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Prime the Video Game Commercials on Hold

Item is an audiocassette by Andy Dowden. The recording features Side A: "What Floyd said to Me. Plinkin", "Mr. Arcade is Here", Side B: "The Love Song", "Lexicon Overkill", and "Bomb Dangerous". Item is part of the Andy Dowden Audio Tapes 1983-1985 compilation.

Dowden, Andy

Centre for Art Tapes audio compilation

Item is the master audio compilation of six pieces by various artists, compiled by Andy Dowden: "Heartfelt Words" by Andy Dowden; "Shakahachi" by David Barteaux; " I am a Canadian" by Bob Bean and David Craig; "Threads and Sutures" by PBX; I want Release" by 333; and traditional maritime music by Jacques Lederlin.

Dowden, Andy

Parking lot show

Item contains six tracks by various artists: "The Dance of Throwing away Property" by B. Bean; "It's very hot down there" by Michael Fernandes; "Plaza Road, Pike" by Allan Paivio; "My Grandmother's Quilt" by Karen Sudin and Doris Muise; and "The Americans" by Garry Kennedy.

30 listening and speaking sketches from Active Passive : an audio-video installation

Item contains the audio portion of an audio-visual installation created by Judy Radul. It includes the voices of Jim MacSwain, Jo-Anne Citrigno, Kirsten Forkert, Christine Thompson, Janice Dillon, Shirley Bear, Phllis McGregor, Glynis Humphrey, Christof Migone, Gillian Collyer, and Eun-Jung Kim. Most of the audio recording was done in Halifax in February 1996 with the assistance of a residency at the Centre for Art Tapes.

Radul, Judy

Chant for Joy

Item is a tape with six tracks: Ganesha Sharanam, Satya Ma, Giridhari Gopal Lala, Hara Shiva Shankara, Smite Smite Sundara, and Om Namah Shivaya Gurave. The tape features Divya Prabha (lead voice, guitar, cymbals, tamboura, kartal) and members of the chorus from the I & I Awareness Association of Halifax. Bhupendra Jagatia plays the tabla, and Andy Dowden plays the kartal and was the recording engineer. The tape is "dedicated to the teachings of spiritual master Pundit Ravi Shankar."

Recent additions compilation

Item contains a variety of works by John Glorno Bana, Phil Glass, Pauline Oliveros, Davin Tomas, Clive Robertson, John Cage, Joan Labargrg, David Moss, Art Lindsay, Jill Krosen, David Van Teighan, Conlon Nancarrow, Jack Goldstein, Terry Riley, Carole Caroompas, Diamanda Galas, Alvin Lucier, Rhys Chatham, Christian Marclay, John Zorn, Anne Waldman, William Burroughs, and Laurie Anderson.

Four the moment : earth anthem

Item is an audio cassette that contains various works by Leonard Boudreau ("Earth Anthem"); Clary Croft ("The Broken Ring," traditional a cappella, "The False Knight," "Farewell to Nova Scotia," and two traditional instrumentals); and Jamie MacNutt ("Count Me Out," "Assorted guitars and Mittens," "Long long time," and "Safari in the City".

Croft, Clary


Item is an audio cassette that contains seven tracks by Andy Dowden: Political Freedom, Self-Hypnosis, He Man, Fun 1, 2 Big Men, Cheer Up, and De Lub Dub. Special thanks are given to David Barteaux and Andy James. The tape also features Clancy Dennehy on the "De Lub Dub" track on drums and was produced at the Centre for Art Tapes in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Cover art for the tape is by Jan Skeldon.

Dowden, Andy

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