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Correspondence from Ray Sweetman to Dalhousie history professor George Earle Wilson regarding film images for use in lectures supported by the 1934 American Seminar

  • MS-2-822, SF Box 102, Folder 19
  • File
  • 1934
File consists of three letters to participants in the 1934 American Seminar, a lecture series initiated by American Protestant leader Sherwood Eddy to introduce American thinkers to political, economic and ecclesiastical European leaders. The letters describe the content of film images available for use by seminarians in illustrated lectures.

Wilson, George Earle

Photographs of endangered plants

File contains photographs taken by Don Brunton (and collected by Bill Freedman), at Fairmont Hot Springs and Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Waterton National Park, Alberta, Kanata, Ontario, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, between 1982 and 1990. Photographs show Epipactis gigantea, Isoetes bolanderi, Azolla mexicana, Adiantum copillus-veneris, Silphium perfoliatum, Chimaphik maculata, and Sabbatia kennedyana.

Photographs of the birds of central Florida

File contains 172 photographs taken by Bill Freedman in central Florida over multiple visits, primarily between 1973 and 1977, but also in 1994. Photographs show various species of heron, crane, spoonbill, hawk, vulture, gull, egret, ibis, grebe, anhinga, pelican, and owl. Photographs are taken predominantly in the Everglades, however a few are from Pigeon Key, Bahia Honda, and Flamingo.

Photographs of vegetation and trees in central Florida

File contains 65 photographs taken by Bill Freedman in central Florida and North Carolina over multiple visits between 1974 and 1978. Photographs show mangrove, palm, sawgrass, orange groves, hammock, and magnolia, predominantly from the Everglades, but also Okeefenokee, Boca Raton, and the Great Smoky Mountains.