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Administrative records of the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers' International Union, Local 9-825

  • MS-9-7
  • Accession
  • 1942-1975
Accession includes the minute book from the founding year of 1942 until 1955, collective agreements between the Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers' International Union and S. Cunard & Co. Ltd, E.S.F. Ltd, and Archibald Fuels Ltd. Also included in this fonds are photographs of picket lines, and floats, as well as local publications issued by the Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers' International Union Local 9-825 to all of its current members. The fonds also includes sample meeting posters for the union meetings, a membership request slip for Local 546, and a document from the Hon. Clarence Llyod Gosse to John Yates regarding his membership to the Provincial Apprenticeship Board.

Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union. Local 9-825.

Aerial photograph of the IWK and Dalhousie Carleton campus with Citadel Hill and city centre in the background.

File is an aerial photograph of Halifax's IWK, Dalhousie University Carleton campus. Inscription on verso estimates date based on post-construction of IWK but pre-construction of the Rehabilitation Centre on the corner of Summer and University. Also pre-construction of the Nova Scotia Public Archives.

Alan Creighton fonds

  • MS-2-701
  • Fonds
  • 1845-2001

Fonds includes Alan Creighton's diaries, which cover many of the years from 1920 to 2000. Writings from the period 1920 to 1954 (many undated) are mainly short stories and poems. These writings include handwritten and typed, complete and incomplete, and published and unpublished works. There is also some correspondence throughout as well as copies of his two books of poetry. The fonds includes writings with titles such as "About Poetry," "Poetry Courses," "Thoughts," "Music & Art," and "Bedford Basin." His notebooks include evidence of a variety of courses taken, including French and Greek, music, poetry, and art (both practice and history, including Chinese art). There is also a record of his art sales from 1964 to 1999. Personal and family documents are included in the fonds.

Alan Creighton's artwork is extensive and primarily in the form of sketches and watercolours, with a few oil paintings. Many of his sketches are in albums, many of which are used exclusively for one particular aspect of his studies. For example, album labels include "People," "Trees," "Skies," "Rock Formations," "Buildings," "Railway Sketches" (scenes from train journeys), and "Outdoors." Others identify a place and time and include such labels as "At the Zoo," "Nova Scotian Sketches 1951," "South Shore 1982," and "Toronto 1996." Still others contain a mixture of styles and themes. There are also numerous loose sketches and watercolours which have been loosely arranged into similar groupings such as "Clouds," "Boats," "Flowers," and so forth. Photograph albums include photos of family and of scenes taken by Alan as a reference for future paintings.

Included with Alan Creighton’s personal items are papers, writings, art, and memorabilia belonging to his friend and roommate Christine Eyles, who died without heirs. Some relate to her employment as a violinist in England and in Toronto, Ontario and some contain her poetry, plays, and artwork (in sketchbooks and on loose paper). Published and handwritten music scores, mostly for the violin, are also included. A photograph album contains many formal portraits of family and friends taken in England in the early 20th century. Records also include papers by and about her father, Charles Eyles, a famous violin-maker. Such materials include advertisements, brochures, and letters attesting to the high quality of his craftsmanship.

Creighton, Alan

Alexander E. Kerr fonds

  • MS-2-153
  • Fonds
  • 1851 - 1975
Fonds contains personal documents of Alexander E. Kerr, including sermons, notes, personal writings and essays, certificates and degrees, pamphlets, publications, newspaper clippings, two photographs, and minimal correspondence.

Kerr, Alexander Enoch

Alfred Dickie fonds

  • MS-4-64
  • Fonds
  • 1857-1937, predominate 1890-1927

This fonds consists of records which document the personal and business activities and interests of Alfred Dickie and, to a lesser extent, those of his immediate family and employees. Although the records span Dickie’s lifetime, few relate to his childhood, education, or final two years of life. Some items, in particular those concerning his export lumber business or his travels, derive from various places in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and South Africa, though by far the majority are found to be located within Nova Scotia.

The fonds includes correspondence, business and administrative records, speeches, photographs, legal documents, and plans, among other materials. Records are chiefly in English, although a very small portion are in French, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, and Italian.

