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Correspondence with Claiborne Pell

File contains correspondence with Claiborne Pell, who was an American Senator from Rhode Island, and advocate for the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea. Includes Congressional Hearings and Congressional Records (newsletters), and a resolution (S. Res. 186) on sea-bed mining.

Correspondence with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission)

File contains correspondence, a conference meeting schedule, a seminar prospectus, final reports and an agenda from the Planning Group session for the seminar on "Oceans, Mankind and Ethics." The file also includes Pacem in Maribus invitations, and correspondence about the "Ocean Yearbook."

General correpsondence with United Nations officials and employees

File contains correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and J. Tetrault (Public Information - United Nations), P. Stone (UN Office at Geneva - with a clipping from "Development Forum"), S. Arungu Olende (Energy and Transport), V. Winspeare Guicciardi, S. A. Goldberg (Statistical Office), P.J. Loftus (Statistical Office), W. Nenman (External Relations), L. Schenk, B. Zuleta (Under-Secretary General), A. Pierce (UN Secretariat), M.L Pijit Kambhu (Energy Resources), I.Kihani (Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General), C.A. Stavropoulos, J. Rolz- Bennett, J. Sanford, A. Linsenmayer (UNA-USA), R. Muller, S. Makiedo, C.A. Clark, H. Buzeta, and J.E. Clark. Correspondence covers topics such as conference planning, subscriptions, information requests, and Pacem in Maribus.

Correspondence with H.S. Amerasinghe

FIle includes correspondence between Ambassador Hamilton S. Amerasinghe, permanent representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations and president of the Law of the Sea conference. Topics of discussion include Pacem in Maribus (PIM) conferences, the International Ocean Institute (and a meeting of its trustees), and Arvid Pardo and Mann Borgese's study on the New International Economic Order, as part of RIO (Reshaping the International Order). Also includes an address by Ambassador Amerasinghe given before the 1974 Caracas meeting of the conference, a brochure (from the Marga Institute), and an agenda for a conference on the New International Economic Order and the Law of the Sea.

Miscellaneous correspondence regarding various United Nations meetings, programmes, and events

File contains correspondence as well as a document entitled "Declaration of Legal Principles Governing the Reservation Exclusively for Peaceful Purposes of the Sea-bed and Ocean floor, and the Sub-soil thereof, underlying the High Seas beyond the Limits of Present National Jurisdiction, and the Uses of their Resources in the Interests of Mankind." Correspondence is to/from: J. Pronk (UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), [Kolodkin], [Vratusa], [Bromley] (UNIDO - United Nations International Development Organization), G. Hafner, and H.A.L. Francis (UN-ECLA - United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America).

Correspondence with the Government of Austria regarding the Law of the Sea

File contains correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and various government officials. A. Tarter, F. Hamburger, G. Weiss, E.M. Schmid, H. Wolfram and E. Lane, relating to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS) III and Pacem in Maribus (PIM) conferences. Also includes a draft of an Austrian statement, a handwritten speech by Elisabeth Mann Borgese on UNCLoS, and an announcement for a seminar on the impact of seabed mining on developing countries.

Correspondence with Mill Press Limited (Part 3 of 3)

File is regarding the publication "Chairworm and Supershark" by Elisabeth Mann Borgese and inlcudes correspondence with Vera Hyatt, Guiseppe Castoldi, Francesca Ferrari, Jane Oliver, Adalberto Vallega, Wendy Barish, Gina Shaw, Bernette Ford, Michael McGwire, Brigetta Weeks, Paola Mucci, Adalberto Vallega, Linda Cameron, Joseph and Judith Den-Dal, Tracy Fortini, and Baker and Taylor. Also includes a memorandum of agreement and a copy of a paper by Elisabeth Mann Borgese: "Common and Comprehensive Security in the World's Oceans," presenting at the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies' 1992 "Maritime Interests, Conflict, and the Law of the Sea" conference.

