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Canada Halifax Explosion, Halifax, N.S., 1917
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Thaddeus M. Sieniewicz fonds

  • MS-13-81
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1936
Fonds consists of medical reports written during Thaddeus Sieniewicz's tenure as acting director of the Massachusetts-Halifax Health Commission.

Sieniewicz, Thaddeus M.

James Stanley Hillis fonds

  • MS-2-645
  • Fonds
  • 1917 - 1992
Fonds consists of materials regarding the student lives of James Stanley Hillis and his wife Pauline E. Hillis. Records include notebooks, books, and others textual records. Fonds also contains photographic negatives and prints of Pauline E. Hillis with friends, and of their son Eric Stanley Hillis at the age of 5, and two manuscripts regarding Hillis & Son Limited.

Hillis, James Stanley

Minute book of the Medical Relief Committee of Dartmouth

  • MS-13-49, SF Box 69, Folder 18
  • Item
  • 1918, 1944
Item is a minute book kept during the meetings of the Medical Relief Committee of Dartmouth. The committee met regularly in late 1917-1918 to discuss the care of Dartmouth patients following the 1917 Halifax Explosion. The book, which was kept by Dr. M.G. Burris, details meetings and efforts to coordinate with the relief activities with the Medical Relief Committee of Halifax. Burris added two pages of notes in June 1944 with information about committee members, the Dartmouth hospitals managed by the committee, and remunerations paid to physicians by the Medical Relief Committee.

Halifax Medical Commission Relief Committees

Business correspondence to William McMillan, Lockeport, regarding confirmation to ship goods, and receipt of shipments

File contains business correspondence addressed to (and a couple written by) William McMillan, Lockeport, between October 1917 and April 1918, regarding receipt of shipment of goods to be sold in his general store, or confirmation of goods to be sent overseas.

File contains correspondence regarding Halifax Explosion fallout from the following brokers: Ben's Limited (regarding "having our bakery roof blown off" and "nearly every good bread box smashed to pieces at North Street Station") , Carritte-Paterson Man'f'g Co. (regarding being "pleased to advise that [...] we have again been able to get our Plant in operation"), Consumers Cordage Company (announcing that "while our plant at Dartmouth was severely damaged [...] we were fortunate in having a large and well assorted stock of rope on hand in our warehouses"), R.B. Seeton (regarding a "credit slip for the goods that have apparently been blown to smithereens in the explosion", but reminding that it is "a very small matter compared to what we have had to sustain here"), John Tobin & Co. (regarding the need of the entirety of the "wholesale grocery trade of Halifax are at present feeding the people of Halifax, [which is] urgently needed here")

File contains correspondence from Fuel Control Canada regarding coal usage (from C.A. Magrath, Controller, and C.W. Peterson, Deputy Controller).

File contains both typed and handwritten correspondence and balance orders from the following brokers: Acadia Gas Engines (Bridgewater), Edward Allen (Yarmouth), Amherst Foundry Co. Limited, G.E. Barbour Co. (Saint John), H.S. Berner & Co. (New York), Calder, Fraser & Co. (Dartmouth), Canada Cement Company (Montreal), Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. (Halifax), David Cohen & Co. (New York), Davis & Lawrence Co. (Montreal), Andrew Doane (Ingomar), Dominion Molasses Company (Halifax), Dominion Oil Cloth Company (Montreal), Thomas A. Edison, Inc. (Orange, NJ), Emerson & Fisher (Saint John), T.H. Estabrooks Co. (Saint John), Frank Fales (Saint John), D.M. Ferry & Co. (Windsor, ON), Arthur Fordham & Co. (Halifax), Gault Brothers Co. (Montreal), S.R. Giffin & Sons (Goldboro), L. Gnaedinger Son & Co. (Montreal), Gourock Ropework Export Co. (Montreal), J.L. Greenwood (North East Harbour), Gunns Limited (Toronto), Gurney-Massey Company (Montreal), Trueman Hagar (Round Bay), Mrs Ida Harlow (Sable River West), Harnett-Smith Company (Boston), L. Higgins & Co. (Moncton), Hutchings Company (Saint John), Imperial Oil Limited (Halifax), J.B. Jones (East Jordan), Kelly's Limited (Halifax), Kilgour Bros. (Toronto), A.H. Lambourn (New York), Leather Label Over-haul Co. (Walkerville, ON), Liverpool Monumental Works, Lockett & Messenger (Bridgetown), Lynola Mfg. Co. (New York), D.M. Lyons (Crowell), T. McAvity & Sons (Saint John), A. & W. MacKinlay (Halifax), McLaughlin Motor Car Company (Yarmouth), J.C. McLeod (Point Tupper), Manchester Robertson Alison (Saint John), Martin-Senour Co. (Montreal and Halifax), C.E. Millard (Liverpool), G.P. Mitchell & Sons (Halifax), Moirs Limited (Halifax), J. & M. Murphy (Halifax), Northern Electric Company (Montreal), Nova Scotia Steel & Coal Company Limited (New Glasgow), Parrish, Phillips & Co, (New York), Payzant & King (Halifax), Peabody Overalls (Walkerville, ON), Perfect-Knit Mills (Listowel, ON), Rhodes, Curry & Co. (Halifax), Royal Print & Litho. (Halifax; regarding the "lack of bindery hands [and] skilled workmen"), Wm. Robertson (Halifax), Robin Hood Mills Limited (Montreal), St. John Milling Company (West Saint John), Saunders & Duffus (Halifax, underwriters slips), I.B. Shaffner (Halifax), Sherer-Gillett Company (Guelph and Chicago; regarding outstanding payments: "You have disappointed us"), Sylvanus Smith & Co. (Gloucester, MA), E.K. Spinney (Yarmouth), Wm. Stairs, Son & Morrow (Halifax), Stanfield's Limited (Truro), John Starr, Son & Co. (Halifax), Supplies Limited (Kentville), Swift Canadian Co. (Toronto), Robert Taylor Co. (Halifax), Telfer Woodworking Company (Bridgewater), Thorbourn Bros (Gunning Cove), W.H. Thorne & Company (Saint John), Walker Bros. (Milton), F.G. Wheaton (Amherst), A.N. Whitman & Son (Canso), Wolverton Milling Co. (Saint John), T.E. Worthen & Son (Crowell's), Yarmouth Cycle & Motor Car Co., Yarmouth Fruit Co., among others.

James Stanley Hillis' records

Series consists of materials regarding James Stanley Hillis' student life, including notebooks, a Dalhousie song book, and other textual records.There are also two manuscripts regarding Hillis & Sons Limited.

Allan James Chapman fonds

  • MS-2-709
  • Fonds
  • [after 1853] - 1997
Fonds consists of Allan James Chapman's family history, including an account of the Halifax Explosion written by his mother Annie Marguerite (Daisy) Chapman, and his grandfather Herbert Eugene Greenough's poems and essays about working on the Nova Scotia railways.

Chapman, Allan James