Dickie, Alfred

Allan Currie Dunlop fonds

  • MS-2-784
  • Fonds
  • [196-?] - [197-?]
Fonds consists of Allan Currie Dunlop's records documenting his student years at Dalhousie University, including materials regarding the Dalhousie Alumni Association, Dalhousie Student Council, Dalhousie Student Union, Dalhousie University men's residence, and student political activities. Fonds contains correspondence, photographs, reports, programmes, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, student newspapers, Dalhousie University residences' administrative records.

Dunlop, Allan Currie

Anita Martinez fonds

  • MS-15-2
  • Fonds
  • 1987 - 1999
Fonds consists of photographs taken by Anita Martinez at pride events and women's events in Nova Scotia between 1987 - 1999. There are also clippings, event programs, brochures, posters and promotional materials related to various women's and pride events.

Martinez, Anita Louise

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra fonds

  • MS-5-11
  • Fonds
  • 1952-1987
Fonds consists of records pertaining to the administrative, operational, financial, and artistic activities of the ASO. Included are materials documenting the Board of Directors, box office operations (including ticket sales), financial affairs, fundraising, general administration, guest artists, orchestra members, public relations and publicity, and the union. Also included is the photograph series which presents a visual record of various aspects of the orchestra's activities, including performances and women's auxiliary events as well as publicity shots of musicians, conductors, staff, and guest artists.

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (Halifax, N.S.).

Budge Wilson fonds

  • MS-2-650
  • Fonds
  • 1948-2018
Fonds consists of manuscripts and proofs of Budge Wilson's books and short stories; correspondence with publishers, students, and teachers; publicity material; photocopies and clippings of reviews, profiles, and notices regarding awards and appearances; diaries; recorded radio interviews; and an assortment of other documents created and collected by the author throughout her writing career. The fonds also contains materials relating to the adaptation of Wilson's novel "Before Green Gables" into a Japanese animated television series.

Wilson, Budge (Marjorie)

Byron Ulric Hatfield Photograph Collection

  • MS-2-781
  • Collection
  • [before 1949]
Collection contains seventy-seven glass plate lantern slides created by Byron Ulric Hatfield in Nova Scotia during the early twentieth century. Hatfield took photographs of coastal landscapes, churches and other buildings, and people working and in social settings. He also photographed published illustrations of Acadian life, including several illustrations of scenes from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic poem "Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie." Hatfield developed his own photographs and created "magic lantern" slides to use in an illustrated lecture titled "The Land of Evangeline: The Land of Romance, Legend, and Picturesque Beauty." He gave lectures in various locations throughout the eastern United States.

Hatfield, Byron Ulric

Canada-China Friendship Association fonds

  • MS-11-2
  • Fonds
  • 1973-1980
Fonds consists of records related to CCFA governance and activities. Record types include meeting minutes; committee and sub-committee agendas; membership lists; newsletters; correspondence; reference materials in multiple media; and a large collection of photographic slides, primarily featuring trips organized by the association.

Canada-China Friendship Association

Cassandra's driftwood : cover

File contains a photograph of the illustration for the front cover of "Cassandra's Driftwood" (illustrate by Terry Roscoe), a photocopy of the proposed front cover, and an envelope addressed to Lesley Choyce.

Catherine Banks fonds

  • MS-2-8
  • Fonds
  • 1973-2012
Fonds contains materials documenting Catherine Banks' professional playwrighting career beginning with her first published play, Eula's Offer. Records include research notes and manuscripts (handwritten and typed), correspondence, contracts, production and publicity materials, a videocassette, a DVD, photographs, sketches, and a small selection of personal papers.

Banks, Catherine, 1957-

Catherine Creighton and family fonds

  • MS-2-656
  • Fonds
  • [18--]-1989

Fonds consists of papers created and/or accumulated by Catherine Creighton and her family, including those of her husband Graham and children Edith, Anna, Lois, Frieda, and Howard. While the fonds includes correspondence from Wilfred Creighton to his siblings and parents, Wilfred's papers are not included as a sous-fonds within the fonds.

The bulk of the fonds consists of correspondence from family and friends, but also includes diaries, photographs, financial papers, personal papers, memorabilia, print materials, scrapbooks, articles, and artwork. Records in the fonds provide a well-rounded depiction of the family's daily activities and lives - from their relationships with each other, their extended family, and their community, to their financial status, values, education, and careers.

