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Composite photograph of Faculty of Law - Graduates - 1975

File contains three copies of a composite photograph of the 1975 graduating class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of D. R. Hammond; D. M. Gillis; R. M. Endres; J. D. Webster; W. J. Honeywell; R. G. Flaloon; J. J. Crook; B. J. Blackmore; P. E. Belliveau; C. J. Keliher; D. J. Decoff; R. A. Mix; M. K. Power; M. S. Schelew; J. D. Coulter; P. D. Wedlake; B. M. Graham; D. C. Fraser; R. H. Haynes; K. D. Crawford; M. B. Burke; C. M. Harding; W. R. Seller; J. M. O'Connor; A. M. Malick; H. G. Snow; T. J. Zed; L. S. Pascoe; S. Beshunsky-Smith; J. A. Gumpert; D. J. Black; C. P. Shannon; R. G. Fitzsimmons; R. J. Smith; G. D. Paterson; K. J. MacDonald; J. H. Higginbotham; C. R. Coughlan; A. G. Vickery; J. L. Scott; M. E. Donovan; W. J. Sanford; D. J. Smith; J. W. G. MacDonald; B. J. Fejtek; L. J. Wintermans; V. F. Lambie; R. A. Morrow; M. A. Argand; A. J. Irie; S. G. Zatsman; M. P. Gardner; J. H. Lisson; J. D. Gillis; A. W. Kennedy; F. T. M. Pujolas; J. W. Finn; G. J. Boyd; P. A. Coolen; J. D. Connor; R. J. Fahey; B. G. Hilchey; G. L. Gaudet; M. E. Theriault; H. A. Kaiser; J. L. Nugent; M. P. Greene; N. H. Clair; S. T. Forgeron; D. W. Wilson; R. K. Morris; J. A. Leadbeater; E. J. Langsdon; K. E. Laws; A. S. Beveridge; P. J. Pearlman; M. H. Robertson; D. R. Feindel; B. P. O'Leary; H. J. Shore; G. C. Johnson; P. Kingston; L. A. Steinberg; R. E. Bamford; D. A. Copp; V. Shapiro; A. C. Reid; E. C. Callanan; J. E. Fichaud; S. D. Clarke; H. E. McFetridge; H. J. Buckingham; H. J. Wilton-Siegal; D. B. Newton; A. L. Filion; L. E. Barnhill; D. R. Fiske; J. J. Abbass; A. G. Maitland; C. A. McCulloch; J. M. Dauvergne; T. T. Daley; A. W. D. Pickup; G. P. Rafuse; L. E. Hunt; W. R. Hicks; J. R. Bigelow; J. A. Carr; M. F. Tyson; D. V. Wade; D. L. Oler; C. D. Lienaux; A. L. Graham; W. D. Barrett; B. L. Grandy; T. W. Nevins; A. P. Boudreau; G. S. Hilderbrand; W. R. Pieschel; N. M. Cameron; L. R. Jessome; J. M. Raymond; R. C. Cohen; B. A. Langille; D. F. Risley; J. F. L. Davies; J. G. MacDougall; M. M. Royer; M. A. Dunn; R. C. MacLeod; H. A. R. Simpmson; E. T. Dunsworth; M. G. McGillivray; W. W. Spicer; J. R. Fisher; L. W. Mitchell; J. C. K. Stobie; W. D. Gillis; and H. R. Vickers arranged in eight rows.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law Graduating Class of 1952

