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35 Days of non-Organized art

Item is a poster for an event held from April 23 - May 27, 2009, at Eyelevel Gallery. This event was featured as part of Eyelevel Unplugged, a month-long experiment in low-tech and creative administration.

35 Days of non-Organized art

Item is a poster for an event as part of Eyelevel Unplugged held from April 23 - May 27, 2009, at Eyelevel Gallery. This event was featured as part of Eyelevel Unplugged, a month-long experiment in low-tech and creative administration.

A little taste group exhibition

File contains a poster for an exhibition featuring works by Ryan Arnott, Gary Conway, Michael Fernandes, John Greer, Donald Lindblad, Susanne Paquette, Felicity Redgrave, Roger Savage, and Julia Schmitt-Healy. The exhibition opened Eye Level Gallery's 1977/78 season of exhibitions, performances, and events.

And still counting / by Garry Neill Kennedy

Item is a poster for the And still counting exhibition is related to the 27 blank plywood inserts the Halifax Regional Municipality commissioned Kennedy to create to fill the windows of the condemned Khyber building.

Animation Automation

Item is a poster for the exhibition held May 18-30 featuring the following 10 Canadian animators: Diane Obomswain; Mike Hensen; Lief Hall; Dawn George; Monica Gutierrez; Diyan Achjadi; Paul Freeman; Marie Koehler; Karen Hawes; Liz MacDougall and Yi Xin Tong.

Animation Automation

Folder contains an information booklet and a bookmark for the exhibition held May 18-May 30, 2012 featuring 10 Canadian animators.

At eye level

Item is a poster for a group exhibition held from December 4-22, 1984, at Eye Level Gallery. The artists that participated in this event were: Rose Adams, Elizabeth Devine, Cliff Eyland, Alex Livingston, Patrick Mabey, Glen MacKinnon, Paul Miller, Catherine Paul, Julie Schwartz, and Heather Scott.

Audio by artists festival 85

Item is a poster for Audio By Artists Festival 1985, held from March - April 1985. The Audio By Artists Festival 1985 was organized and administrated by David Craig, Andy Dowden, Paula Fairfield, Gordon Laurin, and Micah Lexier.


Item is a poster for an exhibition held in June-October 2005. Billboards is a series of outdoor exhibitions presented by Eye Level Gallery. File also includes a photocopy of a newspaper clipping of an article written by Sean Flinn for the Chronicle-Herald about Eyelevel billboards event. The article was published on June 22, 2005.

Black wimmin: when and where we enter : [poster]

Item is a poster for Black Wimmin: When And Where We Enter, a group exhibition presented by the Diasporic African Women's Art collective. The exhibition toured Canada in 1989 and was presented in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Eyelevel Gallery from September 6 - 23, 1989.

Book histories for books by Joyce Barkhouse

File contains written histories of various uses and publications of books by Joyce Barkhouse, termination and publication agreements, correspondence, and some photocopied newspaper clippings of reviews. Books referenced in this file include: The Witch of Port LaJoye, A Name for Himself: A Biography of Thomas Head Raddall, Yesterday's Children, George Dawson, The Little Giant (originally called The Little Doctor), Anna's Pet (with Margaret Atwood), and Smallest Rabbit. The file also includes the brochure for an exhibit at the Mary E. Black Gallery by the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design of "The Lorenzen Pottery, Ernst and Alma Lorenzen: Contributions to Nova Scotia Craft Since 1949."

Born to be wild: art and the dark presented by T-sang Artistic Industries

Item is a poster for the event that was held on May 4 featuring art battles with Craig Budovitch; Noah Logan; April Dean; Mitch Mitchell; Graeme Patterson; Nathan Patterson; Derrick Dixon; Emily Falencki; Karen Hawes; Jesse Schliperoort; Mark Kasumovic; Natania Sherman; Natasha Krzyzewski; Mike Spencer. Celebrity judges included Mark Bovey; Lisa Lipton; Sarah Fillmore; Sarah Maloney and Craig Leonard.


Item is a poster for the event that was held on July 12 featuring Jim MacSwain as Emcee; Dayna McLeod; Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard; Kathy Kennedy; Rez Villian, AKA Darrell Bernard; Christy Wad; Fred Martin, AKA Whitey Littlefeather; Steven Slater; Pascale Malaterre; Derick Lengwenus, AKA Dr. Avacado; ECMA nominee, Kaleb Simmonds. Curated by Liz Mac Dougall.

Centre for Art Tapes fonds

  • MS-3-46
  • Fonds
  • 1979-2005
Fonds consists of records created and collected by the Centre for Art Tapes between 1977 and 2005. Materials reflect the artist-run centre's diverse functions and activities. Records include correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, scholarship applications, funding applications, posters, programs, CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes, exhibition catalogues, reports, financial statements, public service announcements, news releases, blueprints, agreements, workshop materials and programming information.

Centre for Art Tapes

Centre for Art Tapes presents the inaugural exhibition for the Centre for Art Tapes local curatorial residency : lies that tell the truth

Item is a poster for The Lies That Tell the Truth, an exhibition presented by the Khyber Institute for Contemporary Arts from July 15 to August 14, 2011. The exhibition was curated by Claire Hodge and Suzanne Caines and featured artists: Adad Hannah; Yam Lau; Alison S. M. Kobayashi; Johanna Householder and b.h. yael; Aoife Collins and Jeanne Ju.

Centre for disease control : collaborative installation and performance in conjunction with InFest

Item consists of two different style of the poster for the same event information. This event was held on February 27, featuring the following artists: Sebnem Koyuncu; Pierre Andre Sonolet; Handan Dogan; Dinka Pignon; Emma Hendrix; Dr. Krisp; Ali Lohan; Andrew Amy; Nimi Langer; Charles Stankievech; Sepideh Sali; Etienne Zack; Paul Wong; Vanessa Richards; Kirk Madison; Dona Szoke; Christa Dahl; Nurse Goo; Ellen Mitchell and Jane Irwin.

Colin Lyons Boom Town

Folder contains a small poster as well as a postcard for the exhibition on November 19 - December 22, 2009.

Correspondence from Louis Keene

File contains a letter from the artist Louis Keene (1888-1972) thanking John Daniel Logan for a notice that he put in the Montreal Herald advertising his upcoming exhibition.

Correspondence related to the Black Wimmin: When And Where We Enter exhibition

Item consists of correspondence between Suzanne Saul, Bridglal Pachai, Pat MacInnis, Grace Channer, Chloe Onari, Jo Stern, Buseje Bailey, Garry Conway, Catherine Phoenix, Anne Johnson, Ken Aucoin, Barbara Taylor, Joanne Lindsey, and Donna James, related to the "Black Wimmin: When And Where We Enter" exhibition at Eye Level Gallery.
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