Correspondence with John Schaffner

File contains corresponence with Mann Borgese's literary agent. Correspondence with Edwin J. Borg Costanzi, Fritz Lanshoff, Thomas C. Wallace, and Holt Rinehart and Winston Inc. Also includes royalty statements, agreements and contracts.

Correspondence with Dodd, Mead and Company Inc.

File contains correspondence with Peter Tager, Bernard Norris, and Thomas Lipscomb. Also includes information regarding the publciation of the proceedings of the first "Pacem in Maribus" conference, and "The Tides of Change: Peace, Pollution, and Potential of the Oceans" edited by Elisabeth Mann Borgese and David Krieger, royalty statements, and a memorandum of agreement.

Correspondence with "Impact" magazine.

File contains correspondence with Carmel Psaila, and with Impact (Public Relations) Limited. Much of the correspondence relates to an overview of the International Ocean Institute (IOI) written by Mann Borgese, see MS-2-744, Box 42, Folder 27 for a copy of that article.

'H' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Patricia Halo (Cinema Arts Associates, Incorporated), Tom Haydn, Holt, Rinehart and Winston. The latter refers to the transfer of copyright for Mann Borgese's "The Language Barrier," back to her.

Correspondence with Clifton Fadiman

File contains correspondence with Fadiman. Much of it concerns Elisabeth Mann Borgese's "The Drama of the Oceans," on which Fadiman provided editorial comments. See also MS-2-744, Box 93, Folder 21 for an additional piece of correspondence between Mann Borgese and Fadiman.

Correspondence with the University of Southern California (Sea Grant Institutional Program)

File contains correspondence with Dorothy M. Bjur of the University of Southern California (Sea Grant Institutional Program). Correspondence concerns the Law of the Sea Lecture series hosted there between 1975-1976, where Elisabeth Mann Borgese was a presenter at the conference ("World Perceptions of Ocean Space: A Critical Issue"). Also includes a brochure advertising the event.

'M' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Pus McCloy, Michael Dempsey (Managing Editor, MacGibbon and Kee Ltd.), Larry Eugene McGinesey (on "The Drama of the Oceans)", and George MacLeod. Also inlcudes a newspaper clipping ("Global Body Urged for Sea Control").

'V' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Jon Von Dyke, Zoran Vidaković, and J.H. Vandermeulin (of the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada). Topics of discussion include a Third World training program, a publication of a book on the work of Jovan Djordjević, for which Elisabeth Mann Borgese contributed an essay, and a conference at the East-West Center. Also contains a list of contacts beginning with "V." See also MS-2-744, Box 285, Folder 10 for additional correspondence with Jon Van Dyke.

Correspondence with Ton Waarts

File contains correspondence with W.K. Hoekzema (Internationale Spectator), and a copy, sent to Ton Waarts, of "III UNCLoS 4: Revisions and Provisions" by Elisabeth Mann Borgese.

Correspondence with Harry N. Abrams Incorporated

File contains correspondence with Roger Hanlon, New Scientist Publications, the Natural Maritime Museum, Charles Nicklin, Alessandro Olschki, Berlyn Nishimura, Oxford University Press, National Oceanographic Data Service, Walter Thomaszewski, Mason and Lipscombs, Alvin Smith, Marjan Richter, Oceans, Jean Muller, Reginald Gay, John Craven, Global Marine Co., Mildred Bellony, J. Mos, Osvaldo Bohm, N.B. Marshall, Jack Drafhl, Donna Schwartz, Medard Gabel, Douglas Faulkner, Clifton Fadiman, Mary Firestone, Howard Goodkind, Jerry Greenberg, H.K. Seawood, National Science Foundation, T.F. Gaskell, C.D. Hollister, Yoshio Hijana, Shegiki Hijino, Mary Harvey, Arthur Haulot, Roger Hanlon, Ino, Catherine Judge, Akira Tazaki, Lars-ake Kvarning, A.M. Kennedy, Edwin Link, Max Kehden, and Bo Kales Westminster Dredging Group. Also includes a Dutch translation of the introduction to "The Drama of the Oceans" by Jan Tinbergen.

