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Letter from Simeon Perkins to William Cahoon

  • MS-2-221, SF Box 31, Folder 3
  • Item
  • 1794
1794 letter to William Cahoon of Port Medway from Simeon Perkins of Liverpool regardling the law surrounding the worrying or killing of sheep by dogs.

Cahoon, William

Samuel George William Archibald fonds

  • MS-2-3, SF Box 13, Folder 1
  • Fonds
  • [1819?]
Fonds consists of two notes from Lord Dalhousie, two letters (one photocopy) from Agricola (John Young), and one note regarding a property deed.

Archibald, Samuel George William, 1777-1846

Letter from Lord Dalhousie to W. Smith

  • MS-2-69, SF Box 18, Folder 22
  • Item
  • 1823
Item is a letter (1823) from Lord Dalhousie to W. Smith, requesting that two barrels of Pictou oatmeal be shipped to Quebec on the next available vessel as a sample of Smith's produce.

Smith, W., fl. 1823

Letter from Jonathan Sewell to his daughters, Maria and Henrietta

  • MS-2-66, SF Box 18, Folder 21
  • Item
  • 1828
Item is a letter (1828) from Jonathan Sewell to his daughters, Maria (the eldest) and Henrietta, addressed to the care of their uncle, Stephen Sewell, in Montreal. Sewell describes the recent departure of Lord and Lady Dalhousie and exhorts his daughters to travel by steamboat and meet him at Three Rivers, which he calls "The Modern Seat of Science, Literature & Fashion."

Sewell, Jonathan, Justice, c. 1766-1839

Letters to John Young from his son, William Young

  • MS-2-80, SF Box 18, Folder 28
  • File
  • 1815, 1833
File consists of one handwritten letter (1833) to John Young from his son and business agent, William Young, and a transcription of an earlier letter (1815) from William.

Young, John, 1773-1837

Letter from Lewis Williams to John McGregor

  • MS-2-97, SF Box 41, Folder 16
  • Item
  • 1840
Item is a letter to John McGregor from Judge Lewis M. Williams of Windsor, Nova Scotia regarding his assistance in forwarding items to Liverpool.

McGregor, John

Papers relating to the estate of James MacIntosh

  • MS-2-141, SF Box 27, Folder 44
  • File
  • 1842
File consists of an account statement and letter from the Pictou Probate Office dated 1842 relating to fees owed on the estate of James MacIntosh, who died in the 1820s.

MacIntosh, James

Letter from Thomas McCulloch to the Senate of the University of Edinburgh

Item is a letter concerning Thomas McCulloch's donation of a North American insect specimen (from Nova Scotia) to the University of Edinburgh, via Professor Jameson, for the university's museum. The letter discusses Nova Scotia's Scottish connections, Presbyterian religion, the Pictou Academy, and the advocates for the conference of honorary degrees on the Honourable Sampson Salter Blowers, the Chief Justice of Nova Scotia; the Honourable James Stewart; and the Honourable Brenton Halyburton.

Letters from Alfred Austin to Stephen Tobin

  • MS-2-74, SF Box 18, Folder 24
  • File
  • 1854-1855
File consists of four letters from Alfred Austin to Stephen Tobin. Austin was Tobin's schoolmate at Stonyhurst College from 1849-1852 and later served as Poet Laureate of England (1896-1913).

Austin, Alfred

Minute book of the Sons of Temperance, Columbia Division No. 24

  • MS-2-14, SF Box 13, Folder 11
  • Item
  • 1848
Item is the division's minute book from 1848 to 1862, which include a letter dated 1864 regarding a charge against Jasper Journeay for violating the Sons of Temperance constitution.

Sons of Temperance, Columbia Division No. 24.

Thomas McCulloch, Jr. fonds

  • MS-2-41
  • Fonds
  • 1824-1865
Fonds consists of Thomas McCulloch Jr.'s correspondence with various persons and organizations, manuscripts, and documents from McCulloch's visit(s) to France.

McCulloch, Thomas, Jr.

Archibald Woodbury McLelan fonds

  • MS-2-87, SF Box 18, Folders 32-33
  • Fonds
  • 1865-1869
Fonds comprises business correspondence, bills of lading, receipts, and miscellaneous papers connected to McLelan's shipping business.

McLelan, Archibald Woodbury, 1824-1890

William Robinson's general store business ledger

  • MS-4-159, SF Box 6, Folders 9-10; SF Box 49, Folder 2
  • File
  • 1862-1870
File comprises a business ledger containing miscellaneous papers, including an index, correspondence, estate papers and notes.

Robinson, William R.

William Young fonds

  • MS-2-81, SF Box 18, Folder 29
  • Fonds
  • 1857-1870
Fonds consists of a book of literary quotations, a letter from Sir William Young to Judge Thompson and S.L. Shannon, a draft of a speech regarding Dalhousie College, a letter from William Young to his parents, and a letter to Charles Young from William.

