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Affirm United 10th anniversary pin

File contains two lapel pins produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Affirm United, an LGBT advocacy group with the United Church. Pins are in the shape of a pink triangle overlapping a navy blue oval, outlined in gold. Text on pins reads "1982—1992".

AIDS Coalition pins

File contains two round, light pink pins with the image of a triangle that reads "COALITION".

AIDS Walk for Life pin

File contains one AIDS Walk for Life pin. Pin features a red ribbon and is printed with text that reads "AIDS Walk for Life —Marche Pour La Vie".

Alan (Al) Roy Stewart fonds

  • MS-15-21
  • Fonds
  • 1980-2019
Fonds contains materials collected by Al Stewart as part of his involvement in the Maritime leather community, his LGBT advocacy work at Saint John's United Church in Halifax, and his involvement in the broader LGBT community in Nova Scotia. Leather community records document the activities of the TightRope leather brotherhood, Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather [MACLeather] contests, and other leather groups across Canada and the United States. Materials include administrative records, photographs, promotional materials, correspondence, newsletters, and catalogues. United Church materials primarily relate to Stewart's efforts to attain Affirmed status for St. John's United Church, and include reference materials, correspondence, and newsletters. Fonds also contains objects and ephemera related to the leather community, Affirm, and Stewart's membership in the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union [NSGEU], as well as personal photographs, correspondence, and LGBT publications.

Stewart, Alan Roy

Angus Edward Murray fonds

  • MS-13-68
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1984
Fonds consists of patient records, autopsy reports, correspondence, various medical reports from several institutions, and business records including a ledger and daily journals.

Murray, Angus Edward

Anne Bishop fonds

  • MS-15-5
  • Fonds
  • [198-?] - 1998
Fonds includes materials created by, collected or about Lesbian and Gay Rights Nova Scotia [LGRNS], including a collection of pins.

Bishop, Anne Charlotte

Arthur Charles Hawkins fonds

  • MS-13-5
  • Fonds
  • 1881-1886
Fonds consists of tickets confirming Hawkins' admission to and attendance in classes and wards at Halifax Medical College, Dalhousie College and University, Montreal General Hospital, and the Provincial and City Hospital.

Hawkins, Arthur, Charles

Atlantic Provinces Political Lesbians for Equality (APPLE) pride banner

  • MS-15-3.2019-062, OS Box 15, Folder 5
  • File
  • [between 1985 and 1995]
  • Part of Lynn Murphy fonds

File contains one banner for Atlantic Provinces Political Lesbians for Equality (APPLE), used in a Pride parade, march, or demonstration and collected by the Gay and Lesbian Association. Banner is made of a white bedsheet with black fabric letters reading "APPLE" sewn on.

Avis (Marshall) McCurdy fonds

  • MS-2-299, SF Box 36, Folders 12-16 ; SF Box 36, Folders 1-11, 17-24
  • Fonds
  • Bulk, 1924-1927
Fonds comprises exam questions, debating notes, dance cards, invitations, sorority notes, pins and other memorabilia from McCurdy's student years at Dalhousie University. There are also records (correspondence, financial statements, clippings, menus) from university reunions in 1938, 1967 and 1977.

McCurdy, Avis Hunter (Marshall)

Awards and distinctions

Series contains honours and distinctions awarded to Janet Conners in recognition of her involvement in the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada [the Krever Inquiry], and her subsequent advocacy work for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Materials include honorary degrees, awards, fellowships, and other distinctions, as well as associated programs, invitations, and forms.

Bob Fougere fonds

  • MS-15-18
  • Fonds
  • 1990-2017
Fonds contains materials collected by LGBTQ+ activist Bob Fougere pertaining to his activism in Halifax. Records in fonds document Fougere's work as coordinator of the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project [NSRAP], including NSRAP's participation in the Halifax Rainbow Health Project and its health care advocacy work on behalf of transgender Nova Scotians. Materials also document Fougere's roles as board member at Safe Harbour Metropolitan Community Church, and facilitator the Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Youth Project support group. Materials in fonds include correspondence, pamphlets, essays, studies, clippings, reports, meeting minutes, conference materials, and ephemera.

Fougere, Bob

Canada : moving forward – AIDS 2010 pin

File contains one pin produced in connection with the Canada : Moving forward -- AIDS 2010 event. Pin features a black background with a grey-blue border, and a red ribbon with a maple leaf on the end in the centre. Red text around the border reads "Canada: Moving Forward" with smaller red text beneath reading "AIDS 2010".

Canadian Labour Congress pride tote

File contains one tote bag produced by the Canadian Labour Congress. Tote bag is made of black fabric, and is printed with an inverted pink triangle with black text written into each side of the triangle reading "Solidarité—Pride—Fierté.

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1725 fonds

  • MS-9-4
  • Fonds
  • 1974
Fonds includes circulars issued by Dalhousie University to recruit members for the Canadian Union of Public Employees as well as circulars issued by the Canadian Union of Public Employees to the existing Dalhousie University members. Also included in the fonds is a poster highlighting guest speaker Grace Hartman.

Canadian Union of Public Employees. Local 1725.

Certification tickets from Montreal General Hospital and University of McGill College

File contains three certification tickets received by Arthur Charles Hawkins during the 1884-1885 session at the University of McGill College and Montreal General Hospital. The first two tickets confirm that Hawkins acted as a clinical clerk and a dresser in the surgical wards of Montreal General Hospital for three months ending in March 1885, as certified by Thomas G. Roddick, MD. The third ticket confirms Hawkins's enrolment in a Clinical Surgery course at McGill University, under Roddick's tutelage.

