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Item is a video recording with footage from two theatre productions as well as footage from an in-class icebreaker game from a Dalhousie Theatre course. The first part of the tape (0:00:00- 1:08:14) is a recording of the dress rehearsal of act 1 of a comedic Czech-language play. The second part of the tape (1:08:14-1:16:40) is a recording of the Dalhousie Department of Theatre production of The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare, performed from 1 to 5 April 1987. The recording is of act III, scene III. The third part of the tape (1:16:40-1:30-20) is a recording of an in-class game with icebreaker questions, as well as hypothetical scenarios that both punish and reward risk-taking with gold and blue disks, called “Risky Business.”

North elevation

Item is a 1921 presentation drawing of the Dalhousie Arts Building, annotated with a note indicating that it was F.D.'s (Frank Darling's) favourite version of the keystone design.

National Research Council building architectural plans

File contains architectural drawings for the National Research Council Laboratory and for the Institute for Marine Biosciences on Oxford Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The 1949 drawings, produced by Leslie Fairn and C. Gustave Brault, include plot plans; footings; floor plans; interior room and finish schedules; sections and details; and plumbing, heating and electrical plans. The 1964 and 1979 drawings are for additions and extensions, and were produced by Duffus, Romans, Kundzins and Rounsefell Ltd. The file also includes a set of drawings printed at reduced scale for a submission by Lydon Lynch issued September 2002 for a National Research Council New Industry Partnership Facility Institute for Marine Biosciences.

Gymnasium for Dalhousie University

File contains construction blueprints for the Studley Campus gymnasium, which was designed by architect Andrew Cobb and built by MacDonald Construction in 1932. Drawings include floor plans; elevations; footing plans; cross sections; and details for windows, cornices and other elements. The plans, which are labelled with job number U-311, are signed off by [W. Thompson?], Secretary of the Board of Governors.

Dalhousie Medical School architectural plans

File contains architectural drawings by Andrew Cobb for a proposed medical school building: two sets of basement, first and second floor plans; and single drawings of the front, end and rear elevations; cross and longitudinal sections; and a proposed layout for a physiology dark theatre.

Arts Building elevations

File contains 11 presentation drawings signed by Andrew R. Cobb, Architect, and dated between August and September 1921. There are six drawings of the north elevation and five of the south elevation, each featuring variations in window design, and some containing notes indicating suggestions or preferences of F.D. (Architect Frank Darling), A.S.M. (President Arthur Stanley MacKenzie) and G.F.P.

Central Services parkade drawings

File contains three sets of drawings for the Central Services parkade produced by Chebucto Engineering Limited Consulting Engineers, Brandys McBride Richardson Engineering, and Rendan Fabricators.

Gerard Hall architectural plans

File contains a set of architectural plans for Gerard Hall (originally the Halifax Infirmary and School of Nursing) produced by architects C.A. Fowler @ Co. and printed at reduced scale.

Student Union Building addition construction drawings

File contains a construction package set of drawings for a 2002 addition to the original Student Union Building at Dalhousie University. The drawings were produced by Fowler Bauld and Mitchell, Campbell Comeau Engineering and Morris & Richard Consulting Engineers. The file includes a listing of set ID numbers and notes from Facilities Management.

Science Building construction drawings

File comprises a set of electrostatic prints on polyester of Andrew R. Cobb's architectural plans for the Science Building, dated March 31, 1913 and signed on June 2, 1913 by building contractors Falconer & McDonald and G.S. Campbell, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dalhousie College. Drawings include floor plans, exterior and interior elevations and sections; and exterior and interior details.

Blueprints for new Arts Building

File contains drawings created by Andrew Cobb for an arts building commissioned by the Board of Governors as part of their building plans during the late 1920s/early 1930s, which also included a gymnasium, power plant, men's dormitory, and extensions to the Science Building and Shirreff Hall. The planned site for the building, which was cancelled due to financial restraints, was adjacent to the temporary arts building, which had been built in 1921 to house the law school. Drawings include a preliminary sketch of the front (north) elevation; west, east, south and north elevations; skeleton section; and detailed floor plans.

Andrew Cobb's drawings for a new Arts Building

File contains ground and second floor plans created by Andrew Cobb for a building (never constructed) for Dalhousie College to be located opposite the Macdonald Library. File also contains basement, ground, second and third floor plans for a new arts building, along with an elevation and site plan showing the building located across from the Archives.

Building for Dalhousie College / Andrew R. Cobb, architect ; Frank Darling, cons'l't'g arch't

Item is a sheet with two drawings of the second floor of a building designed to serve as office and lecture spaces before being converted to a law library and eventually a university museum. One plan shows the space partitioned into a lecture hall, faculty room and offices to serve current needs; in the second it is laid out as a law library. There is also a small inset aerial perspective of the new (temporary) Arts Building in relation to the Science Building and Macdonald Library.

