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Photograph of a group of women standing next to a building

Item is a photographic slide depicting a group of women and young children standing together next to a grey building in an unidentified location in northern Quebec. The women are wearing scarves over their heads in a variety of bright colours and ...

Proof sheet of photographs from Povungnituk

Item is a proof sheet containing 11 photographs taken in Povungnituk, Quebec. The photographs show Davidialuk feeding dogs; Daniel; Davidialuk's mother; Thomasee; a man cutting soapstone with a saw; a woman carving soapstone while carrying a ...

Proof sheet of photographs from Povungnituk and Fort Chimo

Item is a proof sheet with 8 photographs taken in Povungnituk and Fort Chimo, Quebec. The photographs show Alicee Qingalik; Canon James Clarke and Barry Roberts with a truck with Inuit children in the back; Alice building a house; and construction...

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