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George F. Curtis fonds

  • MS-2-319, SF Box 37, Folder 7-8
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1945
Fonds consists of a typescript of law lectures given by George F. Curtis at Dalhousie University in January 1939. Fonds also contains correspondence pertaining to meetings held in 1945 in the Maritimes and British Columbia to discuss the establishment of a world court for permanent peace.

Curtis, George F., OC, OBC, QC, 1906-2005

Photograph of Henry Hicks and law professors at an outdoor ceremony

Item is a photograph of Henry Hicks and Dalhousie Law School professors digging with a shovel at an outdoor ceremony. Photograph shows (from left to right): R. St. John MacDonald, Dean of Law at Dalhousie from 1972 to 1979; Morris; John Willis, Dalhousie Law professor; an unidentified man; and Henry Hicks, Dalhousie University President.

Castle Photographic

Photograph of the library in the Law Building

Item is a photograph of the library in the Law Building, which is now known as the University Club. The photograph was taken from a vantage point overlooking the entire library from above. There are students working at tables in the library. The photograph was taken by Wright.

Photograph of Horace Read addressing guests at the opening of the Weldon Law Building

Item is a photograph taken during the opening ceremony of the Weldon Law Building at Dalhousie University. The photograph shows Horace Read, Vice-President and former Dean of the Dalhousie Law School, addressing guests at the ceremony. Lady Beaverbrook and Henry Hicks are seated next to him.

Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited

Photograph of Law Basketball Team Interfaculty Champions

Item is a photograph of the Law Basketball Team Interfaculty Champions 1924-25. The photograph shows D. McInnes (Guard); P.R.H. Barry (Manager); W.A. Richardson (Forward); C.R. Coughlan (Guard); G.M. Morrison (Forward); R. Gushue (Captain, Centre); R.L. Snodgrass (Forward); and R. Moore (Forward) sitting or standing in two rows.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law class of 1936

Item is a composite photograph of the 1936 graduating class and faculty of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of G. H. Crouse; J. Willis; J. A. Walker; J. F. Curtis; C. W. Stanley (President); V. C. MacDonald (Dean); F. H. Jones; J. E. Rutledge; C. J. Burchell; H. Webber; J. H. Celeveland; R. J. Batt; J. W. Godfrey; W. F. Armstrong; C. D. W. Rowlings; G. L. Smith; W. F. Carroll; M. Siegel; J. E. Richardson; Merle Purtill; C. F. Bentley; J. E. Godwin; C. A. Manning; M. G. Anderson; J. R. H. Sutherland; M. J. Hinthey; G. C. Thompson; A. J. Meagher; J. C. Pink; R. R. McIntyre; A. B. Rarmsay; D. F. Bentley; R. F. McLellan; J. K. Oldfield; H. Webber; and A. W. Smith arranged around a photograph of the Forrest Building.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photograph of Faculty of Law first year class of 1970-71

File contains two copies of a photograph of the 1970-1971 first year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. This photograph includes students with last names A-L. The photograph shows portraits of Roy S. Abraham; Michael T. Abrams; William J. Algie; Darlene Allems; Donald F. Angevine; Robert G. Baldock; Stephen Becher; Renzo Belluz; Ruben Benmergui; Malcolm Bennett; Mark L. Berens; Donald P. Best; George P. Bishop; Douglas G. Blackwell; Henry Board; Stanley F. Bogucki; Paul Borrelli; Peter L. Bortolussi; Allan D. Brock; Ernest J. Brown; Charles R. Buck; Michael J. Bukovac; Gerald B. Burdett; Bruce E. Bussin; Michael C. Cascone; Richard Caskie; Peter D. Christian; Colin M. Cockburn; Albert H. Cohen; Thomas M. Conway; Victoria M. Cox; Gordon Cudmore; Thomas A. D'Angelo; Glenn J. Daniels; Marija Daniliunas; Roger A. D'Hondt; Gregory M. Dickenson; William Bruce Donnelly; Garth Drabinsky; David Drinkwater; Bruce Dyer; Richard J. Ely; William James Emmerton; Marie E. Ferguson; Ian G. Findlay; Eric M. Fonberg; Robert E. Forbes; John Forsyth; Brian A. Foster; James P. Fox; David G. Francis; Jeffrey E. Friedman; Gertie Fuchs; Gregory W. Gee; Marvin S. Geist; Douglas A. Giller; Connie Giller; David R. Hamilton; Daniel L. Harrington; Peter E. Harvey; Robert J. Heffron; John B. Hill; John C. Holland; Brian N. Howe; Paul M. Huckins; Constance H. Hueston; Guy A. Hurtubise; Lawrence Innanon; Cullen F. Johnson; James M. Kierans; Gerald W. Kinasz; Marlene I. King; Paul D. J. Kiteley; Paul E. Knill; Allan W. Kogon; Thomas Kolin; George P. Koroloff; George P. Krusell; Randall W. Lalande; Thomas H. Lawrason; Jeffrey Lawrence; Daryl Leberg; Robert L. Lenoir; and Donald W. Leschied which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in seven rows.

