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Photograph of First National Conference Medical Services of Canada - Ottawa, December 18, 1924

File is a photograph of the attendants of the First National Conference on Medical Services Canada. The conference was held in Ottawa on December 18, 1924. Individuals identified are as follows: from left to right: 1. Fitsgerald 2. Connell 3. Young 4. Arthur, Low, Kidd, Primrose, Amyot, Carder, Bates, Roulley, Austin, Connell, Roulley, unknonw, Melvin, Young, McCullough, Thorton, Young, Wright, M. Callum, Leask, Bert Merson, Laidlaw, Orr, Larkin, MacKay, Noble, Wodehouse, Graham, Normand, Guerin, McLeod, Cruickshank, Prof. Henderson, Dr. Garner, Poole, McKippon, Rehfuss, McCallum, Chisholm, MacLaren, M.P.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1950

File is a composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine Class of 1950. The photograph consists of 42 individual portraits. Individuals identified as follows: C.J. Alexander; D.W. Arklie; P.F.M. Ashley; G.W. Battock; N.S. Black; J.R. Brown; M.P. Burley; R.H. Butler; D.A. Campbell; G.J.H. Colwell; G.H. Flight; T.A. Foster; G.M. Fraser; G.U. Hill; A.E. Johnson; D.H. Kirkpatrick; R.D. Lawton; R.F. MacDonald; A.R. MacEwan; R.D. MacKay; J.A. MacInnes; A.J. MacLeod; A.M. MacPherson; H.D. MacWilliam; G.A. May; M. Mendelson; J.Milligan; B.S.C. Morton; A. Myrden; R.O'Driscoll; T.J. O'Neil; R. Phillips; J.H.L. Robbins; J.M. Ryan; A.H. Shears; J. Sieniewica; R.G. Simpson; O.R. Smith; O. Warr; A.S. Wenning; J.G. Williams; P.D. Bursey.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1941

File is a composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine Class of 1941. The photograph consists of 36 individual portraits. Individuals identified as follows: J.H. Baldwin; F.J. Barton; J.K. Beer; S.B. Bird; B.O. Black; W.E. Callaghan; H.A. Chilholm; E.D. Dickie; H.A. Foley; J.A. Gallant; H. Goldberg; E.J. Gordon; A. Heldman; W.E. Hirtle; T.A. Laidlaw; L.W. Leeds; D.G. McCurdy; G.W. McElman; A.S. MacIntosh; J.S. Manchester; S.C. Pauker; R.F. Plumer; R.E. Pugh; J.J. Quinlan; M. Rapheal; J.A. Ross; W.S. Sellars; A. Shainhouse; H.C. Slade; J.V. Squire; E.L. Thorne; G.W. Turner; M. Ulberg; F.D. Wanamaker; J.C. Worrell; C.H. Young.

Photograph of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine 1973 - Honorary Degrees

Description included with photograph: Six distinguished physicians received the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, at the special Convocation marking the graduation of the first class of doctors from Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine. In photo taken following Convocation June 16, 1973 are left to right : Dr. John R. Evans, President of the University of Toronto; Sir Richard Doll, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University; Dr. Nigel F.S. Rusted, Clinical Professor of Surgery at MUN; Dr. G. Alain Frecker, Chancellor of Memorial University; Lord Stephen Taylor, President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University; Dr. Oliver J. Vaughan-Jackson, Visiting Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at MUN; Dr. Melville George Coxon, Senior Medical Officer, James Paton Memorial Hospital, Gander and Dr. Charles George Drake, President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Photograph of Dalhousie Award Winners 1974

Pictured in photograph left to right: Alfred E. Bent, Halifax Infirmary Award in Family Practice; David A. Gass, Department of Psychiatry Prize; George A. Ferrier, City of Sydney Hospital Award; Eric R. Gozna, Izaak Walton Killam Hospital Board of Governors Award and Ross Stewart Smith Fellowship in Medical Research.