Creighton Family

Charles Beecher Weld fonds

  • MS-13-53
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1924] - [ca. 1979]
Fonds consists of Charles Beecher Weld's correspondence, medicine-related offprints and other textual records, records about community organizations with which he was involved, and photographs of Dalhousie University and Halifax.

Weld, Charles Beecher

Chester Stewart fonds

  • MS-13-61
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1995
Fonds consists of papers documenting Dr. Stewart's professional career, including files on the Tupper Commission and the Hall Review Commission, research notes on aviation medicine and decompression sickness, correspondence, lectures, books, publications, photographs, and other manuscripts from his personal life and years at Dalhousie University.

Stewart, Chester B.

Collage of Women Graduates of 1913

Item is a collage of the 1913 women graduates of Dalhousie University. The collage consists of photographs of Louise Clayton, Gladys Sidley, and other students arranged in a circle around a large emblem made up of the letter "D" and the number 13.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1915

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1915. Photograph includes 13 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: R.R. Withrow; F.T. Densmore; G.F. Heal; J.S. Brean; H.M.G. Godfrey; V.D. Davidson; Miss E. Kilpatrick; A.E. Blackett; L.R. Meeck; H.S. Moore; J.V. Graham; P.M. Gettlesen; J.E. LeBlanc.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1947

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1947. Photograph includes 27 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: D.M. Archibald; A.S. Atkins; D.S. Clark; G.F. Colquhoun; L. Feanny; R.G. Giberson; A.D. Johnson; D.S. Lindsay; P.G. Loder; D.H. MacKenzie; W.S. Maddin; G.M. Moffatt; E.B. Redmond; R.G. Ritchie; J.A. Roach; B.J. Robinson; K.C. Rodger; G.M. Saunders; G.G. Sheppard; D.W. Smith; H.H.D. Sterrett; A.W. Titus; J.A. Vaughan; R.E. Washburn; G.I. Wilson; G.A. Dawe; C.P. Miller.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1949

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1949. Photograph includes 45 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: G.H. Algie; R.W. Auld; L.S. Van Blaricom; J.T. Balmanno; M.L. Connell; D.S. Brennan; J.J. Cantwell; J.G. Chambers; G.R. Clayden; G.R. Davis; C.M. Day; R.C. Eaton; J.L. Frazee; S.C. Fuller; F.K. Hickey; D. Hier; L.R. Hirtle; S. Hirsch; H.M. Hunter; H.H. Jacobson; I. Karrell; D.W.B. Keating; A.L. Knight; A. Levitz; D.R. MacInnes; L.L. McKeough; J.F. MacLennan; A.A. MacLeod; A.R. Mercer; R.B. Miller; J.W. Moreside; J.E. Rigby; L.G. Rundle; H.G. Sears; L.J. Stephen; unknown; J.C. Theriault; M.G. Tomkins; F.R. Townsend; unknown.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1951

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1951. Photograph includes 54 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: C.H. Adair; R.T. Annand; G.W. Bate; A.C. Billard; H.J. Blackwood; J.F. Boudreau; W.G. Cameron; A.C. Campbell; H.B. Colford; J.D. Cowan; J.M. Crosby; F.G. Dolan; A.w. Elliot; W.A. Ernst; G.E. Fletcher; D.E. Forbes; C.C. Griffin; J.O. Godden; F.H. Hicks; G.K. Higgins; J.E. Higgins; B.D. Howatt; D.B. Keddy; G.E. Lawson; D.E. Lewis; D.A. MacDonald; J.D. MacDonald; J.W. MacIntosh; H.V. MacKay; A.E. MacRae; D.A. Malcolm; E.A. Moffitt; F.J. O'Keefe; J.A. Phills; H.P. Poulos; J.K. Purves; J.H. Quigley; N.D. Reid; D.I. Rice; J.F. Ross; J.A. Ryan; C.P. Scott; A.E. Shapter; W.R. Stewart; A.W. Taylor; J.B. Tompkins; N.B. Trask; D.F. Travis; H.H. Tucker; C.D. Vair; C. Vibert; D.C. Wilansky; D.L. Wilansky; J.A. Wilson (missing: J.A. Lewin)