File contains three copies of a composite photograph of the 1952 Dalhousie Faculty of Law graduating class. The photograph consists of portraits of D. H. Harrison; V. P. McCarthy; B. B. Lockwood; G. R. Robertson; A. G. Cooper; V. T. MacDonald; T. G. Feeney; A. A. Ritchie; L. A. Allen; C. W. Archibald; R. A. Smith; W. J. Main; D. A. Soberman; J. P. Higgins; H. G. Batt; H. E. Read; A. E. Kerr; T. R. Saunders; F. Neil MacLeod; M. E. Nicholson; R. T. Webster; G. F. Illsley; T. K. Kennedy; G. H. Read (Dean); S. H. Inder; G. T. Jordan; W. B. Lederman; C. H. Coffin; J. H. MacQuarrie; J. Mcl. Kendry; A. S. Smith; J. A. Konway; F. F. Gallant; J. R. Slaven; M. W. O'Connor; G. W. Davis; A. Harris; W. A. LeBlanc; D. E. Nicholson; J. L. Ilsley; G. H. Fitzgerald; J. S. Palmer; T. V. Wiggins; G. R. Williams; V. L. Baird; A. M. Porter; L. T. Jones; W. G. Adams; D. A. Kerr; H. B. Wolfe; R. W. MacQuarrie; G. A. Theriault; G. F. Coles; G. H. Read; B. Graham Murray; F. H. M. Jones; W. R. Kennedy; W. S. O'Hara; R. J. Chisholm; P. C. Hebb; W. A. Tomblin; D. B. Good; C. R. Sigut; G. A. Rogers; G. A. Regan; P. R. Woolaver; C. H. Young; A. D. Pharand; E. B. Kinsman; R. D. Keeting; J. R. Martin; S. K. Melski; C. W. MacIntosh; N. N. Lindsay; and F. D. Smith arranged around a photograph of a building.

Letters and poems of Molly Beresford sent to Andrew Merkel

File contains 71 handwritten letters sent from poet Molly Beresford to Andrew Merkel between 1922 and 1936; three postcards; one Christmas card; and four poems, including "The Philosophy of a Would-Be Poet," "Moon Shadows," "To a Fair Lady on returning to her a Pair of Rubber Shoes."

Letter from George W. Robinson to Archibald McKellar MacMechan Re: MacMechan's Letter of Support for Dr. Daniel Cobb Harvey

Item is one sheet of paper. The letter is from George W. Robinson (representing the Committee on Fellowships, and Dean Haskins of Harvard University), who thanks Archibald McKellar MacMechan for his praise of Daniel Cobb Harvey. Robinson says his qualifications are great enough to bestow upon Harvey the Bayard Cutting Fellowship, even though Harvey hadn't completed a period of residence at Harvard.

Minute book of the Medical Relief Committee of Dartmouth

  • MS-13-49, SF Box 69, Folder 18
  • Item
  • 1918
Item is a minute book kept during the meetings of the Medical Relief Committee of Dartmouth. The committee met regularly in late 1917-1918 to discuss the care of Dartmouth patients following the 1917 Halifax Explosion. The book, which was kept by Dr. M.G. Burris, details meetings and efforts to coordinate with the relief activities with the Medical Relief Committee of Halifax. Burris added two pages of notes in June 1944 with information about committee members, the Dartmouth hospitals managed by the committee, and remunerations paid to physicians by the Medical Relief Committee.

Halifax Medical Commission Relief Committees

Letter of support for Dr. Daniel Cobb Harvey from Archibald McKellar MacMechan to Edwin Laftus

Item is three sheets of paper. The first sheet is folded to make two additional pages. The letter is Archibald MacMechan's recommendation to Edwin Laftus, that Daniel Harvey should receive the position of lecturer in History at Dalhousie University. A P.S. note by MacMechan also recommends an article that Harvey wrote for the Rhodes Foundation.

MacMechan, Archibald McKellar

LGBT community resources, correspondence, notes and press releases from organizations in support of protection for LGBT+ individuals

File contains a copy of resources for the LGBT+ community and recommended readings, notes and memos, and correspondence. File also contains materials from Atlantic Gay and Lesbians in Health Care and Social Services, including a statement of purpose, a press release regarding a conference, and newsletters.

Brochures, releases, newsletters, and articles regarding homophobia and lesbian conferences

File contains pamphlets regarding homophobia, lesbianism, and sexual orientation. File also contains pamphlets on the National Lesbian Forum, correspondence from Concordia University, materials from the Right to Privacy Committee, releases from EGALE Canada, and newsletters regarding women's rights and rights for LGBT+ individuals.

Photograph of Maritime Telephone & Telegraph signing draft collective agreement with the IBEW

Item is a photograph of executives from Maritime Telephone and Telegraph Company signing a collective agreement with executives of the IBEW. Photograph shows G.E. Parnell, union secretary ; G.K. Foster, general plant manager ; A.E. MacPherson, union president ; H.W. Dacey, general personnel manager ; D. Purcell, union business agent ; W.A. Logan, general manager.

Photograph of "Mashey"

The item consists of a photograph of a man identified as "Mashey" and was originally in a folder labeled "Friends of R. H. Graham".
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