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Eyelevel Gallery fonds North America
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Eyelevel Gallery fonds

  • MS-3-35
  • Fonds
  • 1968-2009
Fonds consists of documents created and collected by Eyelevel Gallery that reflect all aspects of the gallery’s management. The fonds includes artist files, slides, administrative files, publicity files (including press releases), correspondence, publications, financial documents, contracts, minutes of board of directors meetings, photographs, fundraising files and membership lists, audio and videocassettes, CDs, DVDs, books, and programmes, catalogues, posters, reviews, guest books, and miscellaneous files regarding exhibitions and events. Some digital records in this collection have been migrated from CD's.

Eyelevel Gallery.

Photographic slides from exhibitions

File includes slides from exhibitions including Peggy's Cove Syndrome, Satire as Discontent, and Locations/National. Artists include Robert Bean, David Merritt, Rosemary Macaulay, Sean McQuay, and Barbara Lounder.

Photograph of a photograph displayed as part of Locations/National group exhibition

Item is a photograph of a photograph displayed as part of the Locations/National group exhibition. The photograph shows a mural with the phrases "Our government places corporate development and profit before people" and "Fight cutbacks" written next to a lion with the text "single mom" and a female gender symbol. The photograph was made by Barbara Lounder or Cathy Quinn.

Photograph of letter detailing John Murchie's One Way Ticket proposal for the Locations/National group exhibition

Item is a photograph of a letter from John Murchie to the Eye Level Gallery Board of Directors, sent on June 7, 1983. In the letter, Murchie details his proposal for the Locations/National exhibition. Murchie proposed One Way Ticket, a work "intended to respond to some of Canada's political, social, and geographic specifics." Murchie proposed to send an invitation to John Bentley Mays, art critic for the Globe and Mail, to speak in Halifax during the opening of the Locations/National exhibition in Halifax. Murchie also proposed to send Mays a cheque for $99.00, "which is equivalent to the fare for a one-way ticket from Toronto to Halifax, or Halifax to Toronto, on a Via Rail Coach."

Letter from Mary Kenny to Roger Savage

Item is a letter from Mary Kenny to Roger Savage written on July 2, 1974. In the letter, Kenny accepts an offer from Karl MacKeeman to serve on the Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery. Kelly offers her services as a photographer or as coordinator of TELED's Media Resource Centre.

Minutes of a board of directors meeting

Item is typed meeting minutes of the Board of Directors at Eye Level Galley which happened on March 27, 1975 at 5785 West Street in Halifax. This meeting had David Haigh, Karl MacKeeman, Don Purdy, Joyce Hanson, Hatti Pretniss, Ketih Laws, Julia Schmitt Healy and John Greer present. During the meeting Michael Fernandes brought up communication issues regarding the lack of input and intentions between the gallery and its members. Other topics of conversation included funding, the roles of the board, becoming non-profit, and membership exhibitions.

General membership meeting memo

Item is memo for a general membership meeting that happened at the Eye Level Gallery on April 17, 1975. The letter identified agenda items, which included a discussion policy, the slide bank, a gallery newsletter and a new space for next year. The letter is from Julia Schmitt Healy.

Resignation of David Haigh

Item is a letter from David Haigh outlining the reasons why he resigned from his position on the Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery.

Board of directors meeting minutes

Item is a typed minutes of a Board of Directors meeting held on April 24, 1975 at the Eye Level Gallery. Present members were: Mary Kenny, Hatti Prentise, Don Purdy, Ketiher Laws, Roger Savage, John Greer, Karl MacKeeman, Julia Schmitt Healy, and David Haigh. The main topics discussed at the meeting included upcoming exhibitions and resignations of members.

Letter to the board of Eye Level Gallery from Marina Stewart

Item is a letter to the Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery from Marina Stewart. In the letter she raises issues regarding the members' involvement in a recent show "Grassroots". Stewart addresses her issues with the gallery's finances, funding and members of the board.

Coordinator's job description

Item is a typed document from Julia Schmitt Healy that outlines the Coordinator's job description after her resigned from the position. The document was written "off the top of my head" by Schmitt and is not organized. The document was pinned on the bullet board at the Eye Level Galley.