Building for Dalhousie College

File contains two sheets containing drawings of a building designed to serve as Arts offices and lecture spaces before being converted to a law library and eventually to a university museum.

MacDonald Library bookcase details

File contains full-scale and 3/4-scale shelving detail drawings; details for a chimney-top rain shield; and a leaded letters template for the O.E. Smith Wing addition built in 1956.

Full-scale detail drawings of external masonry elements for Dalhousie's Medical Science Laboratory

File contains seven sheets of FSD (full-scale detail) drawings of masonry for details such as cornices, pilaster boxes and string courses, window sills, and mouldings for the Medical Science Laboratory at Dalhousie University. There are also vestibule details, including the fanlight over the main entrance door. Drawings include elevations, plans and sections.

Construction drawings for Dalhousie University's Medical Sciences Laboratory

File contains a set of construction drawings by architect Andrew R. Cobb for the Medical Science Laboratory, known as the Medical Science Building, which originally housed the departments of physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and hygiene. Eventually it became home to School of Pharmacy and was renamed the Burbidge Building. The drawings are labelled Job No. K. 147, Sheet Nos. 1-20, and were drawn and traced by P.K.A. and C.W. Drawing types include a foundation plan, elevations, sections, gas, air, electrical and wiring plans. Framing and footing plans were created in partnership with Pickings & Roland, Engineers. There is also an electrostatic print set reproduced on polyester. Included in the file is an original excavation plan dated August 25, 1921 and a front elevation labelled Dalhousie Medical School.

Site plans and maps of Studley campus

File contains proposed building site plans for Studley Campus drawn by H.R. Theakston, university engineer, as well as topographical maps of the Studley Estate prior to Dalhousie construction, including one created by engineering students. There are also several maps dating between 1922-1928 showing the campus's development.

Study for layout of grounds : Dalhousie University

Item is a site plan of Studley campus grounds, indicating the placement of roads and buildings. The drawing was produced by Mawson and Dunington-Grubb, Landscape Architects of Toronto. Written on the reverse: "Darling's layout of grounds."

Ground floor, library building

Item is a ground floor plan of the Macdonald Library indicating men and women's reading rooms; cataloguing and accession rooms; librarians' offices; future reading rooms additions and the lower floor of the future stacks room. There are also inset sketches of reading room layouts with desks and capacity calculations.

First floor, library building

Item is a first floor plan of the Macdonald Library indicating lecture rooms and sizes and showing the upper part of the future stacks room. There are also two inset sketches of lecture room layouts, one to seat 45 and the other to seat 110; a list of subjects with corresponding professors' initials; and a note indicating the present use of second and third floors by Arts classes. The reverse side has red pencil or charcoal lines marking the walls and is marked "L46" in the lower right corner.

Plan showing location of trees, shrubs, etc. planted 1919-1920

Item is a site plan showing the location of trees, shrubs, and other plants planted on Dalhousie University's Studley Campus in 1919 and 1920. The drawing shows the location of the plants in relation to the Science Building (now the Chemistry Building), the Macdonald Memorial Library (now the Macdonald Building), and various pathways. All of the plants are labeled.

Suggested plan for Studley campus

Item is a pencil sketch of a plan for Dalhousie University's Studley campus. The drawing was produced by President Arthur Stanley MacKenzie; written on the back is: "One of early attempts by ASM to design the campus. When slightly modified it became final design."

Dalhousie University : suggested layout

Item is a blueprint of a site plan drawn by T.H. Mawson & Sons (London, Lancaster and Toronto), showing a potential layout of future campus buildings and grounds. On the reverse President Arthur Stanley MacKenzie has written: "Mawson's modification of my plan / ASM."

Dalhousie University grounds and buildings : erected and proposed

Item is map drawn by H.R. Theakston, University Engineer, showing Dalhousie and other associated buildings on and near both Studley Campus and Carleton Campus. The drawing includes a key indicating the names of both existing and proposed buildings. It was originally made on May 14, 1924 and revised on June 30, 1925.

Site plan for Dalhousie University

Item is a site plan for Studley campus produced by Mackenzie & Howe, Landscape Architects and Artists. On the reverse is written: "Trial suggestion of ASM for laying-out of grounds and approved with slight changes (shown in red) by Darling and Mawson, and adopted." A.S.M. is Arthur Stanley MacKenzie, Dalhousie University president.

Studley campus site and landscape plans

File contains potential site plans for Dalhousie University's Studley campus as well as landscape plans indicating actual plantings. There is also one drawing of a unrealized medical school site plan.

Public Health Centre for Dalhousie University

File contains an electrostatic print set reproduced on polyester of construction drawings by Andrew R. Cobb for Dalhousie's Public Health Centre. Labelled Job No. K144, Sheet Nos. 1-13, the drawings include a footings and drainage plan; floor plans; roof plan; wiring plans; and elevations.
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