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North America Forests and forestry
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Forest renewal action plan : Point Pleasant Park

File contains a document called "Forest Renewal Action Plan Point Pleasant Park" by W. L. Johnson R. P. F. The file also includes two pages of information about a piece of forestry equipment.

Johnson, W. L.

Wilfred Creighton fonds

  • MS-2-264
  • Fonds
  • 1854, [19-]-1995
Fonds consists of materials created and accumulated by Wilfrid Creighton, including correspondence, articles, manuscripts, financial and legal documents, minutes, photographs and a variety of personal papers and memorabilia. Materials relate to Creighton's education, career and long-time interest in forestry, but also include some materials relating to family history.

Creighton, Wilfred, 1904-2008

Correspondence between Robert Bell and George Lawson

  • MS-2-381, SF Box 40, Folder 17
  • File
  • 1861-1889
File contains correspondence between Robert Bell and professor George Lawson, Dalhousie College, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Bell, Robert, 1841-1917

Vegetation development in a hardwood-forest chronosequence in Nova Scotia : [manuscript and other materials]

File contains the manuscript written by Freedman and M. Crowell, for the Canadian Journal of Forest Research, volume 24. File also includes data sets related to Twinspan and Decorana runs, correspondence, and reviewers comments. Manuscript was originally titled "Vegetation development across a post-disturbance chronosequence of hardwood-forest in Nova Scotia".

Photographs of forest and flora near Thompson, Manitoba

File contains 13 photographs taken by Bill Freedman near Thompson, Manitoba, in 1974. Photographs show Picea mariana and Picea banksiana at various distances from the factory smokestacks of a nickel processing facility. Also, a beaver dam and regrowth after a forest fire.

Photographs of forestry, biomass, hydrology, and clear-cutting scenes

File contains 215 photographs taken by Bill Freedman at a variety of locations, including Aylesford Lake, NS, and Halifax County, between 1980 and 1995. Photographs show experimental and conventional clear-cutting examples at Aylesford Lake, Nova Scotia; advanced regeneration after a burn near Herring Cove, Nova Scotia; views of Pebbleloggitch Lake, Kejimkujik National Park; different rates of growth of trees of different ages; felling, bucking and sorting of Acer saccharum, and examples of throughfall and stemflow. Also includes examples of herbicide efforts.

Photographs of wildlife, rain forests, and people in South America

File contains 222 photographs taken by Bill Freedman during his travels in South America, between 1999 and 2001. The file also contains a small number of photographs taken by World Wildlife Fund members in 1988. Photographs show forestry recovery after controlled burns; pictures toucan, caiman, alpaca, armadillo, owl, and otter; rain forest scenes; and people. Photographs were taken in Peru (Machu Picchu, Guano Isdlands, Manu River, Cuzco), Bolivia (La Paz, Titicaca, Yungas), Costa Rica (Santa Cruz), and Brazil (Pantanal).

Photographs of forest fires at La Mauricie National Park, Quebec

File contains 11 photographs taken by Bill Freedman, Luc Foisy, and J. Pleau, between 1991 and 1997. Photographs show forest fire damage at the "Aire G" site at La Mauricie National Park in the Laurentians, Quebec, as well as burn recovery at Banff National Park and near Dawson City, Yukon.

Photographs of the destruction caused at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, by the Brown Spruce longhorn beetle

File contains 68 photographs taken largely by Bill Freedman (but also by Sweeney) at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2000. Photographs show aerial and up-close examples of the destruction wrought on the urban park by the invasive Brown spruce longhorn beetle, believed to arrive in the city via the nearby port.

Evaluation of loading of sulphate and heavy metals along a S-SE transect centering on Sudbury, Ontario ; Evaluation of sulphate and heavy metal loading rates and total sulphation as affected by forest canopies near Sudbury, Ontario ; Effects of smelter emissions on surrounding forest plant communities near Sudbury, Ontario : [manuscript and correspondence]

File contains three abstracts written by Freedman for presentations for the Workshop Meeting to Consider Methods Involved in Studies of Acid Precipitation to Forect [sic] Ecosystem. Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 19-23 September 1977. Session titles are: 1B: Evaluation of Atmospheric Inputs; 2. Throughfall and Stemflow; 3. Measurement of Effects. File also includes hand-written data and correspondence.

Short-term changes in vegetation after the silvicultural spraying of glyphosate herbicide onto regenerating clearcuts in Nova Scotia, Canada : [draft manuscript and other materials]

File contains a draft manuscript written by Freedman, R. Morash, and D. MacKinnon, for the Canadian Journal of Forest Research, volume 23. File also contains correspondence and reviewer comments. The article covers spraying at the Antrim, Little River Lake, and Riverside sites.

Proposal for a study on the increased use of wood as an energy source in Nova Scotia : [manuscript and other materials]

File contains the draft proposal written by Freedman and others for ADI Limited, in association with the Institute for Resource and Environmental Studies and Gardner Pinfold, for the Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy. File also contains handwritten interview summaries, and relevant cited materials.

Forest biomass and nutrient studies in central Nova Scotia : [manuscript and other materials]

File contains the manuscript written by Freedman with P.N. Duinker, H. Barclay, R. Morash, and U. Prager, for ENFOR (Energy from the Forest) and Environment Canada. The manuscript is written in five parts, contained in four volumes: 1. "Biomass and nutrient standing crop equations for ten tree species in central Nova Scotia"; 2. "Standing crops of biomass and nutrients in a variety of forest stands in central Nova Scotia"; 3. "Ambient bulk deposition, throughfall and stemflow in a variety of forest stands"; 4. "Biomass and nutrients in ground vegetation, forest floor, soils, and litterfall in a variety of forest stands"; and 5. "Summary report: Effects of potential nutrient removals with intensively harvested biomass on continued site productivity". File also contains data sets, transparencies, relevant tables, editorial board reports, and negatives of tables.

Overview of the environmental impacts of forestry, with particular reference to the Atlantic Provinces : [manuscript and correspondence]

File contains the manuscript of the report written by Freedman, by the Institute for Resource and Environmental Studies under a contract from Environment Canada, Atlantic Region, and Fisheries and Oceans Canands [I.R.E.S. Research Report 82-02]. File also contains correspondence and reviewer comments.

Effects of harvesting biomass for energy on the nutrient status and long-term productivity of selected forest sites in the Maritimes : [draft manuscripts and other materials]

File contains three draft manuscript reports compiled by Freedman, with U. Prager, P.N. Duinker, R. Morash, A.J. Hanson, and J.G. Ogden, for the Institute for Resource and Environmental Studies. File includes the annual reports for 1979-80, 1980-81, and 1984. File also contains correspondence, charts, and revision notes.

Selected studies of forestry and bird communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick : [manuscript and correspondence]

File contains the manuscript written by Freedman and Greg Johnson for the monograph "Biology and conservation of forest birds", Society of Cananadian Ornithologists Special Publication no. 1 (edited by A.W. Diamond and D.N. Nettleship). File also contains reviewer-edited drafts, correspondence, and proceedings itinerary.

Effects of the herbicide 2,4,5-T on the habitat and abundance of breeding birds and small mammals of a conifer clearcut in Nova Scotia : [manuscript and correspondence]

File contains the manuscript written by Freedman with A.M. Poirier, R. Morash, and F. Scott, for Canadian Field-Naturalist, volume 102, number 1. File also contains correspondence and reviewer comments, and deal with a location near Stewiacke, Nova Scotia.
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