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The Impossible Museum fonds

  • Fonds
  • 2018-2020

Fonds contains a selection of documents, drawings, material samples, and images collected by D'Arcy Wilson and Lisa Bouraly during a two-year research project focused on Thomas McCulloch and Andrew Downs. The fonds is part of an exhibition, the "Impossible Museum," curated by Lisa Bouraly and featuring works by D'Arcy Wilson and Amy Malbeuf. The exhibition is presented by Eyelevel Gallery in the Thomas McCulloch Museum in the Dalhousie University Life Sciences Centre from March 5 to April 30, 2020.

Material includes a selection of texts and notes tracing Bouraly's research while preparing the exhibition. These documents were selected by Wilson from Bouraly's collection. Fonds also includes an encapsulated drawing of Thomas McCulloch, material swatches linked to one of the works in the exhibition, scraps and drawings left over from a collage, photographs of works in progress, a copy of the exhibition essay, and other material related to the exhibition. Fonds also includes photocopies of several nineteenth century texts reviewed by Bouraly during her research.

The file box includes a pair of white gloves and a list of materials in the box.

Wilson, D'Arcy

W. Terrence Gordon fonds

  • MS-2-737
  • Fonds
  • 1972 - 2019
Fonds comprises records related to Terrence Gordon's biography of Marshall McLuhan published in 1997 and includes correspondence with publishers and reviewers; a curriculum vitae; a manuscript draft; newspaper clippings and copies of reviews; and secondary research materials. Other records include the working papers from three books edited by Gordon: McLuhan Unbound, Understanding Media (Critical Edition) and The Classical Trivium: The Place of Thomas Nashe in the Learning of his Time.

Gordon, Terrence W.

Murray G. Brown fonds

  • MS-2-802
  • Fonds
  • 1970 - 2019
Fonds comprises Murray Brown's research and teaching-related records, including notes, annotated drafts of papers, presentations and reports, abstracts, correspondence, funding applications and reports, as well as administrative papers and employment records and contracts.

Brown, Murray G.

Thomas John (Jock) Murray fonds

  • MS-13-69
  • Fonds
  • 1890-2018
Fonds consists of the archival records of Thomas John (Jock) Murray, which includes correspondence and research materials on neurological disease, the humanities and the history of medicine.

Murray, Thomas John (Jock)

Teaching records

Series comprises Ron O'Dor's teaching materials, including course syllabi, exams and reading lists, as well as assignments and student evaluations for courses he developed and taught in the areas of biology and marine biology.

Wendy Lill fonds

  • MS-2-772
  • Fonds
  • 1976 - 2015
Fonds contains records created and collected by Wendy Lill, including correspondence, manuscripts, published play scripts, research material, speeches, reports, publicity material, and personal records.

Lill, Wendy


File contains research, meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, conference schedules, and contact lists relating to a study on chemical herbicide and pesticide use in Vietnam. Also contains 4 colour postcards and 3 photos : b&w; 5 x 7 in.

Philip Girard fonds

  • MS-2-757
  • Fonds
  • 1990-2012
Fonds comprises professional correspondence, administrative papers, research notes and secondary materials, lecture notes, typescripts, off prints, and reviews illustrating Philip Girard's work as a legal scholar, writer and editor, and university professor. There are also records papers pertaining to his work in arbitration.

Girard, Philip

Research materials on cemeteries and gravestones

File contains magazine articles, correspondence, and handwritten notes related to cemetery and gravestone studies compiled and created by Jessica Kerrin for writing mystery series for children. There is also a copy of the Cemetery Studies: A Guide for Teachers by Sean Rodman (November 1996), a printed copy of the Stories in Stone Patch Program at Mount Hope Cemetery (June 2004), and a photocopy of a few chapters of the book, Your Guide to Cemetery Research by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack (2002).

Ian McLaren fonds

  • MS-2-790
  • Fonds
  • 1950 - 2010
Fonds contains Ian McClaren's personal and professional correspondence, reports and research records as well as minutes, correspondence and reports related to committees or boards on which he served.

McLaren, Ian Alexander

Short Stories of Joyce Barkhouse

Series contains short stories, both published and unpublished. The types of records included here are drafts, clippings of published articles, copies of publications containing short stories, and related correspondence, research, photographs, and notes.

Sue Campbell fonds

  • MS-2-770
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2010
Fonds contains records created and collected by Sue Campbell in the course of her work as a scholar and educator in philosophy and women's and gender studies, beginning with her MA thesis research. Record types include research and lecture notes; grant applications; conference materials; newsletters; teaching and course materials; correspondence; and manuscripts.

Campbell, Sue

Management and administration of the Census of Marine Life

Subseries contains records related to the management of the Census of Marine Life in general. File includes membership rolls, general budgeting information, Loan applications, meeting minutes, and CoML-related news and promotional information.

