Sunnybrae (N.S.)



45.402005, -62.503842 Map of Sunnybrae (N.S.)

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Sunnybrae (N.S.)

Sunnybrae (N.S.)

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Sunnybrae (N.S.)

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Sunnybrae (N.S.)

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Cameron, Dan - family

One man seated on a wicker chair with one young girl seated on its arm, one older girl standing, and one woman, holding a photographic booklet, seated on a carved chair; 3/4 pose


Copy photo of one older bearded man; bust. The arm of a second person standing beside him is partially visible at edge of plate


Copy photo of one older woman wearing a close-fitting hat from which ribbons fall over her shoulder, seated; 3/4 pose

Chisholm, Mrs. - children of

One girl standing in the centre behind one younger boy wearing nautical attire seated on the arm of a loveseat and one younger child wearing nautical attire seated on a cushion and one girl seated on a small chair, holding a photo album; full pose

Fraser, J. A., Mr. & Mrs.

One woman wearing glasses, a large ruffled collar, and long knotted scarf, seated on a wicker chair, and one man wearing an I. O. O. F. pin and holding a hat, seated on the arm of the chair; 3/4 pose

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