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Letter of support for Dr. Daniel Cobb Harvey from Archibald McKellar MacMechan to Edwin Laftus

Item is three sheets of paper. The first sheet is folded to make two additional pages. The letter is Archibald MacMechan's recommendation to Edwin Laftus, that Daniel Harvey should receive the position of lecturer in History at Dalhousie University. A P.S. note by MacMechan also recommends an article that Harvey wrote for the Rhodes Foundation.

MacMechan, Archibald McKellar

Samuel Ernest Sprott fonds

  • MS-2-660
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1996, predominantely 1958-1978

This fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Dr. Samuel Ernest Sprott. Types of files include correspondence, class lecture notes and materials, reading lists, exams, notes and English department supplements, Library committee meeting minutes and reports and other committee papers Sprott was associated with, manuscripts and published journal articles and books and records from the Faculty of Arts and Science and Graduate Studies, such as events and meetings.

Series include Class Records ; Correspondence ; Dalhousie University Libraries ; Department of English ; Faculty of Arts and Science ; Faculty of Graduate Studies ; McGill University ; Microfilm ; Personal Papers ; Published Work ; and Slides

Sprott, Samuel Ernest

Elisabeth Mann Borgese fonds

  • MS-2-744
  • Fonds
  • 1938-2002, predominant 1969-2001
Fonds consists of records pertaining primarily to the professional activities of Elisabeth Mann Borgese, focusing on major organizations and projects with which she was affiliated from the beginning of her North American career in the 1940s. The collection includes correspondence, publications and drafts, administrative records, conference materials, sound and video recordings, research materials, photographs, and other materials.

Borgese, Elisabeth Mann

Dalhousie Women's Club fonds

  • UA-38
  • Fonds
  • 1948-1995
Fonds consists of annual reports, records pertaining to interest groups formed within the club, membership information, minutes and agendas, administrative records, newsletters, photographs, and records for committees, events, and finances.

Dalhousie Women's Club.

Alexander Peter Reid fonds

  • MS-13-33, SF Box 63, Folder 3 ; SF Box 66, Folder 12
  • Fonds
  • 1857-1920
Fonds consists of correspondence with J.G. MacGregor and copies of published articles. Additional information, including biographical and professional sketches, are in the Case File.

Reid, Alexander Peter, Dr.

Norman Barrie Coward fonds

  • MS-13-85, Boxes 1-2; OS Box 2, Folders 21-22
  • Fonds
  • 1923-1995
Fonds consists of correspondence, certificates, photographs, a plaque, and newspaper clippings.

Coward, Norman Barrie, Dr., 1905-1997

J. Gordon Duff fonds

  • MS-13-82
  • Fonds
  • 1844-2010 ; predominant 1961-1990
Fonds consists of records pertaining to the professional life of J. Gordon Duff while he was director and professor at the Dalhousie College of Pharmacy. Records include correspondence, pharmacy history and research, photographs, and materials on the Dalhousie College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University Faculty of Health, and pharmacy associations.

Duff, J. Gordon

Photograph of Stop Smoking Contest : Dr. E. Belzer, Assistant Dean of Health Professions and winner Kathleen Berrigan

File contains one photograph and seven proofs of photographs of Kathy Berrigan. winner of the Stop Smoking Contest, being presented with a cash prize by Dr. E. Belzer, assistant dean of Health Professions. A caption included with the photographs reads: "Stop Smoking Contest, By Dr. E. Belzer, assistant dean, Health Profession, and winner Kathy Berrigan. Happy and healther, Phys Ed's Kathleen Berrigan gave up smoking and got richer - by the amount of money that she saved by not buying cigarettes and the $110.33 she won from Dr. Ed Belzer's Experimental Pool to Overcome Tobacco."

Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited

Photograph of Shawn Healey and W. Andrew MacKay : Climo Award presentation

Item is a photograph of Shawn Healey being presented with the Climo Award. The photograph shows W. Andrew MacKay handing the Climo Award trophy to Healey. A caption included in the file says "From one Climo Award winner to another: V.P. W. Andrew MacKay presents the trophy to this year's outstanding male athlete, gymnast Shawn Healey."