Photograph of Faculty of Law second year class of 1970-71

File contains two copies of a photograph of the 1970-1971 second year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph shows portraits of David R. Aston; Kenneth D. Atkinson; William Baker; Terrence Belanger; Stephen Bellingham; Lawrence A. Bertuzzi; Douglas Best; Bruce Blake; L. A. Bottos; Peter E. Brent; James C. Brown; James M. Brown; Neil R. Burgess; Donald S. Campbell; R. Lynn Campbell; John F. Casey; Douglas P. Cassino; A. Ciccone; Richard A. Coad; T. J. Collier; John W. Cooper; Murray L. Coulter; James S. Cowan; Stephen R. Dattels; David B. Daubney; Paul R. Davidson; Ronald C. Delanghe; Kenneth A. Devereux; Richard Dewsnap; A. M. Dicecco; Dennis A. Dowker; Patrick A. Duco; Daphne A. Dukelow; Edward L. Elwood; Robert J. Falkins; Brian R. Farmer; Zygmunt J. Fenik; Harold Fink; Linda D. Fowler; Samuel A. Garretto; Rene Gasparatto; John E. G. Gilgan; Cameron C. Godden; D. C. Goold; John P. Gorman; Richard F. Grant; Robert D. Grant; John J. Griggs; John R. Gustavson; Richard A. Halabisky; Robert O. Hall; Mary J. Hatton; Ralph W. Hayman; William Heelis; David G. Hiltz; Richard A. Humphry; Thomas L. James; Keith M. Jones; Jim Keeling; Paul E. Kennedy; Peter G. Kennedy; Richard R. Ketcheson; Kenneth W. Koprowski; Colin G. Lazier; Mike Lerner; Alan A. Liston; Frank Liebeck; Randall A. Longfield; Alice A. Lougheed; Alan J. Luftspring; Duncan F. MacDonell; Donald G. MacIntosh; Patrick H. MacIssac; Robert C. McGillen; Daniel J. McNamara; Alan S. Manson; James J. Marshman; Duncan R. Miller; William J. Miller; Randolph D. Mills; Kenneth C. Morlock; John E. Morris; Joseph M. Nagy; Jerry M. Nesker; James R. O'Donnell; William S. Painter; Mary F. Poile; Laurence D. Pringle; Martin J. Prost; Paul A. Reeder; John G. Reid; Roy C. Robertson; Glenn D. Sacks; Gregory Ste. Marie; Andrieno Sartor; Joseph Servos; Richard K. Simpson; Clarke G. Smith; Michael F. Smith; Robert C. Snyder; Guy S. Somers; David Spicer; Robert C. Stevens; Robert Stikeman; John D. Stirling; John J. Stoesser; Richard B. Strype; John T. Teal; Robert Thompson; Thomas C. Uren; Robert G. Waters; Alan E. Wheable; David M. Whellams; Nicholas R. White; Paul C. Williams; Kent Woodruff; Robert Wynne; and Irving Yaverbaum which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in ten rows.

