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Water resources

This series contains textual and graphic material on water resources in Nova Scotia, which includes water quality, water sheds, tides, etc. These were published between 1911-1990.

Agricultural education

This series consists of booklets related to agricultural education, including the School of Agriculture, the Nova Scotia School of Horticulture, and the Normal School written by Harvey W. MacPhee, Sean D. Smith, and Robert P. Harvey. They were pub...


This series consists of books and other textual records relating to poultry, which includes husbandry, plucking, etc. These were published between 1916-1942.


This series consists of 41 publications by the Nova Scotia Institute of Science, the Canadian Department of Agriculture, and the United States Department of Agriculture, relating to entomology. These were published between 1923-1983.

Special events and celebrations

This series contains photos, documents, flyers, and scripts regarding special events and celebrations at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. These includes exhibitions, dramas, open houses, commencements, etc. between 1971-2005.


This series contains clothing with university insignia and awards of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. These were created between 1940-1972.


This series contains 326 periodicals from various journals, newsletters, and magazines. All of these are related to sheep and wool research, breeds, farming, and industry, published between 1930-2002.

Historical materials

This series contains reports, drawings, correspondences, books, and photos regarding the history of the Nova Scotia Agriculture College. This includes the institute's early drafts for motto and crest, past principal's signatures, and con...


This series contains books, photographs, and a time of capsule, of past students and their involvements at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. These include sporting events, student councils, associations, and convocation, between 1907-2012.

Other goverments

This series contains 32 publications related to livestock issued from the provinces of Canada and countries outside the country between 1918-2003. It is arranged into two subseries, Other Provincial Governments of Canada and Other Governments Outs...


This series contains, photographs, film reels, video tapes, film reels, cassette tapes, paintings, and other miscellaneous textual records regarding sheep between 1940-2002. This series is dividing into 3 sub-series, Photographs, Film/Video, and S...

Councils, boards, bureaus

This series contains various textual records from various sheep related associations, councils, boards, bureaus, and university faculties. It is arranged into 8 sub-series, Nova Scotia Wool Marketing Board, Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limit...


This series contains 128 college calendars between the years 1895-2015. It is arranged into four sub-series, School of Agriculture, College of Agriculture, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, and Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture.


This series contains a training program relating to agriculture, created with the collaboration of Francisco de Paula Santander University and the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.

Other associations

This series contains publications related to sheep breeding issued from various sheep breeder associations between 1984-2002. It is arranged into 4 sub-series, Purebred, Canadian, Cape Breton, and miscellaneous associations.


This series contains course material and correspondences relating to the curriculum at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. It is divided into 2 sub-series, correspondences and courses.

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