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Correspondence with William Morris

File contains correspondence with William Morris regarding a potential filming of Mann Borgese's "Ascent of Woman." Also includes a discussion of Elisabeth Mann Borgese's typing dogs. The file also contains correspondence with ...

Transcription : law of the seas conference

File contains a copy of the typed transcript. Present are Elisabeth Mann Borgese, Robert Hutchins, Arvid Pardo, [Friedman], [Hambro], [Andrassy], [Rao], [Freeman], [Kaplan], [Crawford], [Wheeler], [Wilkinson], [Mero], [Kruger], [Tugwell], [Armstro...

Correspondence with Frank LaQue

File contains correspondence mainly referring to LaQue's paper presented at the first Pacem in Maribus (PIM) conference. Includes a draft of the paper, for publication, "Prospects For and From Deep Ocean Mining." Also contains anoth...

Correspondence with Richard Bells

File contains correspondence with Professor Richard Bells regarding the planning of a conference for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, as well as an untitled project proposal.

Correspondence with Robert B. Kreuger

File contains a cover letter by Robert Krueger, sent along with a United Nations (UN) press release detailing four resolutions adopted by the UN on seabeds. Also included is a statement given by American Ambassador C.H. Phillips on that topic.

'P' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Nicholas Peckham, M.A. Parry, Elaine Parent, Aris Papas, Pesci d'Oro, Norbert Psuty, and Mario Primicerio. Also includes "A Sociological Hypothesis" by M.A. Parry, "A Scientific Approach to Wor...

Correspondence with Victor M. Lessiovski

File contains correspondence with Victor M. Lessiovski, Special Assistant to the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN). Topics of discussion include the Arctic Basin Project, Planning Council meetings of the International Ocean Institute (I...

General Assembly Notes

File contains photocopied notes from the Twenty-fourth (24th) and the Twenty-first (21st) Session of the United Nations' General Assembly, and photocopied notes from resolutions adopted on the reports of the First (1st) and Second (2nd) Commi...

'C - G' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Alex Comfort, V. Dedijer, Da Capo Press Inc., Encyclopedia of the Sea, Rita Ettl, Fayard Editions, Peter Fricke, FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Donald Gledhill, and Jay Goldburg...

Correspondence with Harry S. Ashmore

File contains correspondence with Thomas Lipscomb, Peter Tagger, Bob Gibbins, Norman Cousins, Crane Haussanen, and Miriam Farley. Main topic of discussion is the Center for the Study of Democratic Institution publshing the first volume of the Pace...

'H' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Lynnelle Herrick, John Humphrey, Robert Hutchins, Peter Howorth, Gordon Hewes, Eve Herrmann, and John Haag. Also includes newspaper clippinsg concerning Gerald Hickey and a biography of Eve Herrmann.

'M' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Pus McCloy, Michael Dempsey (Managing Editor, MacGibbon and Kee Ltd.), Larry Eugene McGinesey (on "The Drama of the Oceans)", and George MacLeod. Also inlcudes a newspaper clipping ("Global Body Urg...

'S' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Philip R.L. Somerville, the Vice-Consul of the Canadian Consulate General, San Francisco (with a Pacem in Maribus invitation and a report on the Canadian position on UNCLoS III), John Blair of Shell Canada (on Pac...

United Nations Seabed Committee report

File includes a report arising from the July, 1972 meeting of the Mediterranean States Members of the United Nations Seabed Committee, newsclippings ("UN Seabed Committee Report," "Seabed 'belongs to the world,'" &quo...

Correspondence with John Schaffner

File contains corresponence with Mann Borgese's literary agent. Correspondence with Edwin J. Borg Costanzi, Fritz Lanshoff, Thomas C. Wallace, and Holt Rinehart and Winston Inc. Also includes royalty statements, agreements and contracts.

'T' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with Bogdan Trifunovic, Louis Turner, Lawrence Thorpe, W.T. Thorneycroft, Ernest Thorn, Texas AandM Univeristy, and Rodney Tarboosh. Contains copies of pictures of Elisabeth Mann Borgese's dog and chimpanzee. Also...

Correspondence with Ritchie Calder

Includes correspondence with Norton Ginsburg and Brenda Rouse. Also includes review articles of "The Drama of the Oceans," newspaper clippings and a copy of "The future of the oceans" (EMB).

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