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Series contains a range of material related to Dinwiddie's scientific interests including notes on fireworks, a list of industrial manufacturers in England, and a newspaper clipping of a letter written by Joseph Priestly. In addition, the sec...

Interviews of Harry Thurston

Series consists of sound recording interviews with: Mary Pratt, and Christopher Pratt: David Blackwood; A.J. Casson; David Adam Richards; Sandy Spencer; Joe Norris; John Houston; and Riordan regarding folk art; and Brian Porter, conducted by Harry...


This series includes documents collected by William Inglis Morse. Documents include an appointments of Joseph Howe and Thomas A. Turner, a pension decree from the War Department of the French Republic signed by Napoleon Bonaparte, an inscription t...

Family Estate Documents

Series contains copies of the Last Will and Testament of multiple ancestors of Norman Creighton, as well as correspondence between various family members with regards to the settlement of estates, division of property and funds, and other concerns...

Musical scores

Series contains musical scores collected and used by Ellen Ballon. The scores include several first editions of popular works by Mozart and Chopin, and various autograph manuscript scores, including Heitor Villa-Lobos' first piano concerto, w...


This series consists of letters collected by William Inglis Morse. Letters include correspondence from Bliss Carman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alott, William Osler, Immanuel Kant, Thomas Chandler Haliburton to Joseph Howe and more.

Early Experiments

This sous-fond contains journals written by James Dinwiddie in which he recorded his early experiments. Written circa 1774, the journals contain observations on air and balloons and electricity as well as philosophical queries.

Titus Smith

Series contains files relating to Titus Smith Jr., the Nova Scotian naturalist known as the "Dutch Village Philosopher" and ancestor of Norman Creighton. Includes genealogical work, newspaper clippings, letters to Smith from his contempo...

Notebooks of James Dinwiddie

This sous-fond contains James Dinwiddie's notebooks which include his notes from lectures at the Royal Institution of Great Britain as well as records of meteorological and chronological observations from his voyage to China. The material cov...

Barbara Hinds' photographs

Series contains photographs taken by Barbara Hinds, photographs of Barbara Hinds, or photographs related to Barbara Hinds’ activities. A large portion of the photographs were taken by Rosemary Gilliat Eaton during a trip to the eastern Canadian Ar...

Thomas Andrew Lumisdem Strange

Series consists of records related to Thomas Andrew Lumisden Strange, former Chief Justice of Nova Scotia in the 18th century who became the first Chief Justice of Madris and is considered an important figure in Indian legal history. Types of reco...

Trevor Bebb's research papers

This sousfonds contains research notes relating to the history of Shipping and Shipbuilding, Lockeport Businesses, Shelburne County History, Nova Scotia History and the West Indies trade. This material consists of handwritten notes or photocopies ...

N + M Smith

This series contains various documents related to the operations of N. & M. Smith, which was a predecessor to A.M. Smith and Company. The series is divided into sub-series Correspondence, Legal, Financial, and Printed Matter, and contains mate...


This series consists of books collected by William Inglis Morse. Books include A Journal of the proceedings on board the sloop Dart, privateer of St. John, New Brunswick, Annals of Liverpool and Queen's county, 1760-1867 and Nova Scotia autho...

Ebenezer Bigelow

This series contains records pertaining to Ebenezer Bigelow's work as a shipbuilder, including correspondence, ledgers, legal documents and financial papers. It also comprises personal papers including diaries, a memoir and a family bible.

Bigelow, Ebenezer, 1815-1889


This series consists of books and other textual records relating to poultry, which includes husbandry, plucking, etc. These were published between 1819-1942.

Memorabilia of Samuel R. Balcom

Balcom kept a wide variety of items that indicated his involvement in associations and society generally. This series includes newspaper clippings, association lists that list Balcom on their boards, and keepsakes that do not otherwise fit into th...

Photographs and A/V Materials

Series consists of Norman Creighton's photographs and negatives. Most photographs depict Creighton's immediate family but the series also includes photographs of friends; extended family and ancestors; family homes and gardens; grave sto...

Journal of W.J. Proudfoot

These are journals written by W.J. Proudfoot, the grandson of James Dinwiddie. Proudfoot's journals record daily events in both his personal and professional life. Included is a notebook with a biography of his father, James Proudfoot, who wa...

Vessel papers of Frieze and Roy

This series consists of records related to vessels owned or operated by Frieze and Roy. The majority of the records include insurance policies for the vessels and charter parties. Some other records include protests, manifests, bills of landing an...

Correspondence files of Frieze and Roy

This series consists of business correspondence to and from Frieze and Roy. The majority of the correspondence is regarding business affairs such as requests of purchases, orders, supplies, sales and shipping, cargo loads, as well as settling of a...

Ellen Ballon's correspondence

Series contains incoming correspondence sent to Ellen Ballon as well as ephemeral correspondence of European composers and classical music performers that was collected by Ellen Ballon.

Vessel papers of the O'Brien family

This series contains vessel documents on the vessels “Janet”, “Eliza Oulton”, “LuckKnow”, “Rover”, “William”, “Willing Lass”, “Industry”, “Actress”, “Favourite”, “Eleanor Archibald” and “Lydia”.

Fogo Island study

Series contains records related to Binkley's study of the population of Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Records include statistics by family, charts and graphs of ages and genders spanning one hundred years, and observation notes.

Justice of the Peace papers

This series consists of papers collected from David Frieze's time as a justice of the peace for Hants County. Types of records include correspondence, estate papers, wills, indentures, summons, agreements and land deeds.

Presbyterian Church papers

This series consists of records relating to the Maitland Presbyterian Church and Sons of Temporance, which both Frieze and Roy were associated with. Types of records include a birth, marriage and death register, ledgers with collections to put for...


Series consists of research materials, correspondence, and biographical information of individuals who Gordon Duff had in his collection. Many of these records are research materials used by Duff in teaching or publication. The majority of the fil...

Christine Eyles

Series consists of papers, photographs, writings, art, and assorted memorabilia from Christine Eyles. Items focus primarily on Christine and her father Charles ("Chas"), a violin maker.

Eyles, Christine, 1900-1978


This series contains indentures, court summons, a lumber agreement between Adam Roy and David Pratt and insurance policies on the business recording how much they were insured for and what types of insurance they held.

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