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Smith family fonds
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Series includes unsigned artwork that likely belongs to Olive or Clauda Smith. Included are pencil drawings of landscapes, houses, and people, as well as monotone water paint drawings of people and landscapes. Some include a note on where the subject of the artwork is located.

Diaries and personal writings

File contains four undated diaries; the writings appear to be short stories and personal reflections on various subjects including religion and daily life.

Education papers

Series contains notebooks, diplomas, and other materials created through the education of various members of the Smith family. It is sometimes unclear if the school notes in this series belong to Olive or Clauda. The notebooks from 1908 and 1909 certainly belong to Olive and date from the time she was enrolled at Dalhousie University. A number of loose school notes without date or subject also appear here. A convocation programme from Dalhousie (1911) included in this series lists Olive Winifred Smith as graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Family photographs

The family photographs are undated. Some include details handwritten on the back of the photographs, others simply have a list of first names identifying who is in the photo.

Family records

Some pages in this series were photocopied from the Smith family Bible and contain birth and death information. Also included are three radio operation licenses belonging to Louise and Clauda Smith.

Financial correspondence

The letters contained within this series are all from companies writing to the Smith sisters about various financial matters including the transference of stock and payment for shares.

Financial Papers of Clauda, Louise and Olive Smith

The financial papers in this series range in content from Municipal tax bills and receipts to income tax forms. Tax forms cover a span from 1918 to 1943. There are a number of cash-memo notebooks listing household expenses (amount paid for fish, bread, etc). Several finance notebooks listing money coming in and going out of various committees are also included.

Medical papers

Series consists of prescriptions, medical bills, prescription import notices (from medicines imported into Canada from Switzerland), as well as correspondence between Dr. Spengler in Switzerland to Clauda Smith in Halifax spanning 1934-36, 1939 and 1940. Also included in this series is one chest x-ray of Clauda Smith, taken in 1929. Clauda ultimately died of tuberculosis, and many of the papers refer to that particular ailment.
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