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Collage of Women Graduates of 1913

Item is a collage of the 1913 women graduates of Dalhousie University. The collage consists of photographs of Louise Clayton, Gladys Sidley, and other students arranged in a circle around a large emblem made up of the letter "D" and the number 13.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of Arts, Science, Commerce and Engineering Faculty and Class of 1934

This file contains 2 copies of the composite photograph of the 1934 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, and Engineering. The photograph consists of portraits of S. Siegel; A. W. Mutch; J. R. H. Sutherlnad; M. S. Findlay; G. G. Simms; C. I. Mackay; N. Green; G. A. A. Beveridge; E. L. Garber; M. C. P. MacIntosh; D. Vernon; M. Etter; H. D. Remillard; G. M. Baird; I. P. Cox; E. Goodman; M. K. Moxon; M. K. Napier; D. H. Mackay; D. M. Ross; D. P. Rhind; I. C. Pink; E. A. Crathorne; A. E. Longard; G. E. Darrach; B. K. Coady; J. R. C. Fraser; T. N. Mitchell; D. D. Zwicker; E. C. Pace; R. M. Flemming; A. J. Meagher; H. Cramm; W. R. Copp; E. M. Hunt; H. R. Belyea; D. L. Redmond; M. A. MacDonald; F. K. Stewart; H. P. Connor; G. G. Cook; D. G. Baker; F. J. Dougherty; M. R. Duggan; G. M. Jost; H. B. Walker; M. R. Burris; W. McKie; C. A. Howse; M. E. Strum; A. L. DeWolf; J. D. Crease; S. M. Winfield; J. R. Millar; M. T. Crichton; J. E. Richardson; R. J. Batt; W. E. Goodman; D. F. Archibald; R. M. MacFarlane; W. K. Clark; M. G. Clennett; C. W. Stanley (President); M. M. McNeil; R. Gautheron; E. W. Nichols; W. P. Copp; C. L. Bennet; H. P. Bell; H. L. Stewart; C. B. Nickerson; G. E. Wilson; J. M. MacDonald; H. L. Bronson; D. B. Stewart; B. A. Stoddard; F. A. Rhuland; D. M. Sinclair; H. D. Seely; R. F. O'Brien; D. A. Murray; M. M. Purtill; H. G. Herman; A. R. Harrington; R. L. Douglas; L. A. Bown; D. B. Sutherland; B. O. W. Isner; A. S. MacRae; S. Joseph; I. Portnoy; H. L. Knodell; W. F. Fraser; J. C. Benny; D. F. Oland; F. B. Squire; C. W. McKinnon; D. L. MacIntosh; H. H. Williamson; R. L. Aikens; R. W. Dorman; D. Macleod; H. M. Burry; I. M. MacKeigan; I. R. Gold; A. S. MacIntosh; L. J. Crowdis; S. S. Balkin; D. R. Pugsley; D. K. Crowdis; G. G. Lehv; F. L. Page; H. C. Reynolds; M. L. Manual; H. C. Spurr; R. L. Milner; M. Claener; S. L. Chinchin; I. Deutsch; S. B. Berkowitz; W. B. Beazley; and L. P. Frankel arranged around photographs of three buildings.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of Arts, Science, Commerce and Engineering - Faculty and Class of 1933

