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Dalhousie University. Faculty of Medicine Halifax Regional Municipality (N.S.) With digital objects
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Photograph of Anatomical Plate with note

File is a photograph of an engraving. Legend on recto states: "Early in the sixteenth century a Holland physician, Laurentius Phryesen (Phries, Friesen), residing in the German city of Colmar and later at Metz, wrote a popular book on medicine, Spiegel de Artzny, which was published at Strassburg in 1518. The work contains two anatomical illustrations, cut in wood, dated 1517, and supposedly made after the drawings of Waechtlin, a pupil of the Elder Holbein."

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1949

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1949. Photograph includes 45 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: G.H. Algie; R.W. Auld; L.S. Van Blaricom; J.T. Balmanno; M.L. Connell; D.S. Brennan; J.J. Cantwell; J.G. Chambers; G.R. Clayden; G.R. Davis; C.M. Day; R.C. Eaton; J.L. Frazee; S.C. Fuller; F.K. Hickey; D. Hier; L.R. Hirtle; S. Hirsch; H.M. Hunter; H.H. Jacobson; I. Karrell; D.W.B. Keating; A.L. Knight; A. Levitz; D.R. MacInnes; L.L. McKeough; J.F. MacLennan; A.A. MacLeod; A.R. Mercer; R.B. Miller; J.W. Moreside; J.E. Rigby; L.G. Rundle; H.G. Sears; L.J. Stephen; unknown; J.C. Theriault; M.G. Tomkins; F.R. Townsend; unknown.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1951

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine graduating Class of 1951. Photograph includes 54 individual portraits mounted on cardstock. Portraits include: C.H. Adair; R.T. Annand; G.W. Bate; A.C. Billard; H.J. Blackwood; J.F. Boudreau; W.G. Cameron; A.C. Campbell; H.B. Colford; J.D. Cowan; J.M. Crosby; F.G. Dolan; A.w. Elliot; W.A. Ernst; G.E. Fletcher; D.E. Forbes; C.C. Griffin; J.O. Godden; F.H. Hicks; G.K. Higgins; J.E. Higgins; B.D. Howatt; D.B. Keddy; G.E. Lawson; D.E. Lewis; D.A. MacDonald; J.D. MacDonald; J.W. MacIntosh; H.V. MacKay; A.E. MacRae; D.A. Malcolm; E.A. Moffitt; F.J. O'Keefe; J.A. Phills; H.P. Poulos; J.K. Purves; J.H. Quigley; N.D. Reid; D.I. Rice; J.F. Ross; J.A. Ryan; C.P. Scott; A.E. Shapter; W.R. Stewart; A.W. Taylor; J.B. Tompkins; N.B. Trask; D.F. Travis; H.H. Tucker; C.D. Vair; C. Vibert; D.C. Wilansky; D.L. Wilansky; J.A. Wilson (missing: J.A. Lewin)

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - First Year Class, 1977-1978

File is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, First Year Class - 1977-1978. The photograph consists of portraits of David Abriel, Brian Armson, Kenney Atkins, Daniel Bedecki, Stephen Belgrave, Stephen Bolton, Joseph Boudreau, Mary Ann Bramstrup, Christopher Brandys, Michael, Chapman, Stever Connor, Roger Cook, Robert Coombs, Kim Crawford, John Cusack, Gudarz Davar, Bruce Demont, David Elliott, Joanne Embree, Ronald Fontaine, Lynn Fraser, Christopher Gallant, Patrick Gill, William Goodine, Mary Gorman, Susan Gray, Ashim Guha, Joan Guptill, Gregory Haines, Richard Hall, Carl Hannah, Daniel Harrigan, Barbara Hayden, Elizabeth Johnson, Anthony Kelly, Carter Kennedy, Mary Kernohan, David King, George Knight, Howard Lamb, Sharon LItz, Colin Lockhart, Gerard Losier, Shirley Maccara, Owen Maccausland, Kathryn Maccullam, William MacDonald, Peter MacKean, James MacKillop, Karen MacLeod, Robert MacNeill, Rayma MacPherson, Joan MacVicar, Roxanne Malenbaum, Richard Manuel, Donald Mcdonah, Elizabeth Mcinerney, Graham Miles, Hugh Monteith, Bruce Montgomery, Rachel Morehouse, Nancy Morrison, Victoria Morrison, Robert Mullan, Johnson Ngan, Marie O'Hanley, Paul Oar, Kevin Orrell, Shawna Perlin, Edwin Pineau, Gordon Plummer, Peter Poulos, Mary Pushie, William Rice, David Ross, Arthur Ryan, Christopher Seamone, Brian Shaw, Cathryn Smith, Preston Smith, Stephen Smith, Erich Sperker, Barbara Stanford, Daniel Steeves, Nolan Stein, John Sullivan, George Sutherland, Johnathan Taylor, David Tilley, Rose Anne Tubetti, Ben Umeze, Gary Vaughan, Avon Wakefield, Elizabeth Weld, Patrick Whelan, Celina White, James Whitlock, Robin Wilson

Photograph of the Outpatient and Public Health Clinic

File is a photograph of the Outpatient and Public Health Clinic built in 1922-1924 and run by the Faculty of Medicine. The building is still in use as of 2017 and known as Dalhousie's Clinical Research Centre. It is the location of administrative and academic departments of the Dalhousie Medical School, including the Division of Medical Education, Finance and Administration, Postgraduate Medical Education, and the departments of Bioethics and Community Health and Epidemiology.

Photograph of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine 1973 - Honorary Degrees

Description included with photograph: Six distinguished physicians received the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, at the special Convocation marking the graduation of the first class of doctors from Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine. In photo taken following Convocation June 16, 1973 are left to right : Dr. John R. Evans, President of the University of Toronto; Sir Richard Doll, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University; Dr. Nigel F.S. Rusted, Clinical Professor of Surgery at MUN; Dr. G. Alain Frecker, Chancellor of Memorial University; Lord Stephen Taylor, President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University; Dr. Oliver J. Vaughan-Jackson, Visiting Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at MUN; Dr. Melville George Coxon, Senior Medical Officer, James Paton Memorial Hospital, Gander and Dr. Charles George Drake, President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
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