"Clan Mc Dyke" pin

Item is one round pin that reads "Clan Mc Dyke" from a Wild Women's [Womyn's/ Wimmins] Weekend.

CODCO pink maple leaf banner

File contains one hand-painted banner. Banner is made of a white bedsheet decorated with a pink maple leaf and glitter glue with text that reads "CODCO" in the centre. Banner is was likely produced in relation to the Newfound-based comedy troupe CODCO's participation in the 1992 Halifax Pride parade.

CODCO pink triangle pride banner

File contains one hand-painted banner made of white cotton fabric cover in purple handprints and other colourful brush marks, and featuring the acronym "CODCO" in black text painted over a large pink triangle. The banner was likely produced in relation to the Newfoundland-based comedy troupe CODCO's participation in the 1992 Halifax Pride parade.

Daily reports from shows and rides at The Bill Lynch Shows

File contains daily reports from the Bill Lynch Shows shows and rides from June to August 1949. The reports are from Halifax and New Glasgow. Areas that are filled out include name of attraction, starting number, finish number, tickets, price, gross, and total. There is one blank form.

Dalhousie Staff Association fonds

  • MS-9-20
  • Fonds
  • 1971-1990
Fonds contains Dalhousie Staff Association newsletters from 1974-1980, collective agreements from 1975-1990, general notices from 1979-1980, meeting and member recruitment posters from various years, a pamphlet about the Dalhousie Staff Association, and a copy of the 1976 constitution.

Dalhousie Staff Association

Daniel McNeil Parker fonds

  • MS-13-31
  • Fonds
  • 1842-1846
Fonds consists of student tickets and certificates from the University of Edinburgh. Several obituaries from different sources are located in the case file.

Parker, Daniel McNeil

Demonstration banners and flags

Series contains banners and flags produced by members of the Gay and Lesbian Association for use in Pride marches, GALA meetings, and other political demonstrations in Nova Scotia.

Gay and Lesbian Association of Nova Scotia

Don Murchy collection

  • MS-15-10
  • Collection
  • 1990-2014
Collection is comprised of materials collected by Don Murchy as part of his involvement with the TightRope Leather Brotherhood, a men's leather and denim club that operated in Nova Scotia from the early 1990s to 2007. Materials document TightRope operations, as well as the involvement of TightRope members in Mr. Atlantic Canada [M.A.C.] Leather contests and Halifax Fetish Ball events. Materials in this collection include administrative records, by-laws and guiding documents, membership lists, posters and other promotional materials, and photographs.

Murchy, Don

Donald Alexander Campbell fonds

  • MS-13-6
  • Fonds
  • 1870-1955
Fonds consists of registration cards and student tickets from Dalhousie Medical School, published articles about Dr. Campbell (including obituaries), papers regarding his medical practice, correspondence, medical notes with sketches, personal notes and patient records.

Campbell, Donald Alexander

Dr. N. Pratt's name plate

File contains a glass and metal name plaque with Dr. Nelson Pratt's name written in silver on a black background.

Evans Estabrooks fonds

  • MS-14-49
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1962, 1999-2012
Fonds consists of photographs, campus publications, newspaper clippings, patches and a class ring collected by Evans Estabrooks’ while attending the Nova Scotia Agricultural College from 1960-1962. Also contains correspondence and photographs, and a copy of the publication “Memories : then and now : autobiographies of the class of 1962 : a look at the past 42 years : Nova Scotia Agricultural College” created by Alumni Relations for the 40th and 50th year class reunions.

Etsabrooks, Evans

Farnworth and Jardine's Wood Circular

  • MS-4-19, SF Box 21, Folder 21
  • Item
  • May 30, 1872
Item is a wood circular from Liverpool, Nova Scotia, dated May 30, 1872. The circular reports on recent timber imports and sales and includes wholesale prices for American and Baltic timber products as of May 30, 1872.

Farnworth and Jardine.

Gay and Lesbian Association [GALA] banner

  • MS-15-3.2019-065, OS Box 14, Folder 7
  • File
  • [between 1988-1994]
  • Part of Lynn Murphy fonds

File contains one banner produced by the Gay and Lesbian Association of Nova Scotia. Banner is made of a white bedsheet, and features the words "GALA N.S." painted in large black letters above the words "Gay and Lesbian Association" painted in purple, over a background of coloured paint splatters.

Gay and Lesbian Association of Nova Scotia

Gay and Lesbian Association [GALA] posters, banners and flags

Series includes posters, banners and flags created or collected by the Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA) for various events. Series is divided into two subseries; one subseries of posters and negatives of posters for events held at Rumours, a bar owned and operated by GALA; and one subseries of banners and flags used during Pride marches, demonstrations, and GALA meetings.

Gay and Lesbian Association [GALA] pride banner

  • MS-15-3.2019-062, OS Box 15, Folder 6
  • File
  • [between 1988 and 1994]
  • Part of Lynn Murphy fonds

File contains one white canvas banner with black text that read "Gay and Lesbian Association of Nova Scotia". Banner was produced by GALA for use in a Halifax Pride parade.

Gay and Lesbian Association of Nova Scotia

Halifax Pride 1988 pin

Item is one round, blue pin with a graphic of waves and a pink triangle that reads "HFX. PRIDE '88".

Halifax Pride 1988 pin

File contains one pin produced for Halifax Pride 1988. Pin is printed with a background of light blue sky and darker blue waves, with an inverted pink triangle dipping into the waves, and small purple text reading "HFX. PRIDE 88".
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