Item is a composite photograph of the 1931 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, and Engineering. The photograph consists of portraits of J. F. Moores; W. R. Inman; S. Lefkovics; S. H. C. Parsons; M. E. March; G. C. MacDonald; C. C. Stoddard; G. A. Lodge; R. O. Jones; D. H. McNeil; J. A. Muir; J. T. K. Putrtill; P. A. Mader; M. Fishman; W. G. Hamilton; R. L. Norman; J. C. Critchley; I. M. Matheson; C. C. Sarjeant; D. D. MacRae; W. L. Jones; E. M. F. Theakstone; M. M. Montgomerie; C. E. Gordon; G. A. Longard; M. Morson; E. D. Murray; M. M. Marchall; C. D. Allen; W. B. Killam; D. A. French; G. A. Currie; D. L. MacIntosh; E. H. Jackson; E. B. Rogers; M. M. Lucas; A. L. Thurlow; W. K. Pace; H. M. S. Bishop; P. B. Corrigan; M. I. Moors; E. M. Walker; J. M. Sproule; M. B. Cameron; E. Andrews; H. H. Williamson; J. H. Grant; R. L. Christie; C. A. Wright; J. B. Ferguson; A. G. Archibald; A. G. Haverstock; E. G. House; G. C. Beatteay; D. E. MacKenzie; J. G. Howell; J. F. Nicholson; L. E. Witkin; J. R. Donahoe; F. C. Morrison; W. D. Eaton; H. Magonet; C. K. Howse; T. Thorbjarnarson; R. H. Squires; F. W. Morrison; H. M. Torey; N. S. Clarke; C. E. Kearney; C. N. Morehouse; M. D. Webster; F. J. Phelan; B. Manuel; C. A. Herald; A. M. Olding; R. G. Shatford; E. L. Allen; D. T. O'Brien; M. I. McMillan; R. F. Hatfield; K. D. Densmore; J. F. Candow; E. R. Machum; H. J. Egan; C. L. Bennet; G. E. Wilson; H. L. Stewart; D. E. Redmond; J. K. Oldfield; E. O. Nickerson; R. W. Maclellan; R. J. Hill; M. H. Dockrill; L. M. MacLeod; R. W. McCarthy; S. Margolian; R. E. Wolfe; C. B. Nickerson; C. W. Stanley (President); E. W. Nichols; M. M. McNeil; H. L. Bronson; W. P. Copp; R. Gautheron; G. Thorsteinsson; H. P. Bell; E. De C. Bishop (Life Treasurer); G. C. Thompson (Life President); L. J. Marshall (Life Vice President); M. G. Morton (Life Secretary); E. E. Dargie; K. G. Sullican; A. A. Meagher; W. J. Archibald; N. L. Fergusson; L. G. Marshall; L. C. Carroll; J. F. Cahan; H. F. MacRae; W. C. Anderson; D. M. Harper; D. A. Mahon; J. H. Vooght; A. A. Baird; H. D. Pyke; S. Johnston; G. P. K. Cann; M. G. Anderson; L. R. Ryan; C. L. Gosse; J. B. MacDonald; G. J. LeBrun; E. C. Saunderson; C. H. Sutherland; M. E. Webster; and A. L. Geddes arranged around photographs of three buildings. (2 copies)

Gauvin & Gentzel

Biology Department - John Ready, Professor Warwick Kimmins

File contains photographs of John Ready (items 75-77) and Warwick Kimmins (items 75, 77). - "John Ready and Prof. Warwick Kimmins check the root-stock activity of the bean plant in the growth chnmber. The roots are immersed in the piping where nutrient solution is continuously flushed through." John Ready, Honours Biology student.

Political Science Department - Government Studies Program - Board of Directors - Kell Antoft, R.St.J. Macdonald, Dr. Hicks, Lorne O. Clarke, Guy MacLean

File contains photographs of Kell Antoft; R. St.J. Macdonald; Dr. Hicks; Lorne O. Clarke; and Guy MacLean. - Photographs taken by Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited. - Identification from attached card reads: "LtoR: Kell Antoft (Asst Director, I.P.A.); Dean R. St. J. Macdonald (Law); Dr. Hicks (President no with program); Lorne O. Clarke, Q.C. (Asst. Director, Alumni); Dean Guy Maclean (Director - Dean of Arts & Science).".

Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited

Composite photograph of the Dalhousie Unviersity faculty of arts and sciene class of 1923

Item is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Arts and Science class of 1923. The photograph consists of portraits of Wm. MacOdrum; R. B. Taylor; C. P. Bethune; Miss H. E. Boyd; Miss M. MacCurdy; Miss R. E. Cluney; R. D. Duchemin; J. H. Reid; A. E. Murray; D. R. Webster; C. F. Grant; Miss J. MacKinnon; Miss P. Moase; Miss M. I. Kuhn; Miss M. J. O'Connor; Miss H. Pugsley; Miss E. E. Geddes; D. S. MacLeod; H. C. Glube; A. C. Hawkins; C. E. Drysdale; Miss A. W. MacNeil; Miss G. A. Henderson; H. Robertson; Miss F. C. Holland; Miss A. G. Harvey; R. H. Shaw; Miss O. Atlee; J. R. Kaye; J. H. Townsend; Miss E. N. Spike; Miss M. G. Wamboldt; Miss H. M. O'Brien; Miss M. J. Moase; W. E. Moseley; P. T. Hickey; Miss H. A. Sanford; Miss J. Schmidt; H. D. O'Brien; Miss M. A. Mackay; M. B. Emeneau; Miss M. J. Smith; Miss M. I. Clark; T. R. Goudge; J. A. Forbes; V. Ditmars; W. M. Jones; H. C. Muir; Miss A. E. Hunter; Miss D. J. Graham; Miss M. C. Hawkins; Miss G. L. McLean; Miss F. MacKinnon; R. M. McColl; M. M. MacOdrum; F. E. Archibald; Miss F. C. A. Power; Miss E. I. Chrichton (Vice President); J. Chew; R. Kerr; P. W. Bowers; F. H. Dentish; R. F. Callan (Treasurer); L. W. Fraser (President); C. C. Ives (Secretary); D. S. Thomson; G. M. Morrison; C. E. Jones; and D. M. Grant arranged in several rows around the words "Dalhousie University" and a large letter "D".

