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Dalhousie University Archives Doyle, Robert File
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Correspondence with Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited and others

File contains correspondence between Robert Doyle and the Banff Centre; Christopher Bank & Associates, Inc.; Samuel E. Barison; Barnes & Noble Bookstores Inc.; Bath Corporation, Personnel Officer; Bernard; Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec; Bradford Industrial Museum; Brookes Diamond Productions; Butterick Canada Limited; Callaghan & Authors Productions Limited; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Canadian Converters Co., Limited; Canadian Embassy, Paris; Canadian General Tower Ltd.; Canadian Opera Co.; Canadian Theatre Review Publications; Charlottetown Festival; CIBA Dyes; CIBA Review Limited; Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited; Clydesdale Bank PLC; Commonwealth Institute; Confederation Centre of the Arts; Coppendale; Core Design Group; Costume Society; Costume Society of Nova Scotia; Court House Theatre Company; Martha Creighton; and Clary Croft.

Teaching dossiers and other documents

File contains a pamphlet called "A Personal Risk Assessment for Craftsmen and Artists," several pamphlets about teaching practices, an issue of "Focus on University Teaching and Learning," documents from the Recording Teaching Accomplishment Institute, a document called "Ethical Principles in University Teaching," collected memorandums from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences from 1995, and various other documents collected by Robert Doyle at Dalhousie University. The file also contains the teaching dossiers of Mark D. Ludman, Kathleen Marie Landymore, and Satoko Suzuki, which were used as examples by the Recording Teaching Accomplishment Institute.

Sabbatical leave planning documents

File contains documents that were used by Robert Doyle when planning a sabbatical in Europe. Documents include correspondence, pamphlets, financial information, and other information about sabbaticals and Europe.

Dalhousie Faculty Association documents and other items

File contains various documents related to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Dalhousie Faculty Assocaiton. The file contains a spiral bound book called "A Collective Agreement between the Board of Governors of Dalhousie College and University and the Dalhousie Faculty Association. The file also contains several memorandums to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Lastly, the file contains Robert Doyle's membership card to the Dalhousie Faculty Club.

Costume studies course materials and other documents

File contains material from costume studies courses taught by Robert Doyle between 1990 and 1992. The documents include examinations, class lists, grades, student assessments, written assignments completed by students, class handouts, and personal notes. The file also contains a report of the review committee for the Costume Studies program and a program for "The Hand of Creation," a show of costumes put on by costume studies students on April 10th, 1991.

Louisbourg costuming program information and other documents

File contains documents related to the Louisbourg costuming program, such as instructions on how to make stockings and other items, a notepad with handwritten notes, progress reports, correspondence, invoices, and telegrams. The file also includes notes for readers from the Victoria and Albert Museum Library, coorespondence from the Nova Scotia Department of Culture Recreation & Fitness about summer programs that Doyle led, information about Nova Scotia Textiles Limited, and Nova Scotia Textiles lecture notes and slide cues.

Dance Publicity Photo

File contains a publicity photograph of Robert Doyle and a female dancer (name not legible). The photograph was taken by Nelson Renaud. It shows the two dancers posing together in black outfits.

Correspondence with Charles Armour and others

File contains correspondence between Robert Doyle and Adirondack-Hudson Arms Co., Advance Process Supply Co., Aiko’s Art Materials Import, Anansi Press, Another Theatre Company, Patrick Anthony Consultants, Charles Armour, Army Museum Halifax Citadel, and Associated Designers of Canada.

Correspondence with Dalhousie University and others

File contains correspondence between Robert Doyle and Dalhousie Alumni; Dalhousie University; Dalhousie University Bookstore; Dartmouth Heritage Museum; Dazien’s Inc.; Mrs. Deneuse; Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development; Distribulite Ltd.; Dixon, Moore & Associates Ltd.; Donita Enterprises; Mitch Douglas; K. R. Drummond, Bookseller; Encyclopedia Britannica; Federation of Canada-China Friendship Association; Fine Food Investments Ltd.; Foreningen Hemslojden; Fry Investment Management Ltd.; Hans Gerriets; Bill Gilmour; Guild of the St. Lawrence Centre; Haber Artists; Halifax Ballet Theatre; Halifax Grammar School; Halifax Herald Ltd.; Kelly Handerek; Harlequin Books Inc.; Arthur L. Harrigan; Julia Harrison; Hatchards Booksellers, Ltd.; Bernard Havard; Heather; H. L. Henry; Henson Associates, Inc.; Holland College; Imperial Oil Limited; Isora Integrated Ceilings Ltd.; Janus Museum Consultants Ltd.; John; Keith; Kitz, Matheson, Green & MacIsaac; Lamplough Cutlery Ltd.; Laval University; Flo Lawrence; Leicestershire Museum; Levy’s Leather; Loren W. Lillis; London Little Theatre; Longman’s Canada Ltd.; J. H. Longmire & Sons; L’Oreal; David Loynd; A. Ludwig & Sons, Ltd.; and Alan Lund.

