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Canada-China Friendship Association fonds

  • MS-11-2
  • Fonds
  • 1973-1980
Fonds consists of records related to CCFA governance and activities. Record types include meeting minutes; committee and sub-committee agendas; membership lists; newsletters; correspondence; reference materials in multiple media; and a large collection of photographic slides, primarily featuring trips organized by the association.

Canada-China Friendship Association

Florence Jessie Murray fonds

  • MS-2-535
  • Fonds
  • [1884?] - 1975
Fonds consists primarily of Florence Jessie Murray's personal records regarding her career as a medical missionary in Korea, including correspondence, manuscripts, pamphlets and photographs. There is also a small volume of records that originated with her brother, Alexander Murray, and father, Robert Murray, including correspondence between Alexander Murray, Florence Jessie Murray and E.J.O. Fraser; Reverend Robert Murray's correspondence; and records regarding his involvement with the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes.

Murray, Florence Jessie

Ronald Justin Inness fonds

  • MS-2-600
  • Fonds
  • [19--]
Fonds consists of materials collected by Ronald Justin Inness about ships and shipping companies, including pamphlets, manuscripts, clippings, and correspondence. Fonds also contains manuscripts written by Ronald Justin Inness about the Innes' genealogy.

Inness, Ronald Justin

Ronald St. John Macdonald fonds

  • MS-2-615
  • Fonds
  • 1823 - 2006
Fonds comprises Ronald St. John Macdonald's records regarding his personal, academic, and professional activities as a jurist, judge, and professor. Records include those related to Macdonald's involvement with Osgoode Hall, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, Dalhousie University, the European Court of Human Rights, the Hague, Peking University, World Academy of Arts and Science, Canadian Council of International Law, United Nations, Institute of International Law, African Society of International Law, British Institute of International Law, Canadian Institute of International Law, International Law Association, and others. Records types include correspondence; meeting minutes and agendas; research materials; photographs; newsletters; newspaper clippings; manuscripts; and off-prints.

Macdonald, Ronald St. John

Ronald St. John Macdonald's correspondence regarding his visits to China

File contains correspondence about Ronald St. John Macdonald's trips to China - which started as part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) assignment to strengthening training and research in selected key universities in China - with different individuals, including Bai Gui-Mei, Zhao Zhenjiang, Wang Tieya, Yaoyuan Xia, Luo Hao Cai, Tony T.L. Chang, Eiichi Fukatsu, Masao Nakayama, Zhang Wen-pu, Fritz von Klein, Wang Xuex hen, Xue Mo-hong, Zhu Qiwu, Wei Min, Judith Ogden Bullitt, Randle Edwards, Peter Hoffman, Maarten Bos, Luzius Wildhaber, Eugene V. Rostow, Jeremy Thomas, John Churchill, Nessim Shallon, Roberto Ago, and others. File contains newspaper clippings, manuscripts, and handwritten notes about international law in China, including two versions of Macdonald's paper "the People's Republic of China and the International Court of Justice". File includes a letter from Bai Gui-Mei to Mairi Macdonald.

Ronald St. John Macdonald's correspondence regarding the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights

File contains correspondence with different individuals, including Moffat Hancock, Junos Miklavc, Bernard Adell, Claude Emanuelli, Balfour J. Haley, D.A. Soberman, Richard B. Potter, Gerard J. Wiarda, Antonio LaPergola, Franz Karasek, Herbert Petzold, Janice Paskey, Marc-Andre Eissen, Wolfgang Heinz, Hans Eberhard Wohlfarth, Maggie Nicholson, J. Wolf, George Soros, Alan Stephens, Hans-Peter Furrer, Eva Smith, Franz Matscher, Jutta Brunne, V.S. Vereshchetin, J. Robert S. Pritchard, Luzius Wildhaber, Christine Chinkin, John K. Akpalu, William R. Pace, Adel Omar Sherif, Richard A. Falk, I.I. Lukashuk, Alberto Sanguinetti, Roger S. Clark, J. Callewaert, Rudolf Bernhardt, Rolv Ryssdal, Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov, and others. File includes meeting minutes, reports, handwritten notes, 19 photographs of Ronald St. John Macdonald with a group of unidentified individuals possibly at the European Court of Human Rights in 1993, one photograph of Ronald St. John Macdonald with Rudolf Bernhardt at the European Court of Human Rights' old deliberation room in 1982, and other materials related to the European Court of Human Rights. File contains a copy of the editor's agreement between Ronald St. John Macdonald and Martinus Nijhoff Publisher regarding the manuscript "the European system for the protection of human rights" and Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov's resume.

Ronald St. John Macdonald's correspondence regarding the Journal of the History of International Law

File contains correspondence with different individuals, including Suzanne Lalonde, Peter Macalister-Smith, Dietrich Schindler, Rudolf Bernhardt, Raimund Schutz, Ruth Donner, Shabtai Rosenne, Choon-Ho Park, Franz Matscher, Jeremy Thomas, Hector Gros Espiell, Karl Zemanek, Antonio Truyol y Serra, Peter Haggenmacher, Mariska Duindam, Betsy Roben, Edward Wu, Yuji Iwasawa, Donald W. Greig, Stephen Neff, Jutta Brunnee, Dorothee Walther, Lucinda Jones, Emile K.M. Yakpo, Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, Masaharu Yanagihara, Pepe Ragoni, Eric Lee, R.P. Anand, Bernhard Roscher, Laurens Winkel, Jerzy Makarczyk, J.J. Cremona, Philip Allott, William Alford, David J. Bederman, and others. File includes a photograph taken in November 1994 of an unidentified man, woman - possibly Jutta Brunnee - and child. File includes other materials related to the subject.

Ronald St. John Macdonald's correspondence regarding the Peking University

File contains correspondence with different individuals, including Zhao Zhenjiang, Wang Tieya, Charles B. Bourne, Homer G. Angelo, Jean Hostert, Cheng Shou-yi, Wong Chi-Wie, Chao Jin, Peter Hoffman, An Chen, Lewis Perinbam, Luo Hao-cai, Laura Hill, Jean J.A. Salmon, Cheng Peng, John Churchill, Zhang Guo-hua, Fred Kan, Edward Epstein, Wei Min, Dawn Tom, Tung Shin-chung, Philip Girard, Henry R. Zheng, Ren Jianxin, Maria Cioni, Audrey Davis, James Li and others. File includes the press release no. 31 of 1977 of the Canadian delegation to the United Nations, the first draft of Ronald St. John Macdonald and Bai Gui-mei's paper "legal education in China today". File includes typescripts, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, and other materials related to the subject. File may contain correspondence regarding Ronald St. John Macdonald's books "essays in honour of Want Tieya".

Ronald St. John Macdonald's correspondence regarding Wang Tieya

File contains correspondence with different individuals, including Wang Tieya, Bing Ho, Cedric Chu Chi-Wu, Liu Wen-Zong, Ruth A. Boorman, Ying Han, Handon Y. Huang, Arthur Erikson, Sienho Yee, Chen Degong, and others. File includes handwritten notes, Zhaojie Li and Li-hai Zhao's resumes, an issue of the Beijing Review of February 1982, an issue of Canada Pacific Review of February 1982, a photograph of Ying Han's son, and other materials related to the subject.
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