Photograph of Faculty of Law first year class of 1971-1972

Item is a photograph of the 1971-1972 first year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. This photograph includes students with last names A-L. The photograph shows portraits of Cavan B. Acheson; Guiseppe Agostino; Laurie R. Albertini; William R. Allan; Kenneth Andersonl; Marilyn S. Appel; Mary L. Armour; Joseph J. Arvay; Sukhdev S. Aujla; Richard A. Bailey; James T. Bartram; Brian D. Batchelar; William G. Beatty; Henry Berg; Robert R. Berry; Douglas W. Blair; Thomas H. Boeckner; Alexander Bolotenko; Fausto P. Boniferro; Peter L. Bortolussi; Ian M. Boundy; Sally Bowslaugh; David B. Braund; Melvin H. Brown; Peter F. Burnet; Leo A. Butkus; Anne M. Carere; David G. Carr; Peter J. Cavanagh; Gordon R. Chapman; John R. Collins; Ottavio Colosimo; Patrick R. Corless; David C. Coveny; David L. Crone; Douglas C. Crozier; Jeffrey L. Cummings; Albert L. Cunningham; Derek Danielson; William J. David; Alan P. Dean; Earlda E. Denny; Frank De Santis; Jane H. Devlin; Daniel J. Dunlop; Steven C. Dunn; Michael Eisenstein; Peter Elliott; Hilde M. English; John M. Faris; Elizabeth A. Farrell; Gary E. Flaxbard; Barry A. Fox; Allan M. Freedman; Robert T. Furlonger; Nicklolas W. Fursman; George I. Gauld; Larry H. Gilbertson; Stephen B. Ginsberg; Larry N. Ginsler; Jeffrey C. Goldberg; Terence Good; Douglas A. Goslin; Susan M. Gracie; Robert B. Gray; Glenn A. Hainey; David M. Harley; William D. Harrow; David P. Harvey; Michael F. Head; Mark R. Higgins; Larry A. Hipfner; Phyllis V. Holmes; John G. Howe; Ernest L. Huckerby; Keith D. Huculak; Michael D. Ingle; James A. Ingram; Robert H. Innes; David J. Jackson; Gordon L. James; Robert S. Johns; Gordon R. Johnson; Stephen D. Johnson; Frederick G. Jones; Martin R. Kaplan; Patrick B. Keaney; Harry G. Keenan; Paul J. Kilby; Timothy J. King; Gregory J. Kinlin; Frances P. Kiteley; Maria A. Kukovica; Michael L. Lamont; Gary J. Lax which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in eight rows. One photograph is missing from the sixth row.

Photograph of Faculty of Law first year class of 1973-74

Item is a photograph of the 1973-1974 first year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. This photograph includes students with last names L-W. The photograph shows portraits of Pierre B. Lebel; Terrence T. Leon; Mark L. Lewis; James D. Linton; Jospeh M. Linzner; David Lipson; John M. Litterick; John C. Little; Brian McCall; Gordon R. McClellan; Ronald J. McCloskey; Bronwyn H. McIntyre; Mary R. McKay; Paul E. Mallon; Dawn C. Maruno; Edward Masters; Peter Mercer; Susan E. Merritt; Yvonne Meyer; R. Bruce Mitchell; Frank P. Monteleone; Frederick Morris; Michael J. Morris; Kenneth L. Moss; Daniel J. Mulligan; Margaret K. Munn; Archibald Nesbitt; Elizabeth O'Donahue; Douglas L. Owens; John A. Paton; Gaylanne Phelan; Jeffrey Phillips; James H. Pratt; Barbara G. Prest; Walter A. Pylypchuk; Andrew J. Raven; Douglas Reeves; John A. Renwick; Gerald A. Richardson; John S. Rimmer; Margaret Rintoul; Robert E. Robertson; William R. Roelofson; Lenore R. Rowntree; Blair Russell; Geoffrey Salmon; John H. Saunders; Glenn I. Sawyer; Grant W. Schafrer; Johannes W. Schiel; Linda A. Seguin; Walter Sehr; E. Anthony Seth; James Shanks; Mark Shields; Ryszard Skibinski; Stewart F. Sklar; James N. Smith; Joseph Sommerfreund; Michael A. Spears; Sheldon Spring; John Sproat; Cheryl Starr; Samuel J. Steiner; Robert Stewart; Blair S. Taylor; Graham Taylor; Terry W. Thompson; Donald A. Thomson; Barbara S. Topping; George Vella; Hajo N. Versteeg; David J. Walerstein; Jack T. Walinga; Brian Ward; Isabel Weeks; Elizabeth J. Wier; Robert G. Weppler; Roger West; Robert White; David J. Whitelaw; Ronald G. Willis; William Wraight; and Frances B. Wright which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in eight rows.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law graduates of 1979