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photographs of visitors and guests of Dalhousie and other material

File contains photographs of visitors and guests to Dalhousie in the 1970s and early 1980s. Visitors include university and diplomatic representatives from the West Indies, Barbados, People's Republic of China, West Germany, Sweden, Japan, and Yugoslavia. File also contains newspaper clippings, index cards, contact sheets, and other material.

Composite photograph of Law Faculty and Class of 1902

Item is a composite photograph of the 1902 Dalhousie University law faculty and class. The photograph consists of portraits of eight faculty and eleven class members. Students consist of: E.N. Rhodes; N.J.. Lockhart; Frank B.A. Chipman; J. Philip Bill; A.C. Calder; W.J. Harris; W.R. MacDonald; J.W.P. Ritchie; P.J. Worsley; Robert A. Reid; and R.A. Squires. Faculty members consist of: G.A.R. Rowlings; R.E. Harris; R.C. Weldon (Dean); C.H. Canan; H. McInnes; Geo. Ritchie; C.B. Harrington; and B. Russell.

Notman Studio

Photograph of Dalhousie Chinese Student Society Dragons receiving a trophy

Item is a photograph of the Dalhousie Chinese Student Dragons basketball team receiving a trophy after winning the 1972 Maritime Cup invitational basketball tournament. The photograph shows Mrs. MacDonald presenting the trophy to team captain Peter Ung. Other team members are Spencer Lui, P.K. Chow, Tony Jong, J.K. Quek, K.T. Jim, J. Chan, Charles Lo, and Tony Chan. Photograph was published in University News, Volume 2, Issue 10.

Photograph of Duff Montgomerie

Item is a photograph of Duff Montgomerie speaking at the 1977 Athletics Awards banquet. A newspaper caption attached to the back of the photograph says "Sport Nova Scotia Co-ordinator Duff Montgomerie, who presented special N.S. Department of Recreation awards to all the members of the championship field hockey team."

Composite photograph of Arts, Science and Engineering Class of 1912

Item is a composite photograph of the 1912 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, and Engineering. The photograph consists of portraits of A. S. MacKenzie (President); H. Murray; C. L. Moore; D. S. McIntosh; H. P. Jones; E. MacKay; A. MacMechan; John Forrest (Ex-president); R. Magill; J. A. Estey; M. Macneill; C. D. Howe; H. L. Bronson; R. C. Weldon; D. C. Mackenzie; A. P. MacIver; E. Kerr; D. A. MacMillan; H. P. Smeltzer; W. J. MacLeod; H. A. Bligh; G. L. Keeler; M. R. MacGregor; D. K. Munnis; S. M. Dennis; H. L. Garrett; J. C. Stairs; D. S. Cox; F. H. Toomey; A. L. Murray; N. T. Ashkins; C. G. Marsters; J. M. MacCabe; M. I. Davidson; F. H. Palmer; J. A. MacDonald; J. Messervey; L. M. McKittrick; Georgene Faulkner; E. A. Chisholm; Nora Lantz; M. P. Irving; J. P. McQueen (Class President); A. L. MacLean (Class Secretary); A. I. Rettie; A. K. Dickie (Class Vice President); B. E. Mumford; Fillis Boar; Mabel Magee; F. Collier; W. H. Noonan; D. S. MacIntosh; E. V. Ackhurst; F. E. Heisler; R. E. Day; L. B. MacCurdy; M. B. Henderson; E. M. Blackie; H. W. Doane; G. W. Grant; D. R. Fraser; R. B. Carson; G. K. King; E. S. Smith; W. K. Mackay; Jean Henry; J. K. Murchison; W. R. MacAskill; L. P. Archibald; H. W. Jones; L. W. Colquhoun; R. J. MacKinnon; and J. E. Henry arranged in several rows around a photograph of the Forrest Building.