Christopher Heide fonds

  • MS-2-838
  • Fonds
  • 1975 - 2010
Fonds contains records created and collected by Christopher Heide in the course of his career as a writer, including his work with arts and cultural associations such as ACTRA and the Dramatists' Co-op of Nova Scotia. Record types include scripts for stage, radio and screen; notes; correspondence; reports; meeting minutes; and photographs.

Heide, Christopher

Susan Sherwin fonds

  • MS-2-186
  • Fonds
  • 1969 - 2008
Fonds comprises records related to Susan Sherwin's professional activities, including publication, research and teaching. Record types include correspondence, contracts, manuscripts, research materials and notes, committee materials, reports, conference materials, and university course records such as syllabi, exams, and assignments.

Sherwin, Susan

Records from the Joint Review Panel for the Whites Point Quarry and Marine Terminal Project

Series contains Jill Grant's records from the Joint Review Panel for the Whites Point Quarry and Marine Terminal Project. Materials include the project's environmental impact statement, transcripts from scoping meetings and public hearings, records of the Joint Review Panel, reference and research materials, correspondence, maps and photographs, and other records. The series provides a comprehensive record of the activities of the Joint Review Panel, which was made up by Jill Grant, Robert Fournier and Gunter Muecke.

Richard Apostle fonds

  • MS-2-681
  • Fonds
  • 1966-2006, predominant 1981-2004

Fonds comprises records created and collected by Richard Apostle in the course of his research activities between 1966-2006, which informed their arrangement into the following series: AquaNet (Network of Centres of Excellence in Aquaculture); Community, State and Market on the North Atlantic Rim; Individual Transferable Fish Quotas; Information Services Employment Trends Survey; Marginal Work World Research Program; Public Policing in Nova Scotia; and Center for Local and Regional Development, Klaksvik, Faroe Islands.

Record types include manuscripts; published reports, papers and monographs; committee records, including minutes, agendas and reports; surveys; interview transcripts and notes; annual reports; operations manuals; datasets; secondary readings and newspaper clippings.

Apostle, Richard A.

Gilbert R. Winham fonds

  • MS-2-702
  • Fonds
  • 1961 - 2006
Fonds comprises records created or collected by Gil Winham in the course of his education, teaching, research, publication and consultancy activities. Record types include course materials; personal and professional correspondence; grant applications; research materials, reports and manuscripts; and committee minutes and notes.

Winham, Gilbert Rathbone

Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project LGBT research projects, educational materials, and correspondence

File contains materials relating to the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project's participation in various research projects. Materials include one copy of survey questions for a 2005 study on gender and aggression conducted by Dr. Nancy Bartlett of Mount Saint Vincent University and associated correspondence; one invitation to participate in a study on nursing care for lesbians during childbirth, conducted by Lisa Goldberg of Dalhousie University, associated correspondence, and 1 copy of the project's research proposal; 1 package of information regarding a study on homophobia and heterosexism in undergraduate medical education, conducted by Dr. Frank Blye of Dalhousie University, and associated correspondence.

Ronald St. John Macdonald fonds

  • MS-2-615
  • Fonds
  • 1823 - 2006
Fonds comprises Ronald St. John Macdonald's records regarding his personal, academic, and professional activities as a jurist, judge, and professor. Records include those related to Macdonald's involvement with Osgoode Hall, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, Dalhousie University, the European Court of Human Rights, the Hague, Peking University, World Academy of Arts and Science, Canadian Council of International Law, United Nations, Institute of International Law, African Society of International Law, British Institute of International Law, Canadian Institute of International Law, International Law Association, and others. Records types include correspondence; meeting minutes and agendas; research materials; photographs; newsletters; newspaper clippings; manuscripts; and off-prints.

Macdonald, Ronald St. John, 1928-2006

Susan Sherwin's committee and report records

Series comprises records generated through Susan Sherwin's committee activities, including writing reports, and provides context for her work on and with university committees and research associations, as well as for her engagement in university curriculum reform and advocacy of feminism and women's rights.

Ronald St. John Macdonald’s professional records

Series comprises Ronald St. John Macdonald's records regarding his professional activities, including his involvement with different organizations, such as the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the Hague, World Academy of Arts and Science, Canadian Council of International Law, United Nations, Institute of International Law, African Society of International Law, British Institute of International Law, Canadian Institute of International Law, International Law Association, and others. Series contains meeting agendas, meeting minutes, newsletters, reports, and other records.