File contains three copies of a composite photograph of the 1979 graduating class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of H. A. Anderson; J. P. Dipersio; T. Hart; D. B. Hyndman; M. C. Jones; J. Keller; J. Kuhnreich; S. J. Lamont; J. C. MacIntosh; A. C. MacLean; C. M. Mills; E. M. Myers; Norman, R. R.ble, John Duncan; M. B. O'Connell; L. M. Walsh; J. J. White; R. D. LeBlanc; W. M. Leahey; E. J. Cardwell; N. G. LeTalik; D. H. Martin; M. H. McGrath; R. V. Penny; M. A. Burke; P. J. Duncan; M. J. MacNeil; J. B. Glube; B. J. Milbrath; R. A. Neufield; A. D. MacNeill; I. E. MacEachern; A. G. Sinclair; G. G. MacAuley; R. J. Newton; R. A. McConnell; B. P. O'Rourke; D. N. Ross; T. W. Bardsley; S. O. MacBeath; R. A. Withers; J. P. Lappin; A. L. Bishop; R. E. Simmonds; U. B. Kluge; K. .C. Johnston; D. C. Melnick; R. F. Wagner; K. N. Langley; L. J. Jacques; K. P. Evans; B. R. Bell; B. F. Maltman; C. B. Charbonneau; G. M. Gass; B. E. Hubley; S. H. Marshall; P. B. Michael; J. D. Hurst; C. B. Jay; D. G. Sword; R. C. Culton; D. Sullivan; P. M. Cusack; I. N. Davis; A. W. Brown; D. J. MacDonald; M. A. Kontak; S. E. Milne; G. R. Rankin; J. W. Fitt; K. O. Thomas; J. W. MacFadgen; R. I. Colcott; G. P. Reimer; R. A. MacGillivray; A. D. Brands; S. D. Abbass; J. S. T. Pitzul; C. E. Young; A. T. Tufts; R. C. Fleming; R. Barrington; R. F. P. Merchant; D. S. Frazer; M. D. Gates; T. F. Beasley; D. R. Miller; N. F. McMahon; P. B. Miller; L. I. O'Neil; M. L. J. Edwards; J. H. Cutherbertson; K. R. Evans; K. A. Heckman; D. R. R. MacNaught; K. L. Oliver; B. L. Howard; J. B. Pachai; M. F. Boland; L. P. Thayer; N. K. Neima; R. C. Baker; J. H. Gillis; J. G. Proudfoot; P. B. Temple; E. P. Groody; M. E. O'Neil; D. L. Dalton; G. L. Graham; R. Scott; E. G. Ehrhardt; T. C. Arsenault; H. L. Foote; I. D. Logan; B. S. Penick; J. P. Benson; C. A. A. Soward; J. M. M. Arbour; S. V. Pitt; G. E. G. Manthorne; T. L. Roane; K. J. Humphries; D. B. Orsborn; G. Harding; J. A. Gass; W. J. MacMillan; G. A. Clark; M. C. Chisholm; M. E. Foley; J. Wouk; A. A. Frangoulis; D. L. M. Wiseman; J. H. Morris; C. E. Sparks; T. L. McDorman; S. C. Jones; W. B. C. Bailey; W. P. Thomson; L. C. Webber; L. Hjartarson; D. C. Dingwall; S. A. Austin; N. A. Pitas; A. Bigue; J. M. MacDonald; J. C. Floyd; M. J. LeBlanc; B. H. Mitchell; A. E. Lidstone; W. J. Chisholm; E. S. Meltzer; and R. B. Barber arranged in nine rows.

