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Dalhousie University Archives Elisabeth Mann Borgese fonds With digital objects
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Photograph of Klaus Pringsheim and others at a table

Item is a photograph with the inscription on reverse “Tokyo, [Weihnachten?] 1959 #2.” Names of individuals left to right are Monika Pringsheim, Klaus Pringsheim (junior), Hans Eriks wife Yuki Inagaki, Hans-Erik Pringsheim, Yurika Pringsheim and K...

Fables by Elisabeth Mann Borgese

File contains typed drafts of short stories by Elisabeth Mann Borgese. Includes "Birdpeople," "The Time Bomb," and "How Gottlieb Hauptman Abolished the Death Penalty: A Fable," with a German translation: "Die Par...

'K' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Armelli de Kerros, P. Korrinsp (?), Lee Kimball, Susan Kaeser, Don and Marion Kelley, Robert L. Kanter, and Lars-Ake Kvarning. Topics of discussion include "The Drama of the Oceans," and an upcoming book...

Appendix III : Soviet answer to the question : what must be done to ensure that the achievements of science are put to work in the economy without delay and on a broad scale?

File contains an appendix to an unknown document. The appendix is titled "Soviet answer to the question: What must be done to ensure that the achievements of science are put to work in the economy without delay and on a broad scale?"

Correspondence with Krishan Saigal

File contains correspondence to/from Saigal. Much of which discusses various International Ocean Institute (IOI) activities, including training programmes, courses, Pacem in Maribus (PIM) conventions, and funding.

'S' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Alan Swabey regarding a talk for the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, as well as correspondence with K.D. Suter, Kazuo Sumi, A.W. Smith, G.J. Smith, and C. Sanger.

'M' miscellaneous correspondence

Includes correspondence with Allswell Osini Muzan (Editor-in-Chief of the "Newsletter of International Law"), Jean, Lewis Mumford, Alec A. Mizzi (on publishing a paper in a Maltese University paper), Ruth Allan Miner, Eiaterina Micu, and...

'V' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence, some of which is regarding Pacem in Maribus (PIM) convocations, the Independent World Commission on the Oceans (IWCO), technological cooperation, the International Ocean Institute-Virtual University (IOI-VU), the Trai...

Correspondence with the Honourable Charles Caccia

FIle contains correspondence with Canadian Member of Parliament Charles Caccia. Correspondence concerns Bill C-27, the Law of the Sea, the United States-Canada fisheries dispute, the International Ocean Institute, and animal rights. Includes a com...

Thirty-seventh meeting of the governing board of the International Ocean Institute and ninth meeting of the planning council of the International Ocean Institute : [meeting documents]

File contains documents relating to these meetings. Includes budgetary information, correspondence, and background documents for the meeting. Includes the previous meetings of the Governing Board and the Executive Committee, a report from the Exec...

'V' - 'Z' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Wolfgang Graf Vitzthum; Petra Westhaus-Ekau (with a forwarded email from Gotthilf Hempel); Rüdiger Wolfrum (of the Max-Planck-Institut); and Juergen Zech. Topics of discussion include...

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