: the Western Queen, the Artisitc, and the Elizza.

Yeo, William

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