Information about retirement and other documents

File contains various documents related to Robert Doyle's activities at Dalhousie University. The documents include information about retirement benefits, correspondence about the Blackmore Award, a character sketch assignment description, reviews of the Costume Studies program, and unit reviews. Correspondence include letters and memorandums to and from Robert Doyle, Peter Perina, Lynn Sorge, Amy Sampson, Ray D. Byham (Assistant Dean, Student Matters), John T. O'Brien, and Tanis Delaney.
The file contains several student letters of endorsement for the Costume Studies program. The file also contains a photocopied map of the Halifax Metro Centre.

Dalhousie Faculty Association agendas and other documents

File contains various documents related to Robert Doyle's activities at Dalhousie University between 1990 and 1993. Documents include Dalhousie Faculty Association agendas, Workload Task Force documents, a booklet called "The Citadel: into the 21st Century," an issue of "Focus on University Teaching and Learning," and many personal notes written on lined paper. The file also contains a spiral bound notebook used for French exercises, which is most blank.

Newspaper clipping of Dalhousie University Costume Studies project, "The Wedding of the Century."

File contains the Nova Scotian section from the April 12, 1996 issue of the Chronicle Herald. The front page of the section features an article about a Dalhousie University Costume Studies project. The project was a re-enactment of a wedding that took place on December 29, 1764 between Joseph Goreham and Ann Spry. The article is divided between two pages of the newspaper section and features three black and white photographs of the event.

Fraser, Amy Pugsley

Costume studies course materials

File contains documents from costume design courses taught by Robert Doyle between 1995 and 1997. The documents include completed assignments written by students, class schedules, photocopied handouts about ancient costumes, and course outlines. The course represented by these documents include History of Costume, The Aesthetics of Ritual Costume, Tailoring, Textile Fabrications, and The Designer's Language, and others.

Costume studies course materials and other documents.

File contains a variety of documents related to Robert Doyle's activities at Dalhousie University and the course that he taught in the 1996-1997 academic year. The documents include: class lists; student grades; examination books; course outlines; photocopies of articles; Dalhousie Faculty Association documents; departmental meeting agendas; production notes; several letters to students about whether they were returning to the program; two unopened pay stubs; photographs of a ball gown; a pamphlet about the Costume Studies program; an issue of "Explorer: Research News at Dalhousie"; and an issue of "Focus: on University Teaching and Learning." The courses represented by these documents include History of Costume, The Designer's Language, Tailoring, and Textile Fabrication.

Citizen Ambassador Program information and other documents

File contains posters for the "1864" Historical Costume Showcase, a letter about the 1864 Costume Workshop, a schedule for Charlottetown Heritage and History Day, a paper called "Re-creating our Heritage: A paper, presented to the Charlottetown Confederation Players on the merits of recreating an image of the island historical heritage," other correspondence with the Charlottetown Confederation Players and the Historical Costume Initiative, correspondence with the Capital Commission, several fabric samples, and photocopies of a notebook with notes about the construction of various objects (possibly set pieces). The file also contains documents related to Doyle's participation in the Citizen Ambassador Program Theatre Education Delegation to the People's Republic of China, including an application for life and disability insurance and information about a short term travel grant from the Canada Council.

Costume Society Symposium information and other documents

File contains documents about the 4th Annual Costume Society Symposium at Bath, other documents related to the Costume Society, a project proposal for the Dalhousie Craft Fashion Project, information about a Dalhousie Theatre Department fashion show, criteria for promotion from the University of Regina Theatre Department, information about an exhibit called "Women of Invention" at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature including two slides, photographs and sketches of the Salvation Army building on Cunard Street, a letter about a development on Hollis Street, a price list from Weaver's Loft, a list of contact information for various services, documents about the Louisbourg Calendar Project,

Correspondence with University of Saskatchewan Regina Campus and others

File contains correspondence between Robert Doyle and Targe Productions; Textile Trade Association; Theatre Ontario; Theatre Plus; Tiranti, Alec Ltd.; Tobin Lake Studios; Toronto Arts Foundation; Town of Amherst Centennial Committee; United Paper Mills Ltd.; University of Alberta; University of British Columbia; University of Iowa; University of Montreal; University of Regina Theatre Department; University of Saskatchewan Regina Campus; University of Toronto; University of Victoria; University of Waterloo; Weaver’s Loft Ltd.; Whitman Publishing, Golden Press of Canada Ltd.; Williams, David; Wimbledon School of Art; Xerox Canada; and York University.

