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Doyle, Robert North America File
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Louisbourg costuming program information and other documents

File contains documents related to the Louisbourg costuming program, such as instructions on how to make stockings and other items, a notepad with handwritten notes, progress reports, correspondence, invoices, and telegrams. The file also includes notes for readers from the Victoria and Albert Museum Library, coorespondence from the Nova Scotia Department of Culture Recreation & Fitness about summer programs that Doyle led, information about Nova Scotia Textiles Limited, and Nova Scotia Textiles lecture notes and slide cues.

Costume Society Symposium information and other documents

File contains documents about the 4th Annual Costume Society Symposium at Bath, other documents related to the Costume Society, a project proposal for the Dalhousie Craft Fashion Project, information about a Dalhousie Theatre Department fashion show, criteria for promotion from the University of Regina Theatre Department, information about an exhibit called "Women of Invention" at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature including two slides, photographs and sketches of the Salvation Army building on Cunard Street, a letter about a development on Hollis Street, a price list from Weaver's Loft, a list of contact information for various services, documents about the Louisbourg Calendar Project,

Educational tour information and other documents

File contains a program and other promotional material from Andre's Dreamworld and Ploom's Adventures, performed at Lunenburg Theatre; a supervisor's bulletin for line & staff; a brochure for a series of books called "History of Costume"; a brochure for a series of books called "Architecture, Interiors & Furniture"; promotional material and an application for EF Educational Tours; and a world map.

Information about the deferral of Doyle's appointment to full professorship and other documents

File contains information about the construction of items for Parks Canada, a paper called "Scenography" by Peter Perina, a short story called "The Annotated Women" by Robert Doyle, "The History of Competitive Sports and the Modern Olympics" by Robert Doyle, rejection letters from various Canadian and America book publishers, and correspondence about the deferral of Doyle's appointment to full professorship. The file also contains documents about Sheila Stivens and her position as Craft Officer with the Nova Scotia Department of Recreation, including letters to Sheila Stiven from various people, correspondence from Robert Doyle about her position, and her curriculum vitae.

Course related material

File contains correspondence, course descriptions, schedules, exams, supply lists, class handouts, and other documents related to costume studies courses.

Toronto Ontario Designers booklets and other documents

File contains a folder of information about the Festival of Canadian Fashion; "The Arts: A Catalog of Selected Doctoral Dissertation Research"; two copies of "The Toronto Fashion File" prepared by Patrick Anthony Consultants; "Toronto... The City With Style" prepared by Patrick Anthony Consultants for Toronto Ontario Designers; a booklet from Toronto Ontario Designers with information about fashion designers from Toronto; a pamphlet called "What Does I. T. I. Do?"; and a pamphlet for "Hallelujah Hollywood."

Submission to the Writers Federation 15th Annual Atlantic Writing Competition and other documents

File contains a program and review from a production of "Ruddigore" by the Savoy Society of McGill; an open letter about the proposed phase out of music and theatre at Dalhousie University; documents and a program from the Paris American Academy; a photograph of Pierre Trudeau watching a woman weaving at the Fortress Louisbourg; correspondence and a job posting from the University at Buffalo Department of Theatre and Dance; Robert Doyle's curriculum vitae from 1985; submissions to the Writers Federation 15th Annual Atlantic Writing Competition; "Tan, the Tartan Teddy" by Robert Doyle; and "Teddy MacBear" by Doyle Robertson (Robert Doyle's pen name). The file also contains a plastic folder that holds two Sackville crest patches; designs for military logos; and a program for Musikkorps der Fallschirmjager.

Student correspondence and other documents

File contains correspondence about the Dr. Basil Cooke Award, a lecture schedule, correspondence from students, a list of student addresses, a memorandum about the faculty academic priorities ranking process, departmental meeting agenda and minutes, student assessment of instruction forms, unit reviews and unit review responses. The file includes reference letters for Mark De Coste; Freda Larade; Gail Worobey; Beata Slesinski; and Amanda Stapells. The file also contains letters from Avery Anderson; Monique B. Moffatt; Vivien Lau; James A. W.; Alison West; Tanya Shaw; and Patsy, which are mostly letters accepting invitations to return to the program.

Citizen Ambassador Program information and other documents

File contains posters for the "1864" Historical Costume Showcase, a letter about the 1864 Costume Workshop, a schedule for Charlottetown Heritage and History Day, a paper called "Re-creating our Heritage: A paper, presented to the Charlottetown Confederation Players on the merits of recreating an image of the island historical heritage," other correspondence with the Charlottetown Confederation Players and the Historical Costume Initiative, correspondence with the Capital Commission, several fabric samples, and photocopies of a notebook with notes about the construction of various objects (possibly set pieces). The file also contains documents related to Doyle's participation in the Citizen Ambassador Program Theatre Education Delegation to the People's Republic of China, including an application for life and disability insurance and information about a short term travel grant from the Canada Council.

Newspaper clipping of Dalhousie University Costume Studies project, "The Wedding of the Century."

File contains the Nova Scotian section from the April 12, 1996 issue of the Chronicle Herald. The front page of the section features an article about a Dalhousie University Costume Studies project. The project was a re-enactment of a wedding that took place on December 29, 1764 between Joseph Goreham and Ann Spry. The article is divided between two pages of the newspaper section and features three black and white photographs of the event.

Fraser, Amy Pugsley

Review of Dalhousie's production of "Love's Labour Lost".

File contains the Mail Star's review of the Dalhousie production of "Love's Labour Lost." The review was written by Elissa Barnard. The article is torn from the newspaper and features a black and white photograph of Andre Davey ad King Navarre and Ben Stone as Berowne. The article mentions Robert Doyle's costume design.

Barnard, Elissa

Dance Publicity Photo

File contains a publicity photograph of Robert Doyle and a female dancer (name not legible). The photograph was taken by Nelson Renaud. It shows the two dancers posing together in black outfits.

Newspaper article on Daffodil Ball

File contains an article about the Daffodil Ball, a spring gala fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society's 50th anniversary of operating in Nova Scotia. The article describes the importance of the ball for the Canadian Cancer Society. The article has been cut out of a newspaper and was written by Shirley Ellis for a column called "Round & About." The article mentions that Robert Doyle created the setting for the event.

Ellis, Shirley

Toronto Star's review of Electra

File contains a photocopy of Toronto Star's review of Electra, with section on Boyle's designs highlighted. The review is written by Harvey Chusid. The article includes a photograph of Monique Mercure as Electra.

Chusid, Harvey