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1952

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1952. Photograph includes 49 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: K.D. Barron; R. Brooks; L.M. Brown; R.A. Burden; M. Burnstein; A.J. Campbell; W.M. Chisholm; S.E. Copp; C.R. Davidson; D.L. Davison; A. Dunfield; M.G. Feener; D.H. Fisher; J.H. Fraser; S.G.B. Fullerton; W.A. Gardner; D. Gass; R. Groom; J.J. Hazel; H.G. Hetherington; A.M. House; B.D. Karrel; A.R. Kempton; F.C. Landsdall; A.M. Lawley; E.D. MacArthur; D.A.G. MacEachen; D.J. MacGregor; J.H. MacLeod; R.K. Merriam; J.E.H. Miller; R.G. Munroe; D.C.C. Pitt; E.N. Reynold; A.B. Richardson; E.D. Ross; R.C. Shatford; A.J. Shaw; A.M. Sinclair; L.A. Skinner; S.L. Speller; L.T. Stead; W.B. Stewart; A.R. Swanburg; W.K. Taylor; R.S. Wadup; R.N. Webster; R.A. Wentzell; W.C. Wood.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1953

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1953. Photograph includes 48 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: J.R.D. Baker; J.E. Bethune; G.E. Bonnell; R.L. Budgen; W.A. Burleigh; M.T. Casey; C.D. Chipman; L.A. Day; J.A. Delhunt; M.C. Ellis; N. Epstein; R.G. Forsythe; K.V. Gass; A. Gordon; D.A. Gillis; R.W. Healy; S.F. Herring; E. Hofsaedter; J.B. Hooper; H.J.M. MacDonald; P.R. Johnston; G.E. Kenny; C.J. MacDonald; D.C. Moore; P.M. MacDonald; S. MacDonald; W.D. MacLean; H.B. McNeill; D. Nathenson; H.H. Neily; R.L. Persad; G.R.I Power; R.L. Prime; R.A. Pugh; V.K.Rideout; H.M.Simms; R.L. Smith; P.A. Spurrell; V.C. Starrett; G.B. Stiles; N.W. Stott; V.W. Sobey; M.F. Taylor; W.H. Jeffrey; W.W. Watters; V.R. Waldorf

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1958

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1958. Photograph includes 53 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: M.C. Randon; M.J. Walsh; D.B. Fraser; A.M. MacLeod; H.W. O'Neil; T.G. Ricketts; R.E. Miller; A.R. Webster; I. Fried; A.L. Travis; B.R.L. Matchett; J.L. Potts; J.M. Edgecombe; J.A.E. Gagnon; R.L. Frizzell; P. Matheson; G. Lob; R.K. Greenlaw; F.C. MacInnes; F.G. King; D.E. MacKenzie; P.L. Milne; J.C. Jenkins; M.A. MacAulay; G.A. Guptill; D.W. Johnston; J.A. Lawrence; L.J. Wiseman; W.C. Nicholas; P.A. McGregor; L.K. Tulle; N.J. Layden; I.J. Nudelman; R.W. Winter; S.W. Epstein; S. Stolar; M.A. Chisholm; C.M. Sebastion; C.E. Harricharan; H.J. Brown; J.B. Sutherland; G. Cobb; R.K. Shapter; S.B. Hicks; A.T. Cahill; K.J. Tompkins; J.D. Darroch; R. Young; J.B. Steele; W. Jacobs; J.E. Campbell; T.B. Hall; C.M. Brown.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1967

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1967. Photograph includes 61 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: J.J. Akabutu; W. Bethel; V.F. Bowes; K.W. Bown; P. Bright-Asare; C.F. Budd; W.L. Buntain; J.J. Burton; R.S. Cain; K.R. Culmer; D.K. Curry; J.P. Curry; E.A. Day; R.B. Davison; W.A. Dolan; P.L. Emenau; R.E. Englund; C.H. Felderhof; W.A.L. Fleix; G.A. Fraser; R. John Fraser; D.N. Garey; R. Gill; P. Goddard; S.G. Grant; L.M. Green; G.L. Hale; O.A. Hayne; G.R. Haynes; A.M.O. Hebb; B.H. Hoar; J.B. Howard; D.A. Knickle; K.W. Knowles; L.I. Levine; D.A. Ley; E.R. Luther; M.C. MacAskill; I.D. Mercer; A.H. Mitton; D.A. Morgan; D.D. Murray; H.S. Murray; K.R.J. Nickerson; E.G. Nurse; D.W. Olmstead; A.S. Parker; H.G. Parker; T.S. Roy; D.H. Seaman; J.L. Simmons; E.R. Smith; W.J. Stein; H.W. Touchie; A.C. Walkes; A.R. Webster; A.F. Weir; W. Wrixon; E. Keith Yates; M.C. Young.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1968

