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Dalhousie University Archives Dalhousie University. Public Relations Office. Item
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Music Department - Faculty - Dr. David H. Lewis; Prof. Philip May; Prof. Gary Karr; Prof A.G. Scott-Savage; Prof. J.R. McKay

File contains photographs of David. H. Lewis (items 1-2); Philip May (items 1-2); Gary Karr (items 1-2); A.G. Scott-Savage (items 1-2); and J.R. McKay (items 1-2). - Photographs taken by Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited (items 1-2). - Contact sheet also includes head shots of Gary Karr.

Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited

Music Department - Festival Singers of Canada - Elmer Iseler

File contains photographs of Elmer Iseler. - Label on back of photo reads: "The Festival Singers of Canada under the direction of Elmer Iseler/Les Festival Singers of Canada sous la direction d'Elmer Iseler." Notes glued to the back of photo read: "Regular $3.00 & $2.00, students/senior citizens $2.00 & $1.00" and "Twenty-one years ago, three singers an da young conductor decided to create a choral organization that would fill a gap between the existing limited choral groups in Toronto. Today, 36 of the finest voices in Canada combine to form THE FESTIVAL SINGERS OF CANADA, praised by international critics and audiences time and again. You won't want to miss this groups with its unerring musical instinct, under the dynamic leadership of its founder-conductor Elmer Iseler.".

Music Department - Dalhousie Chorale - Rehearsal

File contains photographs of Audrey White; Helena Vaughan; Pat Cooper; and Frank Sellars. - Photographs taken by Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited. - Attached news release reads: "Four members of the Dalhousie Chorale in rehearsal for Sunday's concert in the new Cohn Auditorium. Audrey White, Helena Vaughan, Pat Cooper and Frank Sellars.".

Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited

Photograph of Dalhousie College

Item is a photograph of the original Dalhousie College building. There is know on the ground and two figures standing by a tree in front of the building. The photograph is mounted on a matboard. There is a caption on the matboard which says "Dalhousie College, Halifax, Nova Scotia."

Aerial photograph of Dalhousie University Campus

File contains two copies of an aerial photograph of Dalhousie University, looking toward Halifax Harbour. The Life Sciences building is under construction. One copy of the photograph has a note on the back which says "circa 1972" but the other copy has the date "Sept 25 1970" written on it, which is probably the correct date.

Field, D. B.

Aerial photograph of the University of King's College campus and the Northwest Arm

Item is an aerial photograph of the University of King's College campus, part of the Dalhousie University Studley campus, and the Northwest Arm. Howe Hall, the Sir James Dunn Science Building, the Nova Scotia Public Archives, the University of King's College, and the education building are shown in the photograph.

Field, D. B.

Composite photograph of Arts, Science, Engineering and Commerce Faculty and Class of 1924

Item is a composite photograph of the 1924 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering, and Commerce. The photograph consists of portraits of W. P. Copp; H. Murray; D. McIntosh; J. N. Gomanlock; H. P. Jones; B. C. Hunt; H. P. Bell; J. H. L. Johnstone; M. C. H. Mercer; H. L. Bronson; H. L. Stewart; M. MacNeil; A. MacMechan; A. S. MacKenzie (President); A. B. Morton (Life Treasurer); B. A. Seaman; G. E. Mills; D. S. Campbell (Life President); Donald McInnes; R. F. Ross; T. R. Sutherland; A. I. Mader; H. F. Munro; F. W. Bissett; M. MacKenzie; H. Campbell; M. E. MacKay; A. D. MacKinnon; J. W. Longley; C. L. Bennet; D. S. MacIntosh; C. B. Nickerson; H. S. King; E. W. Nichols; G. E. Wilson; W. R. Maxwell; K. M. Onttensham; E. M. Black; W. H. Swan; W. T. Harrison; T. J. W. Beckwith; D. M. T. Lonston; R. H. Norton; T. C. Coffin; W. T. Richardson; R. C. Robb; R. F. Ross; D. MacCarthy; R. M. Williams; G. H. Pringle; T. A. Robertson; J. W. Sutherland; M. R. Butler; C. E. Read; S. B. Profitt; D. McEnish; H. Hamilton; M. E. Smetnam; E. J. Jamer; W. A. Hemat; C. H. Parks; T. M. MacCalder; M. G. Colquhoun; E. W. Nichols; R. S. MacLeod; M. E. Hohen; E. F. Rogers; H. A. Frame; F. C. A. Power; F. MacKinnon; J. D. N. MacDonald; A. G. McKean (Life Vice President); J. L. Thurber; M. J. O'Connor; M. E. King; and E. E. McKay arranged in several rows around photograph of three buildings and a crest.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photograph of Class of 1919 Freshman Year