Dalhousie correspondence and appointment letters

File contains appointment letters, contracts, and other correspondence related to Robert Doyle's activities at Dalhousie University. The file contains correspondence between Robert Doyle and Bonnie Best-Fleming (Reserve Assistant, Dalhousie University Library); Donald D. Betts (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science); Dr. Howard Clark (President); Basil Cohen; Brian C. Crocker (University Secretary and Legal Counsel); Leland Crowell (Co-ordinator, Employee Benefits); Henry Hicks (President); James Grey (Dean); D. Johnson (Officer); L. H. Lawrence (Chair, Department of Theatre); W. Andrew MacKay (President); Oriel C. L. MacLennan (Information Services, Dalhousie University Library); Susie Manthey; Dr. Overton; Peter Perina; Richard Roy (Director, Paris American Academy); Cindy Russel; Alasdair M. Sinclair (Vice President, Academic & Research); Rowland Smith (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences); Lynn Sorge; Graham D. Taylor (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences); and Patrick Vallee.

Student Complaints vs. Professor Doyle : the “Doyle Case”

File contains documents related to grievances by students in the Department of Theatre against Robert Doyle, referred to as "the Doyle Case." The documents include letters, memorandums, reports, and other documents about the situation as well as the complaint statements submitted by students.

Concurrent set and costume design project

File contains six collages of photographs which were used as research for set designs and costumes. The collages were part of Robert Doyle's teaching portfolio. The photographs are mounted on matboards and show various unidentified people and locations.

Student correspondence and other documents

File contains correspondence about the Dr. Basil Cooke Award, a lecture schedule, correspondence from students, a list of student addresses, a memorandum about the faculty academic priorities ranking process, departmental meeting agenda and minutes, student assessment of instruction forms, unit reviews and unit review responses. The file includes reference letters for Mark De Coste; Freda Larade; Gail Worobey; Beata Slesinski; and Amanda Stapells. The file also contains letters from Avery Anderson; Monique B. Moffatt; Vivien Lau; James A. W.; Alison West; Tanya Shaw; and Patsy, which are mostly letters accepting invitations to return to the program.

Invoices, contracts and other documents

File contains some of Robert Doyle's financial documents. The documents include invoices from Robert Doyle Designs, invoices from Golder Silk-Screening, limited indenture papers between Weaver's Loft Limited and Industrial Development Bank, limited loan documents between Weaver's Loft Limited and Industrial Development Bank, mortgage documents from the Toronto-Dominion Bank, payment and expense documents from the Nova Scotia Tattoo and Targe Productions Ltd., correspondence with J. H. Longmire and Sons Real Estate and Insurance Brokers, documents from the Nova Scotia Trust Company, and receipts from the Royal Bank of Canada.
The file includes contracts from Neptune Theatre, the Nova Scotia Tattoo, Theatre Plus, Upper Clements Family Theme Park, Meet the Navy, Saint John Tattoo, and Manitoba Theatre Centre. The file also includes a designing artists agreement from the Associated Designers of Canada.

Weaver's Loft documents and other legal documents

File contains some of Robert Doyle's legal documents. The documents include a designing artists contracts from the Associated Designers of Canada, contracts from Stephenville Festival of the Arts, a lease from Regina from 1971, a lease from Granville Ferry from 1972, mortgage documents from Marian Pryor House Heritage Limited, a waiver between Doyle and a model named Joanna Haney, the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Weaver's Loft Limited, Weaver's Loft meeting minutes and other documents, Weaver's Loft share certificates and lists of shareholders, and certificates of incorporation and registration for Weaver's Loft Limited.

Toronto Star's review of Electra

File contains a photocopy of Toronto Star's review of Electra, with section on Boyle's designs highlighted. The review is written by Harvey Chusid. The article includes a photograph of Monique Mercure as Electra.

Chusid, Harvey

Review of Dalhousie's production of "Love's Labour Lost".

File contains the Mail Star's review of the Dalhousie production of "Love's Labour Lost." The review was written by Elissa Barnard. The article is torn from the newspaper and features a black and white photograph of Andre Davey ad King Navarre and Ben Stone as Berowne. The article mentions Robert Doyle's costume design.

Barnard, Elissa

Correspondence with Neptune Theatre and others

File contains correspondence between Robert Doyle and MacCulloch & Wallace Ltd.; Manitoba Theatre Centre; Martha Mann; Marigold Guild of Needle Arts; Maritime Marionettes; Maritime Museum of Upper Canada; Mark; Max; McAllister; Gordon McCall; McCord Museum; McGuire Communications Ltd.; Metro Area Committee on AIDS; Metropolitan Toronto Library Board; Mrs. D. Langley Moore; Morris Angels Costumes; Arthur Motyer; Mulgrave Road Co-op Theatre; Museum Directory Service; Charles J. Musson Ltd.; National Arts Centre; National Geographic Society; National Theatre School of Canada; Naz Dar Canada Ltd.; Neptune Theatre; New Brunswick Craft School; New Press; Newfoundland Archives; Peter M. Nicholson & Associates; and Northwood Care Inc.
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