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Edward J. Mullaly Map Collection

  • MS-2-46
  • Collection
  • 1556-1998

Collection contains twelve historical maps of Eastern Canada, produced by cartographers such as Giovanni Battista Ramusio and Girolamo Ruscelli. Donation also includes a copy of Kershaw's "Early Printed Maps of Canada" and a "A...

Mullaly, Edward J.

Miller, Donald

Copy photo of one woman standing with hand on shoulder of one bearded man seated; 3/4 pose. As man's hand has been scratched out it appears that the copy was made to include only the woman. Address may read: Garden Lake

Receipts from Cook House

File contains receipts from the Bill Lynch Show for the Cook House for July - September, 1951. Locations include Digby, Nova Scotia, and Carboneau, Placentia, Gander, and Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Receipt book for country store

File contains a receipt book for the country store from June to September, 1951. Locations include Lawrencetown, Windsor, Grand Falls, and Corner Brook.

Diary from Ikkudliayuk

File contains a spiral-bound diary kept by Barbara Hinds between July 25 and July 31. The diaries record Hinds' activities during a visit to Ikkudliayuk Fjord.

Recording of an interview with Joan Stedman

File contains a reel-to-reel recording of Barbara Hinds' interview with Joan Stedman, Senior Nurse from the Surrey & Grenfell Mission Hospital in Nain, Labrador. Stedman talks about her work as the only nurse in Nain.

Recording of an interview with Father Pieters

File contains a reel-to-reel recording of Barbara Hinds' interview with Father Pieters, an Oblate missionary in Davis Inlet. Father Pieters talks about the population of Naskapi and others who live at Davis Inlet. He talks about babies, clan ...

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