File contains two copies of a photograph of the Dalhousie University freshman class of 1919. The photograph shows G. R. McLeod; R. M. Roberts; C. C. Walls; D. C. Ross; J. W. McIntosh; J. McKiggan; H. H. Finck; T. B. Acker; W. M. Marshall; H. Taylor; I. F. McKinnon; J. N. Ritchie; V. J. Pottier; G. C. Shaffner; W. F. Greenwall; J. E. McLeod; W. Mathieson; E. J. Shaw; C. C. Mitchell; W. L. Knant; J. McKay; R. H. Hoben; J. D. McLeod; H. C. Northorp; B. C. Holnes; J. H. Notting; H. H. Corbin; M. C. Theakston; L. G. Gauvin; D. C. Colquhoun; B. W. Murphy; W. R. Munnis; T. E. Townsend; M. L. Pugsley; J. H. McIntosh; E. A. Campbell (Vice President); M. F. Vickerey; J. H. Power (President); C. B. Climo (Secretary); B. MacDonald; M. H. McBride; L. T. Porter; F. H. Russell; M. Resnic; B. E. Nicholl; A. D. Porter; V. B. Whitman; M. D. Dickson; M. E. Kirkpatrick; A. L. Wickwire; and K. M. Adamson sitting or standing in five rows. In a note on the back of the photograph, Carol McInnes, Ronnie Flick, Mary Boak, Nan Young, Billie Keith, Vincent McDonald, Herman Campbell, Dunlop (enlisted), Willard Thompson, Chaisson, and Crowe are listed as absent from the photograph.

Photograph of Class of 1918 Freshman Year

Item is a photograph of the Dalhousie University freshman class of 1918. The photograph shows E. Simpson; C. A. Anderson; H. L. Moore; S. J. Robinson; V. A. Grierson; B. D. Moore; C. Hyde; T. H. Whelpley; H. A. Moseley; W. R. Cameron; B. E. Bayne; R. B. Dickie; G. Mason; F. L. Fraser; A. Buckley; F. D. Mooney; E. J. Hallett; W. Forsythe; H. F. Arthur; D. Russell; H. B. Bell; A. A. Turnbull; O. R. Crowell; W. R. McClelland; C. F. Bowes; R. J. Hirtle; L. T. Pentz; J. A. McLean; C. StC. Stayner; C. F. Fraser; H. R. Chipman; M. Freeman; L. McLean; N. McColl; J. M. Harris (Secretary Treasurer); L. L. Harrison (President); A. C. MacKenzie (Vice President); E. MacDonald; J. Cameron; J. Campbell; S. H. Kechin; K. Tattrle; C. MacMillan; L. Beairsto; A. Porter; J. Munro; A. Anderson; E. Perry; M. Stailing; G. Harper; M. Morrison; and J. Ross sitting or standing in five rows.

Climo's Studio

Composite photograph of Arts, Science and Engineering Class of 1916

Item is a composite photograph of the 1916 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, and Engineering. The photograph consists of portraits of M. R. Dawson; N. E. McDonald; J. A. Nicholson; R. C. MacDonald; J. M. Fraser; F. C. Lantz; C. L. Moore; J. E. Todd; H. Murray; A. S. MacKenzie (President); H. L. Stewart; H. P. Jones; A. MacMechan; J. N. Finlayson; M. Macneill; H. R. Theakston; G. L. Stairs; G. P. Brookfield; H. A. McCleave; S. MacDonald; R. B. Mooney; E. MacKay; D. A. MacRae; D. S. MacIntosh; P. L. Whitman; W. B. Musgrave; M. A. Rogers; C. W. Holland; F. H. M. Jones; J. P. Matin; J. E. Webster; C. P. Blakeley; D. F. Marshall; C. H. Crosby; Dr. F. Harris; H. L. Bronson; J .R. Lawley; E. B. McLatchey; R. F. B. Campbell; H. Allum; P. L. Wright; F. L. Moseley; E. F. Whyte; H. A. Wilson; J. H. McLeod; E. H. Dawson; F. P. Malcolm; M. L. Power; U. Blois; G. L. Palmer; H. Mowat; J. M. Wyte; D. Nicholson; M. A. Ross; U. F. Shreve; L. S. Creighton; B. Hall; A. J. McInnes; E. M. Montgomery; L. J. Bayne; C. W. Ritchie; W. Pallen; A. G. Meloin; P. Freeman; G. R. Holmes; R. D. MacNutt; M. C. Fraser (Life Vice President); C. A. Pugsley (Life President); C. F. MacLennan (Life Secretary Treasurer); C. E. B. Smith; W. A. Wood; M. F. Johnstone; A. Ross; J. H. Ryan; and N. L. Chipman arranged in several rows along with photographs of the Forrest building and three other buildings.
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