Young, William, Sir

Letter from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to William Dummer Northend

  • MS-2-60, SF Box 18, Folder 19
  • Item
  • 1875
Item is one handwritten letter (1875) from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to William Dummer Northend in Salem, Massachusetts regarding the possibility of finding subscribers in Boston and Cambridge for an unnamed cause.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882

Letter to Mrs. William Clarke from her cousin

  • MS-2-150, SF Box 27, Folder 4
  • Item
  • 1878
Item is a black-bordered letter written to [Maria?] Clarke from her cousin in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia relating the news of her sister's death and funeral.

Clarke, Mrs. William, fl. 1878

George William McQueen fonds

  • MS-2-594
  • Fonds
  • 1875 - 1878
Fonds contains photocopies of G.W. McQueen's letters to his mother and sister while he was attending Dalhousie University; G.W. McQueen's annotated textbook, Introduction to Anglo-Saxon (1875); and G.W. McQueen's notebooks from Professor Lawson's junior chemistry class (1876-1877) and Professor Lyall's psychology class (1877).

McQueen, George William

Letter from John Philip Sousa

File contains an autographed letter from John Philip Sousa, written on his letterhead from the Marine Band and Orchestra, Washington, D.C. The letter is stored in a folder and includes a copy of a photograph of Sousa from 1895 .

Sousa, John Philip

Arthur H. Whitman's diary of a trip to England

  • MS-2-487, SF Box 11, Folder 28
  • Item
  • 1888-1889
Item is a diary that describes a trip to England between November, 30 1888 and January 17, 1889. The diary contains daily entries that describe Whitman's activities, church attendance, meals, business and social visits, and letters sent and received. Many entries describe his meetings about apples. The diary also records money received and paid.

Whitman, Arthur Hanfield

Correspondence between Robert Bell and George Lawson

  • MS-2-381, SF Box 40, Folder 17
  • File
  • 1861-1889
File contains correspondence between Robert Bell and professor George Lawson, Dalhousie College, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Bell, Robert, 1841-1917

Richard C. Weldon fonds

  • MS-2-126
  • Fonds
  • 1864-1890
Fonds consists primarily of correspondence from the period during which Weldon was a Member of Parliament, and includes personal and business letters. There are also telegrams, bills, invoices, and a geometry textbook from Weldon's studies at Mount Allison. Also included are prints of family photographs, circa 1870's-1890's.

Weldon, Richard Chapman

Robert Dawson and Son fonds

  • MS-4-43
  • Fonds
  • 1860-1892
Fonds contains family and business correspondence ca. 1851-1896 and deeds dating 1860-1943.

Robert Dawson and Son.

Letter from Rev. D.B. Blair to Mr Farquharson

  • MS-2-228, SF Box 33, Folder 28
  • Item
  • 1892
Blair's letter discusses the spread of the Evangelical ministry amongst the Gaelic people of Cape Breton.

Blair, Duncan Black, The Reverend, 182?-1893

Captain Isaac Rayne's records

Series consists of Isaac Rayne's personal records, including promissory notes, a deed, correspondence, family records and other textual records. There are also two locks of his son George's hair, presumably from his early childhood.

Business correspondence to C. Locke & Co., Lockeport, regarding confirmation to ship goods, and receipt of shipments

File contains business correspondence addressed to Clifford Locke of C. Locke & Co., Lockeport, in the spring and summer of 1895, regarding receipt of shipment of goods (or confirmation of goods to be sent overseas). File contains both typed and handwritten correspondence. File contains correspondence from the following receivers and brokers: A.A. Ayer & Co. (Montreal), Bradley, Garretson & Co. (Brantford, Ontario), The Bras d'Or Lime Co. (Halifax), A.E. Bockmann (New York), Gilbert Bent & Sons (Saint John), Canada Life Assurance Company (Halifax), James Coristine & Co. (Montreal), Edgar N. Clements, Barrister (Yarmouth), E.M. Currie & Son (West Dublin, NS), Congdon & Congdon, Barristers (Halifax), De Long & Seaman (Boston), James Eisenhauer & Co. (Lunenburg), A. Gunn & Co. (Halifax), L.A. Gordon (Montreal), Hamilton & Close (Boston), John G. Hall & Co. (Boston), Kenny & Co. (Halifax), James Linton & Co. (Montreal), C.E. Lockwood (Canning, NS), Boston Marine Insurance Company, Manchester, Robinson & Allison (Saint John), A. & W. MacKinlay, Publishers, Booksellers (Halifax), J.B. Neily (Halifax), W.A. Poole (Lower Montague, PEI), C.H. Peters (Saint John), Levi Oxner (Chester Basin, NS), Frank Powers (Lunenburg), A & W Smith & Co. (Halifax), H.R. Silver (Halifax), John Tobin & Co. (Halifax), E.C. Twining (Halifax), John Starr, Son & Co. (Halifax), E.K. Spinney (Yarmouth), among others.