Minutes of a meeting of the Eye Level Gallery Board of Directors

Item is typescript set of minutes of the first meeting of the Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery, held at Pier One Theatre on October 24, 1974. Roger Savage was elected chairperson, Julia Schmitt Healy was elected secretary, and Keith Laws was elected treasurer. The decisions made at this meeting demonstrate the artists' forced struggle to manage the administrative and commercial aspects of operating an alternative gallery. The board decided that Healy would fill the salaried position of gallery coordinator even though she was also a sitting board member. The board also ensured that the artists on the board had more voting power than the non-artists who were there primarily to provide guidance on the administration of the gallery. But, in an effort to avoid conflicts regarding programming, the board also decided to make sitting members ineligible for one-person shows.

In terms of the commercial aspects of the gallery, the board decided that the gallery priorities "would be to exhibit innovative work not necessarily "saluble" work." The board also decided that "sales would be encouraged" and that they might "mount a membership auction of artwork." The board approved a Christmas-time show called "50 bucks and under" to provide an opportunity for members to sell works that would be affordable to consumers who might be shopping for Christmas presents. These decisions reflect an effort to balance the financial needs of members of the Eye Level Gallery Society with the membership's concerns regarding the commercialism of the mainstream art world.

Minutes of the board's meeting from May 28, 1975

Item is minutes from the board's meeting on May 28, 1975 at the Eye Level Gallery. Members present included Roger Savage, K. MacKeeman, John Greer, Hatti Prentiss, D. Purdy, and Joyce Hanson. The main issue discussed the resignation of the Coordinator, therefore the board voted that no board member could fill the coordinator position, which would have its own selection committee.

Minutes from June 26, 1975 board meeting

Item consists of handwritten minutes from a board meeting of the Eye Level Gallery from June 26, 1975. Present as the meeting was Roger Savage, John Greer, Julia Schmitt Healy, Karl MacKeeman and Hatti Prentiss. The meeting discussed various issues related to the operation of the gallery.

Letter to the Joseph Howe Festival

Item is a letter to the Joseph Howe Festival from Roger Savage regarding an exhibition of recent work by artists happening at the Eye Level Gallery.

Minutes from a Board meeting held on August 28, 1975

Item is minutes from a board members meeting which was attended by Hattie Prentice, John Greer, Karl MacKeeman, David Sayer, and Joyce Hanson. The meeting addressed a variety of issues, such as recent events at the gallery, funding, board members and future shows.

Minutes from a Board meeting held on September 25, 1975

Item is a set of meeting minutes from a board meeting, which was attended by Hatti Prentiss, Roger Savage, Janet Dunbrack, Karl MacKeeman, Michael Fernandes, Joyce Hanson and Sue Beaver. Various issues were discussed, including administrative business, projects and events happening at Eye Level.

Letter from Julia Schmitt Healy to Ron Shuebrook

Item is a letter from Julia Schmitt Healy to Ron Shuebrook concerning his omission from the Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery. In the letter, Healy reveals that the selection process was "basically fascism prompted by our Catch-22 situation: To apply for the grant we had to have a board of directors yet we had no members who, under a true co-operative would elect the board." She invites Shuebrook to contribute a piece to the gallery's first show, Peggy's Cove Syndrome.

Minutes from a general members meeting held on October 16, 1975

Item consists of meeting minutes from a general members meeting at the Eye Level Gallery. Topics discussed at this meeting included nominating members, the gallery's budget, a new space, a Atlantic Print workshop, the Last Tango auction, the gallery's cleanliness, calendar project, life drawing classes and a visual arts conference. Item also has a list of the attendees of the meeting.

Notes from a board meeting held on October 30, 1975

Item consists of notes, minutes from a board meeting, and a proposal from the Atlantic Print Workshop Association. Issues discussed at the meeting involved old business from the last meeting, a new location, charges and costs of facilities, and events.

Minutes from a board meeting held on November 27, 1975

Item consists of meeting minutes. This meeting discussed various topics, such as policies, membership, events, and the operational structure of the gallery itself. Item also contains a document showing the format for show proposals. Item also includes a list of suggested modifications to the Eye Level Gallery in order to obtain success which was presented at this meeting.

Memo the general members of Eye Level Gallery

Item consists of a memo to the general members of Eye Level Gallery about the gallery's recent change "to combine a core group with a membership". The memo also addresses dissatisfaction among the members of the gallery, and that proposals regarding the issues would be welcome to be sent to the gallery's board.
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