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Composite photograph of Dalhousie senior Arts and Science class

Item is a composite photograph of the 1906 senior class in Arts and Science at Dalhousie University. The photograph consists of portraits of B. E. Murphy; M. L. McKenzie; E. K. Pennington; E. P. Sinnott; A. M. Haverstock; M. G. Lawrence; J. M. Hales; A. E. McLeod; D. E. Faulkner; W. G. Barnstead; J. A. McLellan; J. Wood; J. Beaton; Prof. W. Murray; Prof. J. Forrest; Prof. J. Liechti; Prof. R. C. Weldon; R. C. Burns; R. C. Buckley; C. G. Dickie; W. K. Fraser; E. G. MacKenzie; Prof. A. S. MacKenzie; Prof. D. A. Murray; Prof. F. H. Sexton; Prof. J. E. Woodman; C. W. MacAloney; W. S. Lindsay; A. Fraser; C. T. Sullivan; A. Moxon; Prof. E. B. Jack; Prof. A. MacMechan; Prof. E. MacKay; Prof. S. M. Dixon; E. W. Nichols; J. G. Bruse; P. I. Swanson; J. R. Archibald; A. A. McLeod; E. MacDougall; H. H. MacKenzie; Prof. H. Murray; W. H. Burns; Prof. T. C. Hebb; W. A. G. Bauld; F. P. H. Layton; H. S. Patterson; G. Farquhar; J. M. Stewart; R. B. H. Robertson; J. B. Morrow; H. J. Creightn; A. J. Barnes; F. A. Grant; A. G. Harlow; W. MacPherson; B. S. Gore; A. W. Seaman; A. Fraser; and F. D. Sinclair arrange around a photograph of the Forrest Building.

Harry J. Moss

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie Senior Class of Arts and Science of 1906

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie Senior Class of Arts and Science and faculty of 1906. The collage consists of portraits of faculty members and students arranged in several rows, with the faculty portraits. The circular portraits are mounted on board. The faculty portraits include John Forrest, J. Liechti, R.C. Weldon, J.E. Woodman, F.H. Sexton, E. MacKay, S.M. Dixon, T.C. Hebb, H. Murray, A. MacMechan, E.B. Jack, D.A. Murray, A.S. MacKenzie and W. Murray. The student portraits included B.E. Murphy, M.L. McKenzie, E.K. Pennington, E.P. Sinnott, A.M. Haverstock, M.G. Lawrence, J.M. Hales, A.E. McLeod, D.E. Faulkner, W.G. Barnstead, J.A. McLellan, J. Wood, J.Beaton, J.M. Hales, R.C. Burns, R.C. Buckley, C.G. Dickie, W.K. Fraser, E.C. MacKenzie, C.W. MacAloney, W.S. Lindsay, A. Fraser, C.T. Sullivan, A. Moxon, E.W. Nichols, J.G. Bruce, P.I. Swanson, F.P.H. Layton, G. Farquahar, J.R. Archibald, A.A. McLeod, J.M. Stewart, J.B. Morrow, E. MacDougall, H.H. MacKenzie, W.H. Burns, W.A.G. Bauld, F.A. Grant, A.C. Harlow, W. MacPherson, F.A. Grant, A. Fraser, A.J. Barnes, H.J. Creighton, A.W. Seaman, R.B.H. Roberston and Dorey.

Harry J. Moss