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Proof sheet of photographs from Povungnituk

Item is a proof sheet containing 11 photographs taken in Povungnituk, Quebec. The photographs show Davidialuk feeding dogs; Daniel; Davidialuk's mother; Thomasee; a man cutting soapstone with a saw; a woman carving soapstone while carrying a ...

Proof sheet of photographs from Povungnituk and Fort Chimo

Item is a proof sheet with 8 photographs taken in Povungnituk and Fort Chimo, Quebec. The photographs show Alicee Qingalik; Canon James Clarke and Barry Roberts with a truck with Inuit children in the back; Alice building a house; and construction...

Photographs from trip to eastern Arctic

File contains photographs taken by Rosemary Gilliat during a trip to the eastern Arctic with Barbara Hinds. The photographs were taken in Ungava Bay, Koksoak River, Ikaluk, Frobisher Bay, Port Burwell, and Cape Dorset. They include photographs of ...

Eaton, Rosemary C. (Gilliat)

Photograph of Gordon Braley in northern Quebec

Item is a photograph of a bush pilot named Gordon Braley who is wearing a dark-coloured jacket. The photograph was taken in northern Quebec, possibly in Wakeham Bay or Fort Chimo.

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