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Correspondence with Harry S. Ashmore

File contains correspondence with Thomas Lipscomb, Peter Tagger, Bob Gibbins, Norman Cousins, Crane Haussanen, and Miriam Farley. Main topic of discussion is the Center for the Study of Democratic Institution publshing the first volume of the Pacem in Marbius (PIM) proceedings.

Correspondence with Ritchie Calder

Includes correspondence with Norton Ginsburg and Brenda Rouse. Also includes review articles of "The Drama of the Oceans," newspaper clippings and a copy of "The future of the oceans" (EMB).

'F' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence from Brian Flemming, Association International Futuribles (regarding an introduction Mann Borgese was to write for a collection), "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung" (FAZ), and the Ford Foundation. File also includes lists of names.

Correspondence with Clifton Fadiman

File contains correspondence with Fadiman. Much of it concerns Elisabeth Mann Borgese's "The Drama of the Oceans," on which Fadiman provided editorial comments. See also MS-2-744, Box 93, Folder 21 for an additional piece of correspondence between Mann Borgese and Fadiman.

Correspondence with Angeli Franco

File contains correspondence with the Publishing company Franco Angelia, and concerns Elisabeth Mann Borgese's contribution to the Ocean Change Publication Series, entitled "Changing International Ocean Policy" (for which Adalberto Vallega was Editor-in-Chief). Also contains comments by Mann Borgese on Vallega's introduction.

'H' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Lynnelle Herrick, John Humphrey, Robert Hutchins, Peter Howorth, Gordon Hewes, Eve Herrmann, and John Haag. Also includes newspaper clippinsg concerning Gerald Hickey and a biography of Eve Herrmann.

Correspondence with Harry N. Abrams Incorporated

File contains correspondence with Roger Hanlon, New Scientist Publications, the Natural Maritime Museum, Charles Nicklin, Alessandro Olschki, Berlyn Nishimura, Oxford University Press, National Oceanographic Data Service, Walter Thomaszewski, Mason and Lipscombs, Alvin Smith, Marjan Richter, Oceans, Jean Muller, Reginald Gay, John Craven, Global Marine Co., Mildred Bellony, J. Mos, Osvaldo Bohm, N.B. Marshall, Jack Drafhl, Donna Schwartz, Medard Gabel, Douglas Faulkner, Clifton Fadiman, Mary Firestone, Howard Goodkind, Jerry Greenberg, H.K. Seawood, National Science Foundation, T.F. Gaskell, C.D. Hollister, Yoshio Hijana, Shegiki Hijino, Mary Harvey, Arthur Haulot, Roger Hanlon, Ino, Catherine Judge, Akira Tazaki, Lars-ake Kvarning, A.M. Kennedy, Edwin Link, Max Kehden, and Bo Kales Westminster Dredging Group. Also includes a Dutch translation of the introduction to "The Drama of the Oceans" by Jan Tinbergen.

Correspondence with Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Incorporated

File contains correspondence with Alison Bond and Charlotte Mayerson. Topics of discussion include Elisabeth Mann Borgese's "The Language Barrier," and an upcoming publication on world communities. Also includes a statement of royalties. See MS-2-744, Box 49, Folder 20 for more correspondence with Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc.

Correspondence with "Impact" magazine.

File contains correspondence with Carmel Psaila, and with Impact (Public Relations) Limited. Much of the correspondence relates to an overview of the International Ocean Institute (IOI) written by Mann Borgese, see MS-2-744, Box 42, Folder 27 for a copy of that article.

Correspondence with George Kent

File contains correspondence with Political Science Professor George Kent, of the University of Hawaii. Includes an announcement of a workshop on the design of World Order Models ("Designing the World of the Future"). See MS-2-744, Box 93, Folder 17 for more correspondence with Kent.

Correspondence with the Library of Congress

File contains correspondence with the Library of Congress. Includes a receipt of an International Ocean Institute (IOI) occasional paper, and information about finding pictures for Mann Borgese's "The Drama of the Oceans."

'M' miscellaneous correspondence

Includes correspondence with Allswell Osini Muzan (Editor-in-Chief of the "Newsletter of International Law"), Jean, Lewis Mumford, Alec A. Mizzi (on publishing a paper in a Maltese University paper), Ruth Allan Miner, Eiaterina Micu, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also includes a Pacem in Maribus invitation and a review article for "Pacem in Maribus" edited by Elisabeth Mann Borgese.

Correspondence with William Morris

File contains correspondence with William Morris regarding a potential filming of Mann Borgese's "Ascent of Woman." Also includes a discussion of Elisabeth Mann Borgese's typing dogs. The file also contains correspondence with Edwin Seaver.

'R - V' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Dimitri Rebekoff, John Schaffner, University of Chicago Press, Phie van Ettinger. Also includes a Rebekoff Institute notice, advertising courses at the Institute.

'S - Y' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with organizations and publications. Correspondents include Sea Technology magazine (and attached is a letter to the editor by Mann Borgese); University of Hawaii at Manoa (regarding the "Staus of Freedom for the Seas" manuscript); W.W. Norton and Company; World Scientific Publishing Company; and the Yolla Bolly Press (regarding "Chairworm and Supershark").

Correspondence with John Schaffner

File contains corresponence with Mann Borgese's literary agent. Correspondence with Edwin J. Borg Costanzi, Fritz Lanshoff, Thomas C. Wallace, and Holt Rinehart and Winston Inc. Also includes royalty statements, agreements and contracts.

Correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Robert "Bob" Sollen

File contains correspondence with Robert ("Bob") Sollen of the Santa Barbara News Press. Includes an advertisment Elisabeth Mann Borgese wished to palce in the paper regarding a lost stamp collection, Mann Borgese's "The Drama of the Oceans" (including a list of technical errors). The file also includes a newspaper clipping by Sollen ("The UN Today: A Newsman Visits--and Listens...").

'U' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with the University of Rhode Island, a USSR publishing house (regarding the Russian version of "The Drama of the Oceans"), and Henry Usborne. Also includes the introduction to "The Drama of the Oceans" for the Russian translation.

Correspondence with the University of Southern California (Sea Grant Institutional Program)

File contains correspondence with Dorothy M. Bjur of the University of Southern California (Sea Grant Institutional Program). Correspondence concerns the Law of the Sea Lecture series hosted there between 1975-1976, where Elisabeth Mann Borgese was a presenter at the conference ("World Perceptions of Ocean Space: A Critical Issue"). Also includes a brochure advertising the event.

Correspondence regarding "Vista, The Magazine of the United Nations Association"

File contains correspondence and issues from "Vista," the magazine of the United Nations Associations. Includes the following issues of "Vista": August 1973 (which contains "On Surveying Earth's Resources from Space" by Elisabeth Mann Borgese), May/June 1972 (which contains a report on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea), and January/February 1972 (which contains "Who Owns the Oceans? by Mann Borgese). Also includes a draft article, "Yugoslav Consititutional Law as a Model for World Law and the Law of the Seas" by Mann Borgese.

Correspondence with Keith J. Walton

File contains correspondence with Walton, of the Statistical Office of the United Nations. Also includes correspondence with Rosario Lejino concerning the Natural Resources Forum, and a profile on the Forum.
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