Climo's Studio

Composite photograph of Arts, Science and Engineering Class of 1916

Item is a composite photograph of the 1916 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, and Engineering. The photograph consists of portraits of M. R. Dawson; N. E. McDonald; J. A. Nicholson; R. C. MacDonald; J. M. Fraser; F. C. Lantz; C. L. Moore; J. E. Todd; H. Murray; A. S. MacKenzie (President); H. L. Stewart; H. P. Jones; A. MacMechan; J. N. Finlayson; M. Macneill; H. R. Theakston; G. L. Stairs; G. P. Brookfield; H. A. McCleave; S. MacDonald; R. B. Mooney; E. MacKay; D. A. MacRae; D. S. MacIntosh; P. L. Whitman; W. B. Musgrave; M. A. Rogers; C. W. Holland; F. H. M. Jones; J. P. Matin; J. E. Webster; C. P. Blakeley; D. F. Marshall; C. H. Crosby; Dr. F. Harris; H. L. Bronson; J .R. Lawley; E. B. McLatchey; R. F. B. Campbell; H. Allum; P. L. Wright; F. L. Moseley; E. F. Whyte; H. A. Wilson; J. H. McLeod; E. H. Dawson; F. P. Malcolm; M. L. Power; U. Blois; G. L. Palmer; H. Mowat; J. M. Wyte; D. Nicholson; M. A. Ross; U. F. Shreve; L. S. Creighton; B. Hall; A. J. McInnes; E. M. Montgomery; L. J. Bayne; C. W. Ritchie; W. Pallen; A. G. Meloin; P. Freeman; G. R. Holmes; R. D. MacNutt; M. C. Fraser (Life Vice President); C. A. Pugsley (Life President); C. F. MacLennan (Life Secretary Treasurer); C. E. B. Smith; W. A. Wood; M. F. Johnstone; A. Ross; J. H. Ryan; and N. L. Chipman arranged in several rows along with photographs of the Forrest building and three other buildings.

Composite photograph of Arts and Science Faculty and Class of 1907

Item is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Arts and Science faculty and class of 1907. The photograph consists of portraits of J. Forrest; R. C. Weldon; W. Murray; J. E. Woodman; H. Murray; E. MacKay; A. MacMechan; J. Liechti; E. B. Jack; D. A. Murray; F. H. Sexton; R. A Watson; F. G. Knight; R. E. Dickie; W. P. Grant; G. F. Murphy; M. Payson; F. M. Cunningham; C. I. Gourley; J. T. Archibald; J. B. Gilliott; R. J. Bethune; A. Rettie; A. G. Macaulay; E. Fraser; J. H. Prowse; A. S. McKenzie; H. P. Jones; F. T. McLeod; A. F. Matthews; G. D. Finlayson; S. Rettie; J. MacKinnon; J. R. Miller; M. G. Burris; J. J. Macritchie; C. H. Patterson; M. E. Kerr; W. H. Sweet; H. F. McRae; B. L. Mackay; C. L. Blois; R. W. Maclellan; and D. S. Wickwire arranged in several rows around a photograph of the Forrest Building.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of Dalhousie senior Arts and Science class

Item is a composite photograph of the 1906 senior class in Arts and Science at Dalhousie University. The photograph consists of portraits of B. E. Murphy; M. L. McKenzie; E. K. Pennington; E. P. Sinnott; A. M. Haverstock; M. G. Lawrence; J. M. Hales; A. E. McLeod; D. E. Faulkner; W. G. Barnstead; J. A. McLellan; J. Wood; J. Beaton; Prof. W. Murray; Prof. J. Forrest; Prof. J. Liechti; Prof. R. C. Weldon; R. C. Burns; R. C. Buckley; C. G. Dickie; W. K. Fraser; E. G. MacKenzie; Prof. A. S. MacKenzie; Prof. D. A. Murray; Prof. F. H. Sexton; Prof. J. E. Woodman; C. W. MacAloney; W. S. Lindsay; A. Fraser; C. T. Sullivan; A. Moxon; Prof. E. B. Jack; Prof. A. MacMechan; Prof. E. MacKay; Prof. S. M. Dixon; E. W. Nichols; J. G. Bruse; P. I. Swanson; J. R. Archibald; A. A. McLeod; E. MacDougall; H. H. MacKenzie; Prof. H. Murray; W. H. Burns; Prof. T. C. Hebb; W. A. G. Bauld; F. P. H. Layton; H. S. Patterson; G. Farquhar; J. M. Stewart; R. B. H. Robertson; J. B. Morrow; H. J. Creightn; A. J. Barnes; F. A. Grant; A. G. Harlow; W. MacPherson; B. S. Gore; A. W. Seaman; A. Fraser; and F. D. Sinclair arrange around a photograph of the Forrest Building.

Harry J. Moss

Photograph of Class of 1896

Item is a photograph of the Dalhousie University class of 1896 in their first year. The photograph shows Campbell; Marchall; Baker; A. C. Hill; Hetherington; Chisholm; Forbes; MacDonald; Murray; McKae; MacGregor; Stirling; McKay; Cummings; Johnston; Robb; Hood; Maxwell; Cock; Sutherland; Grant; Ross; McKinnon; Kennedy; Mitchell; Mahon; Ross; McIntosh; Bell; and Morrison sitting, standing, or reclining in several rows. The photograph includes James Robinson Johnston, Dalhousie's first African Nova Scotia graduate.

Notman Studio

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