Business correspondence to C. Locke & Co., Lockeport, regarding confirmation to ship goods, and receipt of shipments

File contains business correspondence addressed to Clifford Locke of C. Locke & Co., Lockeport, from late-October 1895 to late-summer 1896, regarding receipt of shipment of goods (or confirmation of goods to be sent overseas). File contains both typed and handwritten correspondence. File contains correspondence from the following receivers and brokers: A.A. Ayer & Co. (Montreal), W.B. Arthur & Co. (Halifax), Acadia Fire Insurance Company (Halifax), Black Bros. & Co. (Halifax), J.A. Chipman & Co. (Halifax), Daniel Clancy (Beech Hill), De Long & Seaman (Boston), Robert Dawson & Sons (Bridgewater), H.W. Freeman (Jordan River), Chas. Freeman (Sable River), A. Gunn & Co. (Halifax), Hamilton & Close (Boston), Halifax Piano & Organ, Joseph Horsfall & Sons (Montreal), William Hounsell & Co. (Bridport), Inness, Hemeon & Co., Lobster Packers (Liverpool, NS), Kenny & Co. (Halifax), Lunenburg Iron Company, Boston Marine Insurance Company, John Millard (Liverpool, NS), Wm. Muir & Son (Halifax), The Dominion Collecting and Detective Agency (Saint John), Manchester, Robertson & Allison (Saint John), A. & W. MacKinlay (Halifax), The MacLean Publishing Co. (Toronto), Frank Powers (Lunenburg), Wm. Robertson (Halifax), A. & W. Smith (Halifax), N. & M. Smith (Halifax), E.K. Spinney (Yarmouth), White & Blanchard, Barristers (Shelburne), and others.

John W. Mills fonds

  • MS-2-558
  • Fonds
  • 1886 - 1896
Fonds consists of legal papers and correspondence related to John W. Mill's administration of charitable funds for the poor in Mahone Bay and surrounding areas.

Mills, John W.

Lemuel Publicover's miscellaneous business records

  • MS-2-105, SF Box 50, Folder 4
  • File
  • 1892-1896
File contains a bill of lading dated 26 November 1892, a letter written to Lemuel Publicover by Elias Sampson dated 1 January1894, a receipt issued by M.J. Bates on26 July 1896, and a receipt issued by John White and Company on 30 June 1896.

Pulbicover, Lemuel

Business correspondence to William McMillan, Lockeport, regarding confirmation to ship goods, and receipt of shipments

File contains business correspondence addressed to William McMillan, Lockeport, from spring 1897 through the end of 1897, regarding receipt of shipment of goods to be sold in his general store, or confirmation of goods to be sent overseas. File contains both typed and handwritten correspondence. File contains correspondence from the following receivers and brokers: Ames Holden Co. (Montreal), Black Bros. & Co. (Halifax), Brayley, Sons & Co. (Montreal), Champion Medicine Co. (South Ohio, NS), A. Chisholm, Merchant (Mahone Bay), Clayton & Sons (Halifax), Crowell Bros. (Halifax), Davis & Lawrence Co. (Montreal), Dearborn & Co. (Saint John), De Long & Seaman (Boston), I.V. Dexter (Liverpool), Goldsoll's Diamond Palace (Chicago), Dodds Medicine Co. (Toronto), Doull & Gibson (Montreal), Equitable Savings Loan Building Association (Toronto), Emerson & Fisher (Saint John), Theodore H. Estabrooks (Saint John), A. Gunn & Co. (Halifax), John G. Hall & Co. (Boston), Hamilton & Company (Chebeague and Portland, ME), Harlow & Kempton (Milton, NS), Kenny & Co. (Halifax), McCall, Shehyn & Co. (Quebec), MacKenzie, Crowe & Co. (Bridgetown), A. & W. MacKinlay (Halifax), T. Milburn (Toronto), John Millard (Liverpool), Moir, Son & Co., Bread, Biscuit and Confectionery (Halifax), J.E. Morse & Co., Teas (Halifax), J.G. Morton (Liverpool), Wm. Muir (Halifax), John Muldrew & Co. (Toronto), D.C. Mulhall (Liverpool), North National Bank (Rockland, ME), M. & H. Oxner (Chester Basin), Frank Powers (Lunenburg), A.F. Russell (Boston), St. Croix Soap Manf'g Co. (St. Stephen, NB), W.H. Schwartz & Co. (Halifax), A. & W. Smith & Co. (Halifax), E.K. Spinney (Yarmouth), Standard Tobacco (Toronto), A.F. Stoneman & Co. (Yarmouth), John Tobin & Co. (Halifax), Welcome Soap Company (Saint John), Dr. Williams Medicine Company (Brockville, ON), Yarmouth Building and Loan Society, among others.
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