Photograph of Dalhousie Award Winners 1974

Pictured in the photograph left to right: Ronald A. Chalmers, Grace Maternity Hospital Medical Staff Award; William B. Wheelock, Victoria General Hospital Award, Halifax Infirmary Department of Surgery Award and Department of Medicine Prize; Theophilus D. Ling, Department of Gynecology Prize of the Victoria General Hospital; Jerome S. Wilson, The C.B. Stewart Gold Medal in Medicine, Victoria General Hospital Medical Staff Award, Department of Surgery Prize, and Grace Maternity Hospital Board of Management Award.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1927

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Class of 1927. Photograph includes 48 photocopies of individual student portraits. Composite photograph includes student portraits of: Strongin, S.; Cameron, E.; Wickwire, J.C. ; Morgan, J.; Jacobson, M.; Becker, J.; Mader, E.W.; Beckwith, C.J.W.; Hatfield, G.M.; Chisholm, D.R.; Sutherland, J.W.; Gilchrist, W.S.; Irving, M.R.; McQuade, E.L.; Bennett, R.E.; O'Brien, H.D.; Robertson, H.; Archibald, R.B.; Baird, H.E.; Wood, D.M.; Kennedy, J.F.; Scammell, H.L.; Hamilton, J.M.; Tady, M.C.; Brown, S.; Rogers, E.F.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1916

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Class of 1916. Photograph includes 9 photocopies of individual student portraits and one photograph of the Forrest Building. Composite photograph includes portraits: Miss. L.A. Pennington; J.A. Curry; K.K. Blackadar; R.H. Stoddard; J.N. Lyons; A. Hines; A.T. Godfrey; S. Whitehouse; N.W. Kirkpatrick.

Sketch of Morton's Medical Warehouse

File is a reproduction of a sketch from The Nova Scotia Museum Centennial Collection. Inscription: The Medical Warehouse, built about 1850, was situated at the corner of Granville and George Streets. The site is now occupied by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. After a photograph courtesy of The Nova Scotia Museum.

Ensign Armorial for the Medical Society of Nova Scotia

File is the incorporation certificate for the Medical Society of Nova Scotia.
Text: To all and sundry whom these presents
Do or may concern, we, Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Baron of Learny, Kinnairdy and Yeochrie, Advocate, Lord Lyon King of Arms, send greetings: Whereas the President and Secretary of The Medical Society of Nova Scotia, with offices at the Public Health Clinic, University Avenue, Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, having by petition unto Us of date 17th March 1954 shewn: that the Society was, y an Act of the General Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1861, cap. 69, of date 28th March 1861, incorporated in the name of "The Medical Society of Nova Scotia", and that the said Society was empowered to hold real estate: that the present Officers of the said Society are as follows; President; Myles Gregory Tompkins, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, residing at Glace Bay; 1st Vice-President; Hugh Fraser McKay, Lieutenant-Colonel (Supplement Reserve, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps), holder of the Efficiency Decoration, Doctor of medicine, Master of Surgery, residing at New Glasgow; 2nd Vice-President; Dara Mason Cochrane, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery, residing at River Hebert; all in the Province of Nova Scotia; Treasurer Robert Orville Jones, Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, Dean of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifex aforesaid: that the said Medical Society of Nova Scotia is desirous of bearing and using such Ensigns Armorial as might be found suitable and according to the Laws of Arms of Scotland, know ya therefore that We have devised, and do by these presents assign, ratify and confirm unto the said The Medical Society of Nova Scotia the following Ensigns Armorial, as depicted upon the margin hereof, and matriculated of even date with these present upon the 157th page of the thirty-ninth volume of our Public Register of all Arms and Bearing in Scotland, videliced: - Murrey, a pallet or, environed of a serpent Argent, langued of the second, on a chief of the third a saltire Azure, and in an Escrol below the same this motto "Health and Humanity", by demonstration of which Ensigns Armorial, Insignia of Nobility, the said Society is, amongst all Nobles and in all places of honour, to be taken, numbered, accounted and received as an Incorporation-Noble in the Noblesse of Scotland; IN testimony whereof we have subscribed these presents and the Seal of Our Office is affixed hereto at Edinburgh, this twenty-seventh day of April in the third year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland, and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Queen, Defender of the Faith, etc., and in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty four.

Signed Thomas Innes of Learney.

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