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1968. Photograph includes 46 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: R.W. Allanach; W.C. Acker; J.C. Aucoin; P.C. Bagnell; R.J. Barriault; J.P. Baynes; H.G. Brace; G. Brodie; S.R. Brown; H.J. Callaghan; H.J. Cameron; W. Cheung; C.S.H. Chow; S.O. Chu; A.G. Coakley; J.M. Collingwood; G.M. Curtis; F.J. Davis; D.G. Dewar; J.R. Dill; D.B. Geldart; W.P. House; J.R. Jackson; M. Jaffe; M.B. Johnson; W.H. Lenco; H.C. Lilienfeld; R.A. Lund; G.S. MacLean; E.A. MacLeod; D.F. MarQuarrie; R.T. Michael; H.F. Muggah; B.R. Klein; W.S. Parkhill; C.S. Paterson; M.F. Paterson; P.H. Reid; E.W. Romanowsky; J.L.P. Sapp; M.J. Scott; W.D. Sprague; W.R. Stevenson; D.L. Teed; R.F. Whelan, E.G. Whitman.

Composite photograph of College of Pharmacy - First Year Class, 1977-1978

File is a composite photograph from Dalhousie's College of Pharmacy. The photograph includes 65 individual student portraits for the first year class. Individuals identified as follows: Dianne Archer, Marjorie Ardelli, Jane Ascroft, Janet Barrie, Laurel Bell, Paul Belliveau, Andrew Bennett, Cathy Bligh, Janet Campbell, Shelagh-Anne Campbell, Catherine Carson, Leonard Cassidy, Sean Cheverie, Janet Cooper, Wendy Cooper, Darlene Cormier, Christine Cosman, Anne Cote, Diane David, Beverly Dennis, Brian Dillman, Sheila Donovan, Loretta Duguay, Moira Gallagher, Candace Gallant, Pinky Gautam, Ian Gunn, Catherine Gallant, Tami Harlow, Pauline Hingston, Lowell Johnstone, Catherine Kelly, Wade Kirk, Joanne LeBlanc, Mary Goh, Susan Lord, Tannis MacAulay, Shawn MacDiarmid, Ann MacDonald, Elizabeth, MacDonald, Krista MacDonald, Paul MacInnis, Stephanie MacIsaac, Elaine MacKenzie, Theresa McLean, Nancy MacNeil, Susan ManSour, Jean Masterson, Anne, Mayich, Deborah McIsaac, Catherine Mclaughlin, Patricia Morrison, Peter Parker, Sheryl Petrie, Mary Reno, Kathy Robbins, Brenda Sangster, Danette Smith, Giselle Stone, Carol Thomas, Linda Thorburn, Marilyn Tiller, Pamela Wallace, Nadine Wentzell, Donna Wheeler.

Composite photograph of College of Pharmacy - First Year Class, 1978-1979

File is a composite photograph from Dalhousie's College of Pharmacy. The photograph includes 66 individual student portraits for the first year class. Individuals identified as follows: Adamson, Vesta; Archibald, Ann Marie; Arsenault, Claude; Austin, Barry; Baker, Karen; Bennett, Catherine; Benson, Jane; Bourgeous, Anne; Burgess, John; Cameron, Alan; Chiasson, Noel; Chisholm, Annette; Connors, Peggy; Conrad, Sharon; Crosby, Hawley; d'Eon, Louise; Davies, Jack; Daniels, Nancy; Dobson, Roy; Doig, Mary; Doyle, Mary Beth; Driscoll, Eileen; Duncanson, Jamie; Gallagher, Beth; Gallagher, Mike; Geldart, Kim; Gniewek, Dominic; Guidry, Mary Ellen; Guitard, Gary; Haneveld, Rae; Keay, Rosemary; Kelley, Susan; Lam, Wendy; Layton, Mark; Leblanc, Holly; Loughery, Carmen; MacDonald, Gina; MacDonald, Patricia; MacDougall, Joanne; MacKay, Kevin; Macleod, Kim; McIntosh, Anita; McKay, Shelley; McLean, Ruth; Marsh, Darlene; Migas, Maria; Ozon, Kent; Patterson, Patti; Perry, Danielle; Pottle, Wanda; Prime, Carolyn; Publicover, Kim; Richard, Charles; Roberts, Nancy; Saab, Lana; Sidhu, Mandy; Simpson, Lori; Smith, Margaret; Speight, Dawn; Stephens, Mike; Totten, Cathy; Wallace, Adele; Wallbank, Lorraine; Wilkie, Karen; Wong, Douglas; Whitney, Janet.

