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Explaining pictures to dead air

Item is a video recording of the tele-performance Explaining Pictures to Dead Air by Clive Robertson. The performance was a live cablecast specifically created for the Fifth Network/Cinquiéme Réseau conference held in Toronto, Ontario from Septemb...

Robertson, Clive, 1946-

Televizion tapes

Item consists of four video works : Night time photographs by Katherine Knight as well as a series titled Televizion Tapes by John Currie. Series consists of : Sylivia (17 min.), Blow Job (Rubber Dickey) A Soap Opera (4 min.) and Texas John (16 mi...

Knight, Katherine

The black and white tapes

Item consists of three video works created by John Orentlicher and Tom Sherman created between 1978 and 1979. The video works are a series titled The black and white tapes and include : 2 + 1 +1, Because it's my image - Watching the leather...

Orentlicher, John

Coke adds life?

Item is a video created by Dean Johnstone as part of a Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Project. Lighting by David Wigmore and Effects: B. McCarvellPerformers include: Buell, Cole, Cousins, Genge, Johnstone, McCarvell, McInnis, Mclean, Parslo...

Johnstone, Dean

Unknown, untitled #1

Item is a video created by Amy Pfeiffer, Unknown, untitled #1 made in 1978. The content is described as: Man goes into china shop, steals - intercut: video tape of television screen, apples in hand, hands next to loaded dinner plate at dining table.

Pfeiffer, Amy


Item is a video performance where Tom Sherman discusses a fictional end to his career. The work was created in 1980 and was produced in Toronto, set in Montreal, and shot in Syracuse, New York. The work was originally created for broadcast on &quo...

Sherman, Tom, 1947-

Embodiments of mind 2

Item is a video work created by Edward Slopek in 1980. The Centre for Art Tapes screened the work along with Trotz and videos by by Penny Brown. The video explores the correlation between the speed of neural wave patterns in the human brain and th...

Slopek, Edward

Walls performance

Item is a video work created by Sherry Lee Hunter and Syliva Lee Saunders of a performance in 1981. The Centre for Art Tapes held the performance in 1981.

Saunders, Sylvia Lee

Articulated gap

Item is a video work created by Edward Slopek in 1983. The video is of a close-up of a speaking mouth, repeating a short philosophical blurb by Sir Alistair Hardy. Each time the speaker repeats, he seems to drop bits of words, making the passage o...

Slopek, Edward

Halifax cable 10 show

Item consists of three video works : Monoltage by Mark Clifford; Suburban stress by Mark Verbioff; and Valley vista home by Norman Cohn. Each video is preceded by artist statements.

Cohn, Norman

Cabaret up front

Item is a video work created in 1984 of a night performance at Dartmouth’s Treasure Cove Lounge. Camera by Liz MacDougall, sound David Barteaux and editing by Dan Lander. Documented with a single shot, not always the most ideal conditions, and rou...

MacDougall, Liz


Item is a video work created (directed produced and edited) by Mark Clifford in 1984. Actors include Richard Collins, Sean Whalen, Sue McKinnon and Beth Bartley.

A car, the road and a camera

Item is a video work created by Dan Lander in 1983. Video was produced in Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Case includes a one page description of the video by the artist. He described the video as : student work is a quick and somewhat humo...

Lander, Dan

Debert bunker : by invitation only

Item consists of video work created by Liz MacDougall in 1985. Debert Bunker: By Invitation Only was described as the following: The occasion of this tape was a military coordinated rehearsal of emergency measure in the event of a nuclear war. Th...

MacDougall, Liz

Crossing the 49th

Item is a video work by Mark Verabioff in 1985. Video was part of the Life like it: Some Halifax video screening. Video was produced by Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Item is a second generation copy, copy number 2. Crossing the 49th is a ...

Verabioff, Mark

Wallace + Theresa

Item consists of a video recording featuring audio of poet Wallace Stevens, juxtaposed with visual artwork of the artist and poet Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. The video was screened on September 22, 2004 as a part of the Centre for Art Tapes' 25th ...

Peacock, Jan (1955- )

Wallace + Theresa

Item consists of a video recording by Jan Peacock. This video work was a part of the 1986 video exhibition, "Life Like It", which featured Halifax-based video artists and travelled nationally.

Peacock, Jan (1955- )


Item consists of a video recording by Valerie LeBlanc that is an abstract visual of a personal poetic narrative that also features images of a picket fence.

LeBlanc, Valerie

Girls just wanna have funds

Item consists of a video recording by Cathy Busby and Melodie Calvert which have a narrative which uses humour to provide a glimpse at the working conditions of an underpaid arts administrator.

Calvert, Melodie, 1961-

Exclusive memory 5-8-16

Item consists of a video recording that is based on excerpts of a six hour monologue by Sherman with a computer-based video sensing robot, created by the artist for an exhibition.

Sherman, Tom, 1947-

Out of the centre

Item consists of a video recording produced by Halifax Cable, directed by Cathy Busby, edited by Steve O'Keefe and cable produced by Jim McInnis. The video features interviews with Joe Blades, Ann Vayall, Steve O'Keefe, Chris Words and C...

Busby, Cathy, 1958-

Comes to life

Item consists of a video recording by Ron Gerold. The original video description by the Centre for Art Tapes state: "Three woman are posed in shadow against a photographer’s backdrop. When the photographer and his client leave the studio, th...

Gerold, Ron

Video compilation

Item consists of two video recordings "100% Can Con"- Dump the Deal (3 min., 51 sec.) by Richard Underhill and "Brand New Car"- Steve Adams Band (4min.) by Shuffle Demon Productions.

Underhill, Richard

Amiga compilation tape

Items consist of video recordings by Jim MacSwain's "Amoeba Culture" (3:30), Bryan Maycock's "W.I.P." (1:30), Felicity Redgrave's "In Search of the Sacred" (3:10), Andrew Terris' "Glasswork: V...

MacSwain, Jim

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