Photograph of Aileen Meagher and Henry D. Hicks : Dalhousie Award presentation

Item is a photograph of Henry D. Hicks presenting the Dalhousie Award to Aileen Meagher. The photograph shows an unidentified man holding Meagher's bouquet while Meagher and Hicks shake hands. A caption included in the file says "Aileen Meagher, former track star and Nova Scotia's first Olympic woman competitor received the Dalhousie Award for great contribution to Nova Scotia sport, from Dal's president, Dr. Henry D. Hicks."

Photograph of Tigerettes field hockey team at athletics awards banquet

Item is a photograph of the Tigerettes field hockey team being presented with a plaque at the 1977 Athletics Awards banquet. A caption included in the file says "Still Jubilant after their national intercollegiate victory, the Tigerettes' field hockey team were further honored at the annual Athletics Awards banquet when they received a special plaque - and a rose each - from the Nova Scotia Department of Recreation."

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Arts and Science faculty and class of 1907

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie College Arts Faculty and Class of 1891. The collage consists of portraits of faculty members and students arranged in several rows, with the faculty portraits in the centre. The rectangular, circular, or oval portraits are mounted on a background. The student portraits include G.D. Finlayson, A.F. Matthews, F.T. McLeod, D.H.M. Marchant, J.H. Prowse, E. Fraser, J.R. Miller, S. Rettie, J. MacKinnon, A.G. Macaulay, A. Rettie, R.J. Bethune, M.G. Burris, J.B. Gilliott, J.J. MacRitchie, J.T. Archibald, C.H. Patterson, C.I, Gourley, M.E. Kerr, B.L. MacKay, F.M. Cunningham, M. Payson, W.H. Sweet, H.F. McRae, G.L. Blois, R.A. Watson, W.P. Grant, G.F. Murphy, D.S. Wickwire, R.W. MacLellan, F.C. Knight, R.E. Dickie. The Faculty portraits include A. MacMechan, J. Liechti, E.B. Jack, D.A. Murray, F.H. Sexton, R.C. Weldon, W. Murray, J.E. Woodman, H. Murray, E. MacKay and J. Forrest.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie Senior Class of Arts and Science of 1906

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie Senior Class of Arts and Science and faculty of 1906. The collage consists of portraits of faculty members and students arranged in several rows, with the faculty portraits. The circular portraits are mounted on board. The faculty portraits include John Forrest, J. Liechti, R.C. Weldon, J.E. Woodman, F.H. Sexton, E. MacKay, S.M. Dixon, T.C. Hebb, H. Murray, A. MacMechan, E.B. Jack, D.A. Murray, A.S. MacKenzie and W. Murray. The student portraits included B.E. Murphy, M.L. McKenzie, E.K. Pennington, E.P. Sinnott, A.M. Haverstock, M.G. Lawrence, J.M. Hales, A.E. McLeod, D.E. Faulkner, W.G. Barnstead, J.A. McLellan, J. Wood, J.Beaton, J.M. Hales, R.C. Burns, R.C. Buckley, C.G. Dickie, W.K. Fraser, E.C. MacKenzie, C.W. MacAloney, W.S. Lindsay, A. Fraser, C.T. Sullivan, A. Moxon, E.W. Nichols, J.G. Bruce, P.I. Swanson, F.P.H. Layton, G. Farquahar, J.R. Archibald, A.A. McLeod, J.M. Stewart, J.B. Morrow, E. MacDougall, H.H. MacKenzie, W.H. Burns, W.A.G. Bauld, F.A. Grant, A.C. Harlow, W. MacPherson, F.A. Grant, A. Fraser, A.J. Barnes, H.J. Creighton, A.W. Seaman, R.B.H. Roberston and Dorey.

Harry J. Moss

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Arts and Science Class of 1905