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - First Year Class, 1977-1978

File is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, First Year Class - 1977-1978. The photograph consists of portraits of David Abriel, Brian Armson, Kenney Atkins, Daniel Bedecki, Stephen Belgrave, Stephen Bolton, Joseph Boudreau, Mary Ann Bramstrup, Christopher Brandys, Michael, Chapman, Stever Connor, Roger Cook, Robert Coombs, Kim Crawford, John Cusack, Gudarz Davar, Bruce Demont, David Elliott, Joanne Embree, Ronald Fontaine, Lynn Fraser, Christopher Gallant, Patrick Gill, William Goodine, Mary Gorman, Susan Gray, Ashim Guha, Joan Guptill, Gregory Haines, Richard Hall, Carl Hannah, Daniel Harrigan, Barbara Hayden, Elizabeth Johnson, Anthony Kelly, Carter Kennedy, Mary Kernohan, David King, George Knight, Howard Lamb, Sharon LItz, Colin Lockhart, Gerard Losier, Shirley Maccara, Owen Maccausland, Kathryn Maccullam, William MacDonald, Peter MacKean, James MacKillop, Karen MacLeod, Robert MacNeill, Rayma MacPherson, Joan MacVicar, Roxanne Malenbaum, Richard Manuel, Donald Mcdonah, Elizabeth Mcinerney, Graham Miles, Hugh Monteith, Bruce Montgomery, Rachel Morehouse, Nancy Morrison, Victoria Morrison, Robert Mullan, Johnson Ngan, Marie O'Hanley, Paul Oar, Kevin Orrell, Shawna Perlin, Edwin Pineau, Gordon Plummer, Peter Poulos, Mary Pushie, William Rice, David Ross, Arthur Ryan, Christopher Seamone, Brian Shaw, Cathryn Smith, Preston Smith, Stephen Smith, Erich Sperker, Barbara Stanford, Daniel Steeves, Nolan Stein, John Sullivan, George Sutherland, Johnathan Taylor, David Tilley, Rose Anne Tubetti, Ben Umeze, Gary Vaughan, Avon Wakefield, Elizabeth Weld, Patrick Whelan, Celina White, James Whitlock, Robin Wilson

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - First Year Class, 1981-1982

File is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, First Year Class - 1981-1982. The photograph consists of portraits of Valerie Adams, Michael Armitage, Karen Arnold, David Assaff, Blaine Beaton, Carol Boutilier-Kendall, Sandra Brown, Peta Brunsdon, Clay Butler, Charles Butts, Jean Cameron, Ian Campbell, Jeffrey Champion, Michael Chandler, Gregory Clark, Kevin Clarke, Moira Cooper, Ian Dempsey, Pamela Doig, Mary Boyle, Carolyn Drysdale, Hans Dy, Lisbi Eapen, George Eyerer, David Fagan, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Kenneth Fletcher, Michael Flynn, Cynthia Forbes, Mark Foster, Darrell Gallant, Christopher Gardiner, Valerie Gilbert, Glenn Gill, Judith Graham, Ian Grant, Karen Hann, Gordon HOllway, Joseph Horan, Michael Howlett, Khaled Instrun, Umesh Jain, Dilprett Jammu, John Jollymore, Eilen Jost, Sylvia Kaptein, Douglas Kohlsmith, Daniel Landry, Bonny Lee, John Li, Margo Lindener, Renee Lutwick, Scott MacDiarmid, Bernard MacGregor, Annette MacIntyre, David MacKenzie, Christopher MacKinnon, Catherine MacLean, Terrence MaGennis, Colin Mann, Elizabeth Massarelli, Donna McCulloch, Anne McDonah, Ellen McKeough, John McNeil, Patrick Melanson, Kent Monteith, Alfred Morais, Thomas Muise, Terrence Murphy, Suzanne O'Hanley, Richard Paxton, Leo Pereira, Stephen Pond, Ellen Power, Jan Prsala, Mai Riives, Dale Robinson, Susan Roche, Timothy Rourke, Gary Rubin, Asutosh Ruparelia, Yolande Samson, Kevein Schnare, Anil Sharma, Atul Sharma, William Sigsworth, Philip Smith, Wesley Stephen, Ross Thomas, Barbara Tiller, Patricia Towney, Achla Vats, Claire Weeks, Lyle Weston, Ronald Wojcik, David Woodbury, Main Yee.