Composite photograph of the Dalhousie Law School class of 1982

File contains a composite photograph of the Dalhousie Law School class of 1982. The photograph consists of portraits of John Angel; William Crosbie; Michael Maddalena; John Logan; Brian Downie; Dianna Lackey; Geoff Saunders; Lloyd Robbins; Kim Richardson; Andrew Graham; Rita Quesnelle; Mary J. McGinty; Douglas Sealy; Robert Camichael; Nancy Jenkinson; Robert Riteman; Charles Dunphy; Solveig Schuster; Jay Abbass; Anne Carrodus; Lynn Twigger; Christopher Correia; Nigel Allan; Winston Cole; Stephen Densmore; David Bulger; Mike Wood; Wyman Webb; Freeman Sheppard; Nola Keeler; Douglas Watters; Susan Cleary; Ronald Lacey; Megan Farquhar; Craig Garson; John MacEwen; John Doherty; Stephen Barley; Michael Abercrombie; Glen MacDougall; Michael Power; Toshimi Ando; Nancy Murray; Donna Laing; Janice Beals; Clare Barry; James Brydon; Lois Hoegg; Howard MacKichan; Tim Gabriel; Michael Feindel; Chuck Piercey; Dianne Pothier; Paul Burns Scovil; Lance Woolaver; Joan Dawkins; Srini Pillay; Irwin Hirsch; James MacKay; Gerald Barnable; Daniel Simmons; Ernest MacArthur; Richard Pearson; Steven Waller; Neil Bell; Glen Dexter; Joanne Bourinot; W. H. "Bill" Charles, Esquire (Dean, School of Law); Paul Thomas, Esquire (Assistant Dean, School of Law); Bonnie Moon; Dan Baker; Andras Vamos-Goldman; Shawn Brown; David Miller; Susan Bottern; Jamie Campbell; Jeffrey Hollaman; James K. Kean; Leslie Leverman; Shauna Sullivan; Donald Robertson; John Maynard; Aidan Beresford; Robert Lehodey; Andreas Thomas; Ian MacKay; Kenneth Godfrey; Mark David; Peter Markus; Hilary Whitney; Adrian Wright; Wendy Johnston; Mara Crassweller; Philip Chapman; Kathryn Racine; David Fisher; Sheila Cameron; Charles MacKenzie; Burt McCann; Jennie Donnelly; Linda Rankin; Linda Tippett; Jeffrey Morris; Peter Willcock; Patricia Nicoll; Gragory Auld; Bruce Cooper; Lynn Henry; Gregory Crosby; David Bruce Clarke; Matthew Napier; George Smith; Peter Coulthard; Margaret Pyne; Scott Gray; William Guinan; Vincent Gillis; Mary Karen Bailey; Kerry Harnish; Brendan Curley; Bradford Wicks; Wayne Gorman; Terri Deller; Joseph Rizzetto; and Valerie Vaughan arranged in several rows.

