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Environmental monitoring
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Aliens in our gardens and cities: an ecologist's views of the use of non-native species in the urban forest : [manuscripts, correspondence and data sets]

File contains Manuscripts, correspondence and data sets relating to the article Aliens in our Gardens and Cities: an Ecologist's Views of the use of Non-native Species in the Urban Forest. Article prepared for Second Canadian Urban Forests Conference, Windsor, ON, July 16-19, 1995.

Amphibians in the context of a national environmental monitoring program : [manuscripts and other materials]

File contains manuscripts, draft manuscripts, correspondence and workshop materials relating to the article Amphibians in the Context of a National Environmental Monitoring Program. Article was presented at Declines in Canadian Amphibian Populations: Designing a National Monitoring Strategy, October 5 and 6, 1991.

An overview of the environmental impacts of forestry with particular reference to the Atlantic provinces : [manuscript]

File contains manuscript of the report An Overview of the Environmental Impacts of Forestry, with Particular Reference to the Atlantic Provinces, prepared by the Institute for Resource and Environmental Studies under contract from Environment Canada, Atlantic Region, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Assessment of the likely effects of peat extraction from Swaines Road (Barrington) bog, Shelburne County, on Drosera filiformis and its habitat : [draft manuscript and other materials]

File contains the draft manuscript written by Freedman, with W. Maass and P. Parfenov, for COSEWIC (the Committe on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada", relating to the protection of the endangered thread-leaved sundew (Drosera filiformis) form bog sites being surveyed as potential peat extraction locations. File includes manuscripts, correspondence, data sets, and relevant statutes.

Bill Freedman fonds

  • MS-2-789
  • Fonds
  • 1970 - 2015
Fonds contains material relating to the personal life and professional career of Bill Freedman (1950-2015), an environmental scientist based at Dalhousie University. Fonds includes research data, teaching materials, publications, manuscripts and draft manuscripts, correspondence, committee and meeting minutes, electronic records, analogue and digital photographs, thousands of 35 mm slides, video cassettes, and appointments and awards.

Freedman, Bill

COSEWIC status report on the Thread-leaved sundew, Russulis filiforme (Drosera filiformis) : [draft manuscript and correspondence]

File contains the draft manuscript written by Freedman and Jim Jotcham for the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, about the status of Drosera filiformis, at several bog sites in southwestern Nova Scotia. File also contains correspondence and related articles.

Consultancy work

Series contains documents related to Freedman’s work as an environmental consultant. The organizations represented in this series include P. Lane and Associates Ltd., Gardner Pinfold Consulting Economists Ltd., the School for Resource and Environmental Studies and the Department of Biology at Dalhousie University. Series includes private and government reports, draft reports, correspondence, datasets, annotated reference articles and other documents.

Conversion of natural, mixed-species forests to conifer plantations, implications for dead organic matter and carbon storage : [draft manuscripts and other material]

File contains manuscript, draft manuscripts, review comments, correspondence, figures and data sets relating to the article Conversion of Natural, Mixed-species Forests to Conifer Plantations: Implications for Dead Organic Matter and Carbon Storage.

Deception Bay wharf reconstruction project, Raglan Mine, Falconbridge Limited : [draft manuscript and correspondence]

File contains a draft report written by Freedman for Jacques Whitford consulting, about the reconstruction of the Deception Bay wharf at the Raglan Mine operated by Falconbridge Limited, near Katinniq in northern Quebec. File also includes correspondence, facsimile aerial photographs, and an inventory of plants at the Kattiniq site.
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