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Fourth Year Class, 1977-1978

File is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, Fourth Year Class - 1977-1978. The photograph consists of portraits of Wendy, Amirault, Vincenzo Arcieri-Piersanti, Duncan Armstrong, John Baker, Jane Barlow, Harris Barton, Laurence Barzelai, Gordon Beck, Helen Bell, Allen Bishop, Joanne Blaxland, Kevin Bonner, Benjamin Boucher, Alan Buckley, George Burden, Robert Burris, Kenneth Chen, Mark Clark, Jacqueline Cloney, Alban Comeau, Robert Cooper, Gary Costain, Anthony Costantino, Warren Crooks, Yolands D'Intino, Thomas Davies, Carolyn Dean, Margaret Dingle, Rebecca Dobson, Anne Drysdale, Bruce Dykeman, Jacquelyn Evans, Leon Everett, Michael Fleming, Pamela Forsythe, Catherine George,Thomas Goulding, Robert Graham, Elizabeth Guptill, William Harper, David Hirsch, Brian Horsman, Keith Jackson, Shawn Jennings, David Kallio, Patrick Killorn, Thomas Laughlin, Joseph Lawen, Norman Lister, Mary Lobban, Harold MacCausland, Diane MacDonald, Francis MacDonald, Linda MacDonald, Robert MacDonald, Alexander MacDougall, John Roy MacEachern, David MacRae, Bernard McIntyre, Roger McKelvey, Monica McNeill, Ronald Milne, Thomas Morgan, Thomas Murphy, Michael Murphy, Gerald Wyatt, Richard Nason, Attilio Negro, Paul Newton, Patrick O'Connor, Mihkel Oja, Dustan Osborn, Thomas Park, Robert Paterson, James Poirier, Allen Rodgers, Rita Ruparelia, Sonia Russell, Beatriz Sainz, Brian Schnare, Robert Sliver, Thomas Simpson, Paul Smith, Robert Taylor, Anna Timell, Brenda Tomilson, Hendrik Visser, William Vlahos, Earle Wadden, Bruce Walmsley, Robert Webb, Elric Winter.

Creelman Family fonds

  • MS-2-775
  • Fonds
  • 1887-1999
This accession contains photographs, correspondence, postcards and other memorabilia from various members of the Creelman family.

Creelman Family

Dalhousie Alumni Association fonds

  • UA-32
  • Fonds
  • 1872-1988, bulk 1914-1945
The fonds consists of records relating to the administration and governance of the association; correspondence carried out on behalf of the Association; events such as the amalgamation of Dalhousie University and the Technical University of Nova Scotia, various university campaigns, Dalhousie Centenary celebrations; association-sponsored activities such as memorials and tributes, track and field meets, and reunions; graduate and alumni lists; photographs of alumni who served in World War I; and press stories about the Association.

Dalhousie Alumni Association

Dalhousie Arts Centre fonds

  • UA-29
  • Fonds
  • 1956-2004, predominant 1970-1989
Fonds consists of administrative records related to the operation of the Dalhousie Arts Centre which includes correspondence, personnel files, reports, and memos; audio-visual materials; minutes, correspondence, and reports related to the Dalhousie Cultural Activities Committee and its sub-committees; financial records which include annual and monthly reports, budget records, payroll reports and other fiscal documents; artistic organization files; photographic records of performers; production, performance and event records that include contracts, news clippings, and promotional materials; as well as publicity materials for the Arts Centre.

Dalhousie University. Arts Centre.

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