Photographic collage of section B of the Dalhousie Law School class of 1982-1983

File contains a photographic collage and a transparency of of section B of the Dalhousie Faculty of Law in 1982-1983. The collage consists of photographs of Gita Anand; Heather Boyd; Nan Brooks; Darrell Brown; Sheila Bruce; Ross Byrne; Brent Childs; Ronald Chisholm; Brenda Christen; Kevin Gault; Edward Gores; Robert Dunn; Duncan Gosnell; Pam Goulding; Isabel Grant; Bernie Hogan; Cheryl Holden; Jim Igloliorte; Joanne Johnston; Jawad Kassab; Karen Kinley; Annemarie Koch; David Kornhouser; Eric LeDrew; Jud Levinson; Kirk Lyonde; Jim MacAulay; Kevin MacLean; Brian MacNeil; Peter McElhaney; Janet McMurtry; John Meaney; Valerie Miller; Judy Neil; Karen Oldfield; John O'Neill; Scott Peacock; Brenda Picard; Martin Pollock; Kathryn Raymond; Carol Reesor; Ralph Ripley; Susannah Rowley; Samy Salloum; Laurie Sayer-Smith; Norma Scott; Dave Steeves; Marji Taylor; Michael Tweel; Peter Ward; Wayne Wolfe; and Roy Dickey. Each person is holding up a sign with their name and there is also a name tag attached to each photograph.

Photograph of Henry Hicks with law professors

Item is a photograph of Dalhousie President Henry Hicks with Dalhousie Law School professors. Photograph shows (from left to right): Morris; an unidentified woman; Henry Hicks, Dalhousie University President; and R. St. John MacDonald, Dean of Law at Dalhousie from 1972 to 1979.

Castle Photographic

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law class of 1926

Item is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law class of 1926. The photograph consists of portraits of F. W. Bissett; A. B. Morton; C. N. Bissett; A. R. Hull; R. J. Byrne; R. C. Wilson; G. J.. Ross; P. J. Lewis; C. R. Coughlan; G. E. Mills; M. M. McIntyre; D. McInnes; G. O. Ryte; C. D. Parks; J. W. Longley; H. E. Read; S. E. Smith; N. D. Blanchard; Bertrand Joseph Spencer Pitt (B.J.S. Pitt); W. E. Thompson; Cleave Mc. I.; D. A. MacRae; A. S. MacKenzie (President); J. E. Read (Dean); W. C. MacDonald; M. B. Archibald; T. W. Murphy; H. F. Munro; C. J. Burchell; A. I. MacDonald; R. F. Yeoman; and F. D. M. Jones arranged around a photograph of the Forrest Building.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law class of 1961

Item is a composite photograph of the 1961 graduating class and faculty of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of R. A. Street; W. H. Charles; B. G. Murray; H. E. Read (Dean); E. C. Harris; L. A. Andrea; A. G. H. Fordham; J. M. Johnston; M .H. Grant; J. L. D. L. Edwards; A. J. Meagher; G. V. V. Nichols; V. D. Burke; L. Albertstadt; J. B. Lowry; L. M. Little; D. I. Matheson; J. P. Y. Arsenau; P. C. Doyle; G. J. Doucet; G. A. Caines; R. E. Kennigar; H. A. Matheson; R. J. Cashin; D. J. McInnes; G. W. Macdougall; D. G. Macaulay; A. K. Scales; G. F. W. Inrig; C. R. Carson; R. W. MacKenzie; G. B. Freeman; P. S. Creaghan; F. S. Dawson; C. A. Anderson; T. M. Scott; H. D. Logan; C. A. Rae; and R. C. Maxwell arranged in five rows.