Canada looks abroad : the Atlantic Canadian perspective : One-day conference of the Halifax Branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs and the Halifax Dialogues Committee : [conference materials]

File contains conference materials for the one-day conference of the Halifax Branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs (CIIA) and the Halifax Dialogues Committee at Saint Mary's University on February 1, 2003, with the theme "Canada Looks Abroad: The Atlantic Canadian Perspective". Winham appeared as a panelist in the third plenary session on International Trade and Development. File includes research notes and correspondence.

Institutional challenges arising from deepening Canada-US economic integration : [manuscript and conference materials]

File contains the text of a lecture delivered by Gilbert Winham at the CTPL Workshop on Canada/US Institutional Issues at Carleton University on September 22, 2003. The title of Winham's lecture was "Institutional Challenges Arising from Deepening Canada-US Economic Integration". File also includes handwritten notes from other lectures.

Outline of a talk to 27 Chinese senior officials from the State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC) : [notes and correspondence]

File contains an online of a talk given by Gilbert Winham to 27 visiting senior officials from the Chinese State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC), at the Dalhousie Law School in Halifax on October 28, 2002. The topic covered international trade and law, antidumping and countervailing legislation, and trade dispute management. File also contains correspondence between Winham and Lei Yan, Artan Spahiu, and Winnie Fung.

Cornell-Aro Mental Health Research Project in the Western Region, Nigeria (1961) and the Study on the Role of Women (1963)

Series is comprised of materials related to the 1961 Cornell-Aro Research Project in the Western Region and the 1963 Study on the Role of Women. In the Cornell-Aro study, modeled on the Stirling County Study, Leighton’s team analyze the mental health trends of Nigerians living in both major cities and small rural villages via interviews, surveys, and observations. The Role of Women study may possibly be considered a ‘sub-study’ of the Cornell-Aro study, as it uses much of the same research material supplemented by new data. Materials present include correspondence, memoranda, datasets, research notes, fieldnotes reports, speeches, photographs, forms, applications, surveys and questionnaires, medical documents, affiliated studies, and comparative analyses.

Individual Transferable Fish Quotas

Series comprises records created and collected by Richard Apostle in the course of his study of the impact of individual quotas on the fishing industry in the Maritimes. Record types include transcripts of interviews with fishermen, completed surveys, draft manuscripts, notes, and secondary research materials.

Research notes for preliminary program of the 2002 ISA Annual Convention : [notes and conference materials]

File contains Gilbert Winham's 2002 ISA Annual Convention conference materials. The conference took place in New Orleans, Louisiana in March 2002. Winham was one of the chairs of the preliminary program. Winham also served as a discussant for Erik Beukel's presentation "Trade Politics Between Materialist and Postmaterialist Values: Conflicts over the Trade and Environment Issue in WTO". File also includes correspondence between Winham and Suzanne Werner and David R. Davis.

The GATT Uruguay Round : further departures from the traditional model of international negotiations : [lecture outlines and notes]

File contains lecture notes for Gilbert Winham's presentation "The GATT Uruguay Round: Further Departures from the Traditional Model of International Negotiation", given at Simon Fraser University in October 2000, the Woodrow Wilson International Centre in November 2001, and the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution in March 2002.

Workshops, conferences and meetings

This series consists of records relating to conferences, workshops and meetings that Girard has been a part of. Types of records include material from the conferences, papers he has presented and notes he has taken while at the events.

Girard, Philip

Hamamsy, Laila Shukry El

File contains correspondence with or about Laila Shukry El Hamamsy. Also includes academic records, study participant information, a pamphlet on the American University at Cairo's Social Research Center, a curriculum vitae for Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Aziz El-Meligi.

Seattle and the future of the state : the World Trade Organization, globalization and the new millennium : FASS CrossCurrents panel and discussion

File contains Gilbert Winham's research notes and promotional material for a Dalhousie Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences "CrossCurrents" panel and discussion titled "Seattle and the Future of the State: The World Trade Organization, Globalization and the New Millennium", held at the MacMechan Room in the Killam Memorrial Library on February 9, 2000. Panelists included Winham, Dr. Pauline Gardiner Barber, Elizabeth May, and Catherin Schittecatte. File includes a promotional poster for the event. File also includes a review of the panel discssion drafted by Antoni Wysocki.

Gordon Kinsman fonds

  • MS-14-14
  • Fonds
  • 1891-[1999?]
Fonds consists of reports and studies on Nova Scotia farming and marketing between 1924-1990. Series are comprised of papers, reports, correspondence, photographs, newspaper articles, and signs created and collected by Gordon Kinsman during his Nova Scotia berry research. Materials focus on blueberries, strawberries, the strawberry industry, berry box making, berry shipping, general agriculture, the history of agriculture, dairy, creameries, direct marketing of blueberries and apples, exhibitions in Nova Scotia, the Maritimes, and Canada between 1924-1993.

Kinsman, Gordon Barss

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