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Centre for Art Tapes tape collection New Brunswick Item
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Centre for Art Tapes audio compilation : studio production and documentation of talks and performances

Item is a compilation of recordings of various artists. The tape includes a paper insert that lists the artists and their works.

Side 1 includes six works produced in the studio: "Heartfelt Words" by Andy Dowden (July 1984); "Shakuhachi" by David Barteaux (April 1984); "I am Canadian" by Bob Dean and David Craig (September 1983); "Threads & Sutures" by PBX (Steve Slater, Clancy Dennehy, Billy Duggan, Andrew Finch) (September 1983); "I Want Release" by 333 (Rick Shepard, Jay White, and Clancy Dennehy) (February 1984); traditional maritime music by Jacques Lederlin (April 1984).

Side 2 includes excerpts from 12 talks and performances, compiled by Andy Dowden: "Social Criticism that Makes you Laugh" by Sheila Gostick (June 15, 1984); performance by The Palace at 4 A.M. (Ihor Holubizky, Walter Yarwood, George Higton) (March 10, 1984); "Scanner Training Seminar #2" by Ed Slopek (January 18, 1984); talk at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for the Atlantic Film and Video Festival by Jerry Mander (October 20, 1984); "Mexico City Blues" by Murphy's Law (Richard Gibson, Steve Tittle, Jim Faraday); "Art, Sexuality, and Censorship" by Varda Burstyn (April 4, 1984); performance at the Other Space by Beth Bartley and Marc Clifford (March 4, 1984); presentation by Robin Endres (June 11, 1984); performance at the Other Space by Clancy Dennehy and Dan Lander (March 4, 1984); talk by Jan Peacock at Struts Gallery (February 1984); audio installation by Hu Hohn (June 1984); and poetry at the Other Space by Clifton Joseph (June 8, 1984).