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Aerobics First

  • Corporate body
  • 1980-
Aerobics First is an independently owned run and ski store located on Quinpool Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The store has sold running and skiing equipment and organized running events since 1980.

Mulgrave Road Theatre (MRT)

  • Corporate body
  • 1978-

Registered in 1978 as Mulgrave Road Co-operative Theatre, the company's origins date back to 1976, with the creation of "The Mulgrave Road Show," co-written and performed by Robbie O’Neill, Michael Fahey, Gay Hauser and Wendell Smith. The play explored the issues faced by a community in decline. Mulgrave, located on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia across from Cape Breton Island, had experienced a sustained recession after the 1954 construction of the Canso Causeway.

Mulgrave Road Theatre has a mandate to develop, produce and promote a theatrical experience that resonates with Atlantic Canadians. The company has made a significant contribution to the growth of Canadian theatre and the development of Atlantic Canadian artists, having produced dozens of original scripts, many of which have been performed on stages across the country and beyond

MRT also plays a leading role in ground-breaking community development projects; using theatre as a medium to address critical social issues that affect the region. MRT is committed to equity and inclusion throughout its organization and demonstrates this in its programming, outreach, and people.

Mulgrave productions are developed through commissions, playwrights-in-residence, on-site and distance dramaturgy, and work-shopping. In the beginning, scripts were largely collective creations, such as "Business of Living," which was written by 18 Atlantic playwrights. Other notable productions included "I’m Assuming I’m Right" (Frank MacDonald), "From Fogarty’s Cove" (Ric Knowles), "Battle Fatigue" (Jenny Munday), "Marion Bridge" (Daniel MacIvor), and "Caribou" (Michael Melski). Two or three productions are mounted each year. In addition to its touring company, Mulgrave offers a youth program called ROADies.

Mulgrave Road Theatre has a governing board made up of professionals and community members. It is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, the Nova Scotia Theatre Alliance, and Arts Cape Breton.

Nova Scotia Mass Choir

  • Corporate body
  • 1992-
The Nova Scotia Mass Choir is a two-time East Coast Music Award-winning multicultural gospel choir based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The choir performs locally, nationally and internationally, reaching audiences unfamiliar with the genre of black gospel music and drawing attention to some of the cultural contributions of African Nova Scotians. Their repertoire includes arrangements of traditional gospel and folk music as well as original compositions, and the choir has worked with a range of well-known composers and musical directors. As part of their outreach work, the choir performs several benefit concerts each year in support of charitable causes and racial harmony, including an annual tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

O'Brien, Joy

  • Person
Joy O'Brien is a resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She sang for many years with the Nova Scotia Mass Choir, a multicultural gospel choir that performed locally, nationally, and internationally. Joy accumulated a large collection of newspaper clippings, programs, photographs, sound recordings, and video recordings that documented the activities of the Choir, as well as those of individual choir members, guest performers and musicians.

Thomas M. Power, Drugs and Medicines

  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1873]-[19--]
Thomas M. Power's drug store was established circa 1873 on Argyle Street by Thomas M. Power (August 10, 1851-June 11, 1934). A new location was opened on December 1, 1897 at the corner of North Street and Lockman Street (present day Barrington Street) across from the Intercolonial Railway Station and close to the naval dockyard in Halifax, Nova Scotia.