Correspondence with George Kent

File contains correspondence regarding the Truman proclamation on the contiental shelf (includes copies of "Press Release Relative to the Natural Resources of the Continental Shelf" from the White House and "Reserving and Placing Certain Resources of the Continental Shelf Under the Control and Jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior" by Harry S. Truman). Other topics of discussion include the New International Economic Order. See also MS-2-744, Box 83, Folder 17 for more correspondence with Kent.

Correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Robert "Bob" Sollen

File contains correspondence with Robert ("Bob") Sollen of the Santa Barbara News Press. Includes an advertisment Elisabeth Mann Borgese wished to palce in the paper regarding a lost stamp collection, Mann Borgese's "The Drama of the Oceans" (including a list of technical errors). The file also includes a newspaper clipping by Sollen ("The UN Today: A Newsman Visits--and Listens...").

Correspondence with William Morris

File contains correspondence with William Morris regarding a potential filming of Mann Borgese's "Ascent of Woman." Also includes a discussion of Elisabeth Mann Borgese's typing dogs. The file also contains correspondence with Edwin Seaver.

Correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and James Grant

File contains a piece of correspondence with James Grant, who was the president of the Overseas Development Council (ODC). Contains a discussion of International Ocean Institute (IOI) projects (e.g., “Ocean Yearbook,” “Project on Marine Resources, Ocean Management, and International Development Strategy for the 80s and Beyond,” “Pacem in Maribus (PIM) IX,” and others).

Correspondence with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

File contains documents relating to a 1982 workshop jointly held by Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Educational Organization (UNESCO), and the United Nations University (UNU). Documents include a list of participants, drafts of addresses and speeches, and correspondence.

Correspondence with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) officials

File contains correspondence with various United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) officials (some of which concerns various International Ocean Institute (IOI) projects, such as the “Ocean Yearbook”), a copy of a UNDP report, "Country and Intercountry Programming and Projects - The Global and Interregional Programme" and a funding proposal from the IOI to UNDP (“Pilot Project on Multiple Uses of Mediterranean Sea”).

Correspondence with Luis Echeverria

File includes correspondence with Luis Luis Echeverría, President of Mexico between 1970-1976, and then Ambassador of Mexico to UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization). Topics of discussion include Pacem in Maribus (PIM) VIII, and a seminar on the new international economic order and the law of the sea. File also includes an address by Preident Echeverría at a session of the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS III) held in Caracas, Venezuela.

Correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and the International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD)

File contains correspondence with Brian Flemming, the first chair of the International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD), includes a letter from Elisabeth Mann Borgese, updating her Curriculum Vitae (CV) for 1983, a report she authored (“Proposal on Training for ICOD”), concerning potential areas of co-operation between the ICOD and the International Ocean Institute (IOI), with correspondence regarding this proposal. For more documents on the ICOD, please see the “International Centre for Ocean Development” series in the Elisabeth Mann Borgese fonds.

'K' miscellaneous correspondence

File includes correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and the following individuals: D.C. Krause (UNESCO), A.G. Koroma (Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the UN), A.N. Kholodilin (UNESCO), the International Institute for Integrative Technology (IIT), and V. Kopal (Academy of Science, Prague).

'V' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence to/from: Jon van Dyke, Žiga Vodušek, Daniel Vignes, Michel Vigneaux (concerns a thesis Elisabeth Mann Borgese was writing), Julio del val Caturla, [von Salis], Richard C. Vetter, Mr. Verploegh (World Meteorological Organization),, Bart van Steenbergen, Gustavo J. Vollmer, and C.M. Vadrot. Some correspondence touches on the “Ocean Yearbook” and the Training Programme.
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