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Prime the Video Game Commercials on Hold

Item is an audiocassette by Andy Dowden. The recording features Side A: "What Floyd said to Me. Plinkin", "Mr. Arcade is Here", Side B: "The Love Song", "Lexicon Overkill", and "Bomb Dangerous". Item is part of the Andy Dowden Audio Tapes 1983-1985 compilation.

Dowden, Andy

Chant for Joy

Item is a tape with six tracks: Ganesha Sharanam, Satya Ma, Giridhari Gopal Lala, Hara Shiva Shankara, Smite Smite Sundara, and Om Namah Shivaya Gurave. The tape features Divya Prabha (lead voice, guitar, cymbals, tamboura, kartal) and members of the chorus from the I & I Awareness Association of Halifax. Bhupendra Jagatia plays the tabla, and Andy Dowden plays the kartal and was the recording engineer. The tape is "dedicated to the teachings of spiritual master Pundit Ravi Shankar."


Item is an audio cassette that contains seven tracks by Andy Dowden: Political Freedom, Self-Hypnosis, He Man, Fun 1, 2 Big Men, Cheer Up, and De Lub Dub. Special thanks are given to David Barteaux and Andy James. The tape also features Clancy Dennehy on the "De Lub Dub" track on drums and was produced at the Centre for Art Tapes in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Cover art for the tape is by Jan Skeldon.

Dowden, Andy

Neighbourhood noise

Item contains seven contributions to the Neighbourhood Noise Project, presented by CKDU Radio, the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), and Centre for Art Tapes. The contributions are all written, produced, and performed by Canadian subjects. The project was released as part of the People's Summit (P-7) event staged in Halifax, Nova Scotia during the G-7 Summit. The project invited people to submit audio-taped works on the subject of community and neighbourhoods and were compiled into a tape to play at the 00 Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The babbies upstairs

Item contains a recording with 10 songs: Open Seas, Halloween, Goodbye to Summertime, Very Clean, Water Music, Milton's Blues, Martin's River, Babbalonia, Midnight/Monday, and Fly me to the Moon.

Craig, David

Love is and Beyond time, beyond space

Item contains recordings of two songs, "Love Is" and "Beyond Time, Beyond Space," by Divya Prabha with Prabha on vocals, Kevin MacMichael (guitars, synthesizer, cymbal); Chris Mitchell (flute); and W.C. Woods (congas). The recording was produced by Kevin MacMichael and Divya Prabha with J.B. Arseneault (sound technician) and Reg MacMichael (technical assistance) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The recording was mastered by Kurt Hahn of Kurtis Keyboards, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Mitchell, Chris

Blowing up a storm for lesbian liberation

Item is an audio recording that includes contributions from Jane Morrigan, Joanne, Jennifer, Lynne Wanyeki, Mary Ann Mancini, Darlene, Margot Parker, Erin, Gail, Susan, Thorn Davies, and others who wished to be anonymous. The tape was created by Catherine Hughes and submitted for a Centre for Art Tapes scholarship.

Paris 1913 : [performance]

Item contains a recording of a performance by Mark Frutkin entitled "Paris 1913", recorded at the Eye Level Gallery. The tape also includes a recording of Trisha Lerner at a Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT) benefit.

Lerner, Trish

Centre for Art Tapes sampler

Item is an audio cassette compilation of various works, produced by the Centre for Art Tapes. The tape includes an insert with a list of the titles of the works, artists, and details of its recording (including date). Works included are: "Looking for a New Way to Tie Knots" by 333 (Rick Sheppard, Jay White, Clancy Dennehy); "I am a Canadian" by David Craig and Bob Bean; "Isolation" by Andrew Finch; "Hara 1: Aspirations" by Judith Penner; "Sci-Fi Vid-Sending" by Ed Slopek; "Shakuhachi" by David R. Barteaux; "Threads & Sutures" by PBX (Steve Slater, Clancy Dennehy, Billy Duggan, Andrew Finch); "The Artist's Job, Rapping it Up" by Ingrid Koenig; Untitled by Dana Brousseau; "Art, Sexuality, and Censorship" by Varda Burstyn; "Rosemonde" by Andrew Short and Liane Davison; and "I Don't Know what I feel" by Andy Dowden.

Centre for Art Tapes audio compilation : studio production and documentation of talks and performances

Item is a compilation of recordings of various artists. The tape includes a paper insert that lists the artists and their works.

Side 1 includes six works produced in the studio: "Heartfelt Words" by Andy Dowden (July 1984); "Shakuhachi" by David Barteaux (April 1984); "I am Canadian" by Bob Dean and David Craig (September 1983); "Threads & Sutures" by PBX (Steve Slater, Clancy Dennehy, Billy Duggan, Andrew Finch) (September 1983); "I Want Release" by 333 (Rick Shepard, Jay White, and Clancy Dennehy) (February 1984); traditional maritime music by Jacques Lederlin (April 1984).

Side 2 includes excerpts from 12 talks and performances, compiled by Andy Dowden: "Social Criticism that Makes you Laugh" by Sheila Gostick (June 15, 1984); performance by The Palace at 4 A.M. (Ihor Holubizky, Walter Yarwood, George Higton) (March 10, 1984); "Scanner Training Seminar #2" by Ed Slopek (January 18, 1984); talk at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for the Atlantic Film and Video Festival by Jerry Mander (October 20, 1984); "Mexico City Blues" by Murphy's Law (Richard Gibson, Steve Tittle, Jim Faraday); "Art, Sexuality, and Censorship" by Varda Burstyn (April 4, 1984); performance at the Other Space by Beth Bartley and Marc Clifford (March 4, 1984); presentation by Robin Endres (June 11, 1984); performance at the Other Space by Clancy Dennehy and Dan Lander (March 4, 1984); talk by Jan Peacock at Struts Gallery (February 1984); audio installation by Hu Hohn (June 1984); and poetry at the Other Space by Clifton Joseph (June 8, 1984).

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