Photograph of Faculty of Law first year class of 1972-1973

Item is a photograph of the 1972-1973 first year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. This photograph includes students with last names M-Z. The photograph shows portraits of G. Murray MacDonald; J. Bart MacDonald; Robert J. MacKenzie; Elizabeth MacLellan; Francis J. Mackin; Theodore Madison; Michelle C. Mailloux; Robert S. Mandal; Charles G. Marianik; Edward R. Marks; Denis S. Marshall; Mary E. Marshman; Thomas G. McCauley; Paul V. McAllen; Susan I. McCallum; Ronald G. McClelland; Kathleen E. McGowan; Louise M. McKillop; Warren J. McKnight; Barry R. McNaughton; David R. Melitzer; Michael S. Mensour; Gary R. Merritt; Iris G. Morrison; Robert G. Nightingale; Joseph R. Oliver; Andrew Orr; Hugh J. Parker; Deborah A. Paul; Thomas M. Peacock; Robert E. Reed; William J. Renehan; Ronald G. Robertson; James Robins; M. Anne Robinson; Joseph B. Jr. Rohrer; Richard D. Rohrer; Norman Ronski; Irving Rosenberg; Paul L. Rosenberg; Linda C. Roulet; David D. Roy; Gerald F. Ruch; D. Douglas Russell; Eugene M. Sawchuk; Alison A. Sawyer; Elizabeth A. Scarff; Andrea B. Scharf; Eleanor M. Schnall; Julia A. Schwartz; Raymond G. Selbie; Ronald R. Shackleton; T. G. Shaughnessy; John W. Slipton; Leonard S. Siegel; David C. Silverson; J. Kenrick Sproule; C. Paul Spurgeon; Patricia E. Stanko; David E. Storry; Marianne C. Sussex; Ping T. Tan; Paul M. Thompson; Yunus Timol; Richard F. Tinsley; Ira T. Traves; John D. Unsworth; Issac J. Van Lange; James D. Virtue; Victor Wall; George M. Ward; Thomas A. Wardle; John R. Weber; Edward M. Werner; Alan I. Wexler; Bradley Weiner; C. Bruce Willson; John C. Wilson; Howard Winick; Nora M. Winter; Victor S. Wong; Ronald D. Wrigglesworth; John E. Young; James J. Ziegler; and John Zych which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in eight rows.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law Graduates of 1974

File contains three copies of a composite photograph of the 1974 graduating class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of G. L. White; J. M. Kline; R. B. Campbell; W. L. Mouris; J. W. Chandler; T. M. Burke; M. L. Heins; P. Legault; J. M. Kuna; M. J. Pink; D. F. English; J. E. Dickey; J. J. Carpeneto; D. C. Campbell; M. C. Clancy; P. H. Coulson; A. B. Kennard; G. L. Flannigan; G. A. Smith; J. A. O'Keefe; K. R. White; A. G. Ferrier; P. R. Stokes; R. B. Andrews; G. LaFosse; B. P. Archibald; Inglis, R. G.der, S. H.; M. B. Hicks; P. D. Jardine; J. C. Clifford; K. W. F. Riske; M. C. Johnson; G. C. Gordon; J. A. Gregg; M. M. Helleiner; W. R. Clarke; S. J. Hunter; K. E. Neilson; P. B. Wenglowski; D. F. Gallivan; K. F. Rose; J. Gay; J. G. MacDonald; L. L. Thomas; M. D. M. Gass; M. J. Ritch; R. S. Goodman; C. M. Sun; P. G. Hodgkinson; P. M. Landry; M. R. Lier; D. N. Muise; W. M. Wilson; D. W. Hooley; L. D. Horne; J. D. Archibald; J. H. Coleman; D. M. Meadows; R. A. Murtha; K. H. Richardson; F. C. Hume; B. T. MacIntosh; V. L. Pettipas; D. B. Shatford; F. K. Potts; G. D. Burris; J. G. MacDonald; L. E. Hicks; W. I. Yeadon; G. F. Valcour; L. B. Andrews; W. B. Smith; R. G. Matthews; J. D. Anderson; J. C. MacPherson; W. P. MacDonald; K. J. A. Brookes; E. S. Murphy; T. M. Dunnet; W. D. Cheverie; E. A. M. Roscoe; M. M. M. Corwe; D. G. Bobbitt; J. W. Stonehouse; J. D. Plowman; M. H. Walsh; J. E. R. Ellis; D. R. Findlay; K. M. Kinicki; R. J. Reynolds; A. K. Matthews; W. B. K. Cotter; W. P. Sullivan; M. J. Hamilton; B. M. P. Dourley; B. A. MacDonald; J. E. Lowman; A. B. Scott; R. C. Strother; G. D. Gillis; S. Anissimoff; T. G. Lukeman; F. S. Fountain; P. D. Clark; D. S. Baldwin; J. W. McIssac; G. B. Greenwood; R. C. Thompson; M. F. Belich; M. L. Gavin; E. J. Shortall; J. R. Creighton; A. A. McLennan; W. J. Hutchison; M. E. Cusack Walsh; C. F. Dombek; H. I. Wetson; M. P. Lawton; and B. P. Elman arranged in eight rows. C. D. Bixby; G. R. Foster; P. G. MacIssac; B. Blufarb; G. L. P. Fyfe; J. W. McGrath; F. A. Cacchione; J. R. Jackson; D. J. O'Connor; I. R. Campbell; J. G. G. Jewett; A. N. Robertson; J. R. Chisholm; A. R. Lazare; C. P. Sabean; F. C. Edwards; D. J. Livingstone; and W. K. Zimmer are listed as missing from the photograph.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law - Graduates - 1975