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Class of 1905. The collage consists of portraits of faculty members and students arranged in several rows, with the faculty portraits in the centre. The rectangular, circular, or oval portraits are mounted on a painted background. The faculty portraits include R.C. Weldon, S. Dixon, E. MacKay, John Forrest, J. Liechti, A MacMechan, J.E. Woodman, F.H. Sexton, W.C. Murray, H. Murray, D.A. Murray, W.F.P. Stockley and T.C. Hebb. This file includes student portraits of C.P. Blanchard, G.L. Cain, D.K. Ross, C.J. Davis, M.C. MacLean, E.A. Kirker, W.M. Ross, R.B. Forsyth, R.J. MacInnis, W.W. Woodbury, J.Barnett, C. Neish, W.D. Tait, H.W. Toombes, H. Thorne, J.A. Charman, C.G. Cumming, R.A. Macdonald, A.R. McBain, Miss E. MacInnis, Miss L.M. Murray, Miss E.M. Murray, Miss T. Turner, Miss E. Munro, H. Miller, Miss S.I. Peppard, F.F. Smith, C.R. MacIntosh, Miss A. Gladwin, L.L. Burgess, W.A. Haverstock, C.T. Baillie, A.S. Weir, W.C. Stapleton, W.I. Green, N.G. Campbell, A.S. Payzant, W.A. Curry, A.D. Watson, M. Davidson.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Arts and Science faculty and senior class of 1904

This folder contains a collage of photographs. It consists of faculty members which includes J. Forrest, J.S. MacGregor, C. MacDonald, R.C. Weldon, A MacMechan, H. Murray, D.A. Murray, F.H. Sexton, J.E. Woodman, E. MacKay, W.C. Murray, S. Dixon and J. Liechti. The collage also consists of Dalhousie Students which includes C..J. Crowdis, J.A. Scrimgeour, H.D. Brunt, T.G. MacKenzie, D. MacLean, W.M. Corbett, G.M.J. MacKay, G.W. Langille, F.R. Logan, J.C. Ballem, R.H. Sutherland, M.J. Carney, G.C. Read, J.L. Acham, E.B. Ross, J.R. Mellish, T.S. Begin, D.A. MacKay, Miss. M.P. Campbell, Miss. E.M. Burris, J.W. Hudson, J.M. Trueman, A. Ferguson, Miss. E.D. Perkins, Miss. C. McNiven, A.C. Johnson, L. Brehaut, G.R. MacKean, Miss. H.M. Bayer, Miss. F. Blackwood, Miss. M.G. Spencer, W.K. Power, H.D. Urquhart, G.A. Andrew, D.G. Davis and C. MacDonald. This collage also contains a photograph of the Forrest Building.


Dentistry class photograph - 1964

Item is a class photograph of the Dalhousie Dentistry Class of 1964. The photograph consists of portraits of C. C. Colpitts; B. H. Weeks; G. R. Rowe; F. O. E. Harney; H. D. Gardner; A. Burry; J. E. Grasso; J. R. Robertson; J. D. MacLean (D.D.S., F.I.C.D., F.A.C.D., Dean); J. C. Atkinson; and D. C. Hatheway arranged around a banner that says "Denstistry, Dalhousie University 1964."


Composite photograph of Victoria General Hospital Resident Staff - 1924-25

Item is a composite class photograph of the 1924-1925 Resident Staff of the Victoria General Hospital. The photograph consists of portraits of L. L. Kirkpatrick; C. B. Muir; H. M. DeWolfe (M.D., C.M.); G. A. MacIntosh (M.D., C.M.); S. P. Young; E. I. Glenister (B.A.); C. StC. Guild; J. E. Grant; C. R. Baxter; G. R. Burns (B.A.); S. Marcus; L. F. Doiron (B.A.); D. F. MacKay; J. F. Brown (M.D., C.M.); and W. W. Kenney (Snpt.?) arranged around a group picture of the staff, a picture of the Victoria General Hospital, and a crest.

Faculty of Medicine Class Photograph - 1926

Item is a composite class photograph of the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine class of 1926. The photograph consists of portraits of M. S. Patel; J. F. Bates; A. I. Cologrossi; G. I. Maglalang; J. G. Marks; S. A. Morton; J. D. Tropp; J. W. Reid; J. F. Kinzak; C. D. Domans; S. T. Paul; C. W. Chandisingh; M. D. Palevich; G. I. Rarrno; P. J. McOwen; J. J. Goldenberg; C. E. Drysdale; M. Baslam; R. F. MacIatchy; D. D. Pierce; H. Kissel; D. E. Kelley; R. J. Rosenthal; A. I. McLean; G. R. Forbes; P. R. Little; S. Berkomitz; D. M. Ervin; G. J. Mittleman; and D. J. Melanson arranged around a large "1926." H. M. Levin is listed as absent from the photograph.
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