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Global environmental change : [manuscript]

File contains the Freedman-edited volume "Global environmental change". Includes two articles contributed by Freedman: "Population growth and global change" (pp. 571-758); and "Maintaining and enhancing ecological carbon sequestration" (pp. 783-802).

Notes on property exploration for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust

File contains notes written by Bill Freedman in 2012 while undertaking property explorations for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Notes contain a brief survey of each location and potential financial costs involved, for locations at Middle and Outer Pleasant Harbour, Gerard Island, Hemeon's Head, Bougles Isle (?), Pugwash, and a site at Tusket.

Notes from a conference of the Nature Conservancy of Canada

File contains notes taken by Bill Freedman during paper presentations at a late-2000s meeting of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Notes relate to papers presented by Judy Loo, Allan White, Graham Forbes, Sean Basquill, [E.] Ponomarenko, M Aubé, D rossland, C Bourque, John Sweeney, Matthew Betts, and Bob Seymour.

Correspondence related to the lending and valuation of the Labrador duck specimen held in the collection of the McCulloch Museum, Dalhousie University : [correspondence]

File contains correspondence related to the valuation and lending of the very rare Labrador duck specimen held at the McCulloch Museum, Dalhousie University, Halifax. Includes Freedman's unofficial valuation, as well as facsimiles of earlier correspondence between the National Museum of Natural Sciences and the Dalhousie University Department of Biology,

Deception Bay wharf reconstruction project, Raglan Mine, Falconbridge Limited : [draft manuscript and correspondence]

File contains a draft report written by Freedman for Jacques Whitford consulting, about the reconstruction of the Deception Bay wharf at the Raglan Mine operated by Falconbridge Limited, near Katinniq in northern Quebec. File also includes correspondence, facsimile aerial photographs, and an inventory of plants at the Kattiniq site.

Pesticide use in forest management in Canada : [manuscript]

File contains the manuscript written by Freedman for the proceedings of the 2003 KAST Multicultural Conference: SS3: The 2nd KAST-RSC Bilateral Symposium, Environmental Science and Policy, October 29-30, 2003.Organized by the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and the Royal Society of Canada.

Photographs of the destruction caused at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, by the Brown Spruce longhorn beetle

File contains 68 photographs taken largely by Bill Freedman (but also by Sweeney) at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2000. Photographs show aerial and up-close examples of the destruction wrought on the urban park by the invasive Brown spruce longhorn beetle, believed to arrive in the city via the nearby port.

Journal and newspaper articles relating to the Brown spruce longhorn beetle : [draft manuscripts and other materials]

File contains facsimiles of newspaper articles relating to the containment of the Brown spruce longhorn beetle infestation of Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Otto Wettstein's draft report "On breeding Tetropium fuscum" (for Public Works and Government Services Canada), S. Balazy's draft "The fungus Cephalosporium (Acrostalagmus) lecanii Zimm. as a pathogen of beetle larvae", L.M. Hanks's "Influence of the larval host plant on reproductive strategies of cerambycid beetles", Zenon Capecki's "The occurrence of Tetropium Kirby (Cerambycidae, Coleoptera) and their parasites in Poland", J. Sweeney, L. Humble, and E. Allen's "Assessment of the Bruks chipper for phytosanitary production of chips free of live Tetropium spp. and other insects", Christopher Majka and Jan Klimaszewski's "Phloeocharis subtilissima Mannerheim (Staphylinidae: Phloeocharinae) and Cephennium gallicum Ganglbauer (Scydmaenidae) new to North America: a case study in the introduction of exotic Coleoptera to the port of Halifax, with new records of other species", and other Brown spruce longhorn beetle reports and articles.

Photographs of agricultural scenes in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Nova Scotia

File contains 40 photographs taken by Gene Fortney, Vince Zelazny, Dave Patriquin, David Gautier, and M. Willison (and collected by Bill Freedman), in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, in 1999. Photographs show agricultural scenes, such as hayfields near Calgary, strip cropping in Saskatchewan, soybean growing in Nova Scotia, and grape growing in southern Ontario.

COSEWIC status report on the Thread-leaved sundew, Russulis filiforme (Drosera filiformis) : [draft manuscript and correspondence]

File contains the draft manuscript written by Freedman and Jim Jotcham for the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, about the status of Drosera filiformis, at several bog sites in southwestern Nova Scotia. File also contains correspondence and related articles.

Selected studies of forestry and bird communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick : [manuscript and correspondence]

File contains the manuscript written by Freedman and Greg Johnson for the monograph "Biology and conservation of forest birds", Society of Cananadian Ornithologists Special Publication no. 1 (edited by A.W. Diamond and D.N. Nettleship). File also contains reviewer-edited drafts, correspondence, and proceedings itinerary.

Photographs of surveys at Gros Morne National Park and the Churchill River, Labrador

File contains 25 photographs taken, largely by Bill Freedman, in Gros Morne National Park and along the Churchill River, Labrador, between 1998 and 2001. There are also photos by fellow researchers Annette Lutterman and Todd Keith. Photographs show evidence of defoliation of Salix by lepidoptera, of Cornus canadensis along the river bank, dried riverbeds above Churchill Falls, and two photos of Innu resident Francis Penashue.

Photographs of hydro power scenes in Quebec and Ontario

File contains 12 photographs taken by Bill Freedman and Annette Lutterman in Quebec and Ontario between 1996 and 1999. Photographs show hydroelectric power scenes, including the dams and diversion channels of La Grande River dam, and Niagara Falls.

Photographs of Voisey's Bay, Labrador

File contains 58 photographs taken by Bill Freedman at Voisey's Bay, Labrador, in 1996. Photographs show river rapids, aerial surveys of the region, Fraser River Canyon, and some ground vegetation, near the site of the nickel mining operation.

McNab's Island Christmas bird counts

File contains handwritten and typed research notes compiled by Freedman and others, documenting bird counts at McNab's Island, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, between the years 1995 and 2012. File also contains correspondence.

Other studies on Point Pleasant Park and the Brown spruce longhorn beetle : [manuscripts and other materials]

File contains manuscript reports dealing with the health of Point Pleasant Park and the containment of the Brown spruce longhorn beetle. File contains the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources "1994/95 Spruce Beetle Damage Survey" (Mike LeBlanc and Bob Guscott), the "Point Pleasant Park Forest Health Survey, June 8-10, 2000" (Guscott), two draft manuscripts of "Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle" (Plant Health Risk Assessment Unit, Science Division; September 1999 and June 2000), the Halifax Regional Municipality "Point Pleasant Park, Park and Urban Forest Master Plan" (November 18, 1998), and other fact sheets (Friends of Point Pleasant Park and Environment Canada) and presentation drafts.
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