File contains three copies of a composite photograph of the 1975 graduating class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of D. R. Hammond; D. M. Gillis; R. M. Endres; J. D. Webster; W. J. Honeywell; R. G. Flaloon; J. J. Crook; B. J. Blackmore; P. E. Belliveau; C. J. Keliher; D. J. Decoff; R. A. Mix; M. K. Power; M. S. Schelew; J. D. Coulter; P. D. Wedlake; B. M. Graham; D. C. Fraser; R. H. Haynes; K. D. Crawford; M. B. Burke; C. M. Harding; W. R. Seller; J. M. O'Connor; A. M. Malick; H. G. Snow; T. J. Zed; L. S. Pascoe; S. Beshunsky-Smith; J. A. Gumpert; D. J. Black; C. P. Shannon; R. G. Fitzsimmons; R. J. Smith; G. D. Paterson; K. J. MacDonald; J. H. Higginbotham; C. R. Coughlan; A. G. Vickery; J. L. Scott; M. E. Donovan; W. J. Sanford; D. J. Smith; J. W. G. MacDonald; B. J. Fejtek; L. J. Wintermans; V. F. Lambie; R. A. Morrow; M. A. Argand; A. J. Irie; S. G. Zatsman; M. P. Gardner; J. H. Lisson; J. D. Gillis; A. W. Kennedy; F. T. M. Pujolas; J. W. Finn; G. J. Boyd; P. A. Coolen; J. D. Connor; R. J. Fahey; B. G. Hilchey; G. L. Gaudet; M. E. Theriault; H. A. Kaiser; J. L. Nugent; M. P. Greene; N. H. Clair; S. T. Forgeron; D. W. Wilson; R. K. Morris; J. A. Leadbeater; E. J. Langsdon; K. E. Laws; A. S. Beveridge; P. J. Pearlman; M. H. Robertson; D. R. Feindel; B. P. O'Leary; H. J. Shore; G. C. Johnson; P. Kingston; L. A. Steinberg; R. E. Bamford; D. A. Copp; V. Shapiro; A. C. Reid; E. C. Callanan; J. E. Fichaud; S. D. Clarke; H. E. McFetridge; H. J. Buckingham; H. J. Wilton-Siegal; D. B. Newton; A. L. Filion; L. E. Barnhill; D. R. Fiske; J. J. Abbass; A. G. Maitland; C. A. McCulloch; J. M. Dauvergne; T. T. Daley; A. W. D. Pickup; G. P. Rafuse; L. E. Hunt; W. R. Hicks; J. R. Bigelow; J. A. Carr; M. F. Tyson; D. V. Wade; D. L. Oler; C. D. Lienaux; A. L. Graham; W. D. Barrett; B. L. Grandy; T. W. Nevins; A. P. Boudreau; G. S. Hilderbrand; W. R. Pieschel; N. M. Cameron; L. R. Jessome; J. M. Raymond; R. C. Cohen; B. A. Langille; D. F. Risley; J. F. L. Davies; J. G. MacDougall; M. M. Royer; M. A. Dunn; R. C. MacLeod; H. A. R. Simpmson; E. T. Dunsworth; M. G. McGillivray; W. W. Spicer; J. R. Fisher; L. W. Mitchell; J. C. K. Stobie; W. D. Gillis; and